Deadpool has some flame weapons somewhere, I just know it. Venom’s weakness is metal making noise. If I'm remembering correctly, Venom wouldn't even get tickled by Deadpool's sword and guns, leaving only the grenades for any damage. And – slobbering in the blue corner – we have newcomer, Venom, from the streets of New York City; and he’s ready to win the title of Anti-Villain All-Star! Yeah, I mean sonic attacks from the nade. Deadpool is the winner in our books! The only disadvantage this symbiote has is that it is vulnerable to sonic noises. Wolverine’s healing ability is not that strong. So, if it is a battle of raw power and who will get beat … In the end it partly comes down to who can land a solid hit first, but the fact is, Venom can probably tank her blasts (not with impunity, but he should survive), whereas one hit from him would end her. Deadpool, the fourth-wall-breaking Merc with a Mouth, is no stranger to borrowing other Marvel heroes' schticks.He's held Mjolnir, he's worn the Iron Man suit, and he's even Hulked out.His latest series, "Back In Black," doesn't see him taking the black Symbiote out on loan from anyone -- it suggests that the Venom suit was Deadpool's to begin with. R2) 2007 Venom is a little bitch. I'm going to go ahead and assume the symbiote wouldn't bother fusing with Deadpool, since it'd be a constant battle against rejection. There will be a whole lot of ass kicking and a whole lot of crazy too hard for any opponent to take! Deadpool Vs. Venom - Read the results on this سروے and other Deadpool پولز ... Deadpool Who Would Win To A Fight To The Death? The symbiote will either fuse with DP peacefully, or eat his brains up. Wade Wilson was a trained assassin and mercenary before he became Deadpool. Ultimately, both these individuals will have advantages over one another. Damn I underestimated Deadpool’s references compared to Spider-Man but he was able to slice several shot bullets in half with his sword. After first few seconds he'll learn about Venom's weakness get some sort of sound gun, a d a flamethrower, game over. Spider-Man should have little trouble incapacitating him, though he can't kill him outright, and Bully Maguire is a stomp. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. But if it is a death match, which it might turn out to be, Deadpool is freakin’ unkillable, so he will surely thrive on top. Deadpool has his 2 swords and 2 pistols. End of story. As previously mentioned, Symbiote Spider-Man should have little trouble pinning Deadpool down. 2018 Venom vs Colossus is the heavyweight slugfest. This pairing would be unbeatable. Venom may be terrifying, but he’s sharing the body of the boring old journalist, Eddie Brock. In the comics the only way he can die is by two earths colliding with each other, and I know you said fox dead pool, but unless fox shows a way he can die I’m pretty sure that still counts. Marvel continues to release exciting new trailers for upcoming films like Deadpool 2 and Venom and we just can’t decide which character we are more excited to see! He is much stronger, faster and agile than Deadpool. Venom is a much better fighter, but Deadpool is still kool, not juging on fav character. Venom is a much better fighter, but Deadpool is still kool, not juging on fav character. Deadpool is always a good laugh, poking fun at the super-hero lifestyle, and breaking the Fourth Wall. Sign up with your email address to subscribe to the Fifth Sun newsletter. Groot is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., hak cipta terpelihara., © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., hak cipta terpelihara. More posts from the whowouldwin community. Grenades are really really loud. Venom rips his head off. Their size is comparable. When it comes to strength, reflexes, and stamina, Venom excels in all three of these aspects. Fanpop tinjauan Results: Who Would Win To A Fight To The Death? R3) 2018 Venom wrecks Deadpool's shit. I'll go with Venom(until further evidence suggests otherwise). Tom Hardy’s Venom vs Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, what a lethal match up! Venom is the ultimate Killing machine! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All Deadpool has to do is make an metallic noise and venom symbiote is … He would have to hit him with quite a bit and I don't think he could land that many, Venom's senses would get him away with just enough time so that none of the nades would have enough effect, just my two cents. random encounter in the streets of NYC, standard gears for dp, a fight to the deathwho wins? The real question is whether Deadpool rapes him in the face first. Spider-Man wins here. It's close, but I think I would lean toward Venom. Either way, Venom will win. Meanwhile, Deadpool is in the middle of his own battle when Venom slithers in and bonds with him. We will have two different winners in two different scenarios. The Symbiote then went on to merge with many other hosts, and the most notable one was Eddie Brock, who is its second and most infamous host, with whom it first came to be called as ‘Venom’ and one of Spider-Man’s archenemies. So, what, Deadpool brings a flame-thrower and Venom brings a poisonous chimichanga? ahli Townsquare Entertainment News. Still can't kill him, but biting his head off and piling it in the corner with the rest of his dismembered bodyparts still counts as a win. R3) 2018 Venom wrecks Deadpool's shit. I'm not sure though, I will have to see how this plays out. His webbing ought to be able to at least slow Colossus down, though it's questionable whether it would actually hold him. The problem here is Venom just doesn't have the damage output needed to put Colossus down, so again it comes down to a battle of attrition which ultimately puts Colossus on top. Game over for Deadpool. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Apart from these two fighting, what if these two join forces and become Venom-pool. So, unless Brock was training to throw ninja stars at the newspaper office, Deadpool wins this round. Colossus leads in strength and durability while Venom leads in agility and versatility. He is actually immortal and can even regenerate from just one single cell of his body. This symbiote is totally adaptable to any surrounding, it can be Spider-Man and even much more than him, it never runs out of web, it has the ability to shapeshift, it has cloaking and camouflage skills, it can even grow back limbs and it has the genetic ability to transfer its learning and powers from host to host. Just imagine if they were to fight each other in their movies and the two movies were to act as sequels. In the process of curing him, his body got really burnt and looked ugly but he got a healing factor. Venom has some insane abilities which no other Superhero has. Along with that, he would have various web attacks. I think her explosions are capable of one shotting Venom. daftar masuk atau sertai Fanpop untuk menambah komen anda. Similar to the real-world symbiotes, it also requires a host, usually human, to bond with for its survival. Deadpool would win because he can’t be killed and regenration and does’nt have an weakness. This battle would be one of the bloodiest battles we have ever seen as both these individuals are not afraid to go a little R-rated. Still, it does have two major weaknesses: fire and sonic waves. Deadpool is practically unstoppable with that handy healing factor.