“The film is bittersweet because at the very end of her life, when she’s very old, she starts to get this incredible recognition … from the Navy, from the Army, from the Air Force … But, unfortunately, at that point she’d become a recluse. She improved the design of traffic lights, invented a tablet that dissolved into a soft drink, ... which led to the development of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Lamarr invented it in the 1940s for use as a secret wartime communication system that could keep the enemy from interfering with a ship’s torpedoes. Fanshen Cox: How the inclusion rider is reshaping diversity in Hollywood, John Kerry sits down with Hollywood’s message machine, Ready or not, Hollywood starts telling coronavirus stories. As a nonprofit news organization, our future depends on listeners like you who believe in the power of public service journalism. Now more than ever, your commitment makes a difference. © 2020 Minnesota Public Radio. How did summer get to be such a make-or-break season for Hollywood? Hedy Lamarr , born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler (November 9, 1914 – January 19, 2000), was an Austrian-American actress, inventor, and film producer. And I drew it together and showed it to Howard Hughes and then he said, ‘You’re a genius.'”. Her face was the inspiration for Disney’s Snow White and for Catwoman. “Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr story” will be out in the IFC Theater in New York beginning the day after Thanksgiving. What makes Lamarr seem “like somebody living among us today, that accidentally wandered into the past,” Dean said, is her entrepreneurial spirit. Dr. O’Sullivan is credited with the development of a technology that resulted in wireless LAN becoming reliable and faster. According to Dean’s film, it was more cerebral than romantic — she helped him streamline his aircraft design. Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr, “the Angelina Jolie of her day,” was also an avid inventor and the person behind advances in communication technology in the 1940s that led to today’s Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. Hedy Lamarr in a publicity photo for “The Heavenly Body.”, It took decades for Lamarr to receive any recognition for her incredible invention. Finally, in 1997, she was honored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but, Dean said, it might have been too late for Lamarr to appreciate the standing ovation she received over 50 late. will be out in the IFC Theater in New York beginning the day after Thanksgiving. During her heyday, Lamarr was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. I decided that’s not right. Donate today — in any amount — to become a Marketplace Investor. Who Invented WiFi? She sent a recording of herself thanking them. She was a famous Hollywood star who would finish performing on set with Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, and Spencer Tracy, and then go back to her trailer and work on her inventions. She got a patent for it in August 1942, and then donated it to the U.S. military to help fight the Nazis. Get out of here!’ And so they didn’t use it during the Second World War. In rare, long-lost cassette tapes from the 1990s, Lamarr describes her contributions to aerospace engineering: “I thought the aeroplanes were too slow. O'Sullivan made his revolutionary invention while worki… The presidential election is over. EIN: 41-0953924, Inventor and actress Hedy Lamarr in"Dishonored Lady.". Who doesn't love Hedy Lamarr, the Austrian-born movie actress who starred in such classic movies as 1941's Ziegfeld Girl or 1944's Experiment Perilous? Marketplace is a division of MPR's 501 (c)(3). That genius extended to her business sense as well. Hedy Lamarr and Clark Gable in a publicity photo for the film “Comrade X.”. “The truth is more complicated than that … I really do think that changing the way we all communicate today, and being recognized for that finally, will be her legacy.”. The former CEO of Paramount on the next “chapter” of her career, “Moonlight”: The anti-blockbuster shaking up Hollywood, For producer DeVon Franklin, Christian films merge his passion and his faith. Of course, if the life of a glamorous movie star of the black and white era doesn't interest you, there's also the minor fact that she invented a device that would eventually lead to the development of GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth technology. Lamarr was a complex individual who was famed in Hollywood for her beauty, but Dean said her looks won’t be her enduring legacy. Your investment in Marketplace helps us remain paywall-free and ensures everyone has access to trustworthy, unbiased news and information, regardless of their ability to pay. So I bought a book of fish, and I bought a book of birds, and then used the fastest bird, connected it with the fastest fish. So she wasn’t able to stand up and receive this very delayed applause.”. They shouldn’t be square, the wings. Born in Australia, the engineer received his university education at Sydney University. First, let's take a look at the history of the 802.11 standards (radio frequency) used for broadcasting a WiFi signal. That brilliant idea was called frequency hopping: a way of jumping around on radio frequencies in order to avoid a third party jamming your signal. Can science fiction predict our economic future? All Rights Reserved. Donate today — in any amount — to become a Marketplace Investor. After understanding how there are several components that make WiFi, you can see how naming a single inventor would be difficult. She wasn’t leaving her house. It was after the Second World War that it emerged as a way of secretly communicating on all the gadgets that we use today,” Dean explained. Like many famous stars of her day, she had a relationship with aerospace pioneer Howard Hughes.