You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. After three months, we will see your child again and decide whether we need to put in grommets. Amit Katwala. It has not formally ordered offices to close but says people who cannot work from home effectively, such as those working in construction or manufacturing, should continue to go to their workplaces. Its guidance says all non-essential retail businesses should shut. Where does the UK's gas come from? The Psych movie sequel hits Peacock on Wednesday, July 15, so get ready to return to Santa Barbara once more in Psych 2: Lassie Come Home. People across all of the UK’s nations can face fines if they don’t follow various lockdown rules that have been put in place. And now the long edit. If a second fine is issued it can double to £400 and then continue doubling all the way to £6,400. It was seriously flawed, Masks will soon be mandatory but nobody wants to enforce the rules, Behind the scenes at the FBI’s gruesome forensics laboratory, Britain’s illegal coronavirus raves are impossible to police, The facial recognition PR glosses over tech’s addiction to policing, The UK’s new lockdown rules are still failing BAME communities, The UK’s new lockdown rules are another coronavirus comms mess, The UK’s coronavirus furlough scheme, explained by experts. This AI Telegram bot has been abusing thousands of women. People must stay at home. This is sometimes called ‘glue ear’. By Finished. You may wish to ask your own GP to arrange a second opinion with another specialist. A small opening is made in the eardrum using a microscope to magnify the area and the fluid is sucked out of the ear with a fine sucker. This system is based on local authority areas, with each of the 32 areas being assigned one of the five tiers of local lockdown. The organiser of a 600-person protest in Manchester was fined the maximum £10,000 after they ignored police requests to cancel the event and 25 others who attended were also fined £200. Here’s what they mean. Netflix has confirmed your favourite harrowing-yet-hilarious show After Life will be returning on 24 April and we're really excited! It will not be as sore as a normal infection, and your child won’t be as ill. This happens to one child out of every three who has grommets put in. Matt Reynolds, By We may need to put more grommets in to last until your child grows out of the problem. This second lockdown is set to last one month, with the rules planned to be in place until December 2. Hair, beauty and nail salons must close along with other similar businesses. Level 1 prohibits in-home socialising and indoor public gatherings are limited to six people from two households and pubs and restaurants close by 10.30pm. 46% UK domestic production. These lockdown rules were gradually eased during the summer as cases decreased and were replaced by local lockdowns. "Will the town’s local Am-Dram show lift everyone’s spirits?". Matt Burgess. Where possible, people should work from home. Celebrities react to Joe Biden's election win, The easy trick the Queen uses to get to sleep, Netflix announces release date for Riverdale S5, 11 Below Deck filming secrets from the cast.