The Iron Wolf is the ship of Wolf Lord Egil Ironwolf which he claimed in combat when his Great Company's own flagship was badly damaged. It was then that the stranger offered His challenge. It is often said that the best way to get a Space Wolf to do something is to tell him not to do it. The Wolf King then slashed his blade across his palm, and let his blood spill to the ground. At the end I will be there. Because of the impossibility of recruiting new brethren, there are no Blood Claws in the 13th Company. Later in life, having faced every foe and seen all there is to be seen, the Space Wolf and his few surviving peers might form a Long Fangs Pack, where their hard-fought experience and wisdom affords them the ability to provide fire support to the rest of the force, and to act as an immovable island in the seething ocean of battle. Each was created differently and with his own unique skills, powers, and in some cases, incredible psychic potential. With the rediscovery of Leman Russ and the cultural influence of Fenris which he imprinted on the Legion, these factors rapidly fell by the wayside. With the Daemon Engines known as Silver Towers entering the sector in great number, they were soon embroiled in a series of desperate wars. Just as on Fenris, war was ever slaved to the survival of kith and kin, the galaxy would be made a safe and secure home for human life, even if the Wolves that Stalked the Stars had to wash it clean in blood first. As time went on, their tactical dispositions shifted to better accommodate this preference, leading to the creation of unique shock units such as the "Grey Slayers" and "Bloodied Claws," which gradually came to comprise the bulk of the core infantry of the Legion by the time of the Burning of Prospero. WARHAMMER 40,000: SPACE WOLF is a mix of two highly strategic game genre; a well though-out card game & tactical role-playing game. But this is only the beginning, for so potent is the gene-stock of Russ that most who receive it are overcome, their bodies ravaged by mutation as they transform into savage beasts called Wulfen. A VI Legion Sokar Pattern Stormbird, Ever-hungry Hawk of Aelle. At his side fought not only the Champions of Fenris, the mightiest heroes of their Chapter, but also the armoured columns of Egil Iron Wolf. Great Company Marking in colours of matching Pack markings, Space Wolves Legion armorial with Legion Icon, common heraldic form. However, far from being uncontrolled berserkers, the Space Wolves as a Chapter simply relish the thrill of close combat above all else. The Primarch fought with terrible fury, slaying a dozen warriors with naught but his bare hands to protect his two surviving packmates, Freki and Geri.