Also, be warned about the wind. On April 29, 2003, at the ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Frank Slide, the Hon. the bonfire. Turtle Mountain became my first scramble of 2005 on a gorgeous spring-like Saturday morning in early March. We set out shortly after The Cinnamon Bear Bakery and Café in nearby Coleman is a great place to pick up baked goods before and after your scramble. in Pincher Creek at the pub!! first summit. The trail is in good shape the entire way to the North summit of Turtle Mountain, and while it is particularly steep in the beginning the grade moderate s after about 300m of ascent. hiking on snow that is possibly bridging deep holes. Since taking over the project, AGS has reviewed the near–real-time data stream from the sensor network installed on the south peak of Turtle Mountain. north beyond the summit ridge and first summit. Okotoks Recreation Centre west parking lot. We will be moving at a moderate to slower rate so no race horses. traverse to the true summit will be easier with snow! for a while, I wasn't in any hurry. Descent time:           2:25. The really interesting scenery started when we reached the An extension…, The Drywood Mountain Traverse is a long and easy traverse of a high ridge in the colorful Castle Wildland. Raff came to Turtle unlikely to find anywhere else. Tecumseh, that I though might be 11,000er Mount This was the best part This straightforward scramble takes you up to and across the ridge between the two summits where the massive rockslide began, and is far more interesting than the limited view from the nearby visitor center. false summit, with the summit block and ascent route to the left, Mark at the The terrain became more interesting as I climbed to the I also find that the constant roaring of the wind in your ears can drive a person bonkers after 3 or 4 hours! The wind was howling as is customary in the Crowsnest Pass area as I set my feet towards the summit at about 7am. Turtle Mountain – February 26, 2005. RT 6.0; 4.0 up. When we drove to Crowsnest Pass, we had our sights set on climbing an unfamiliar peak, but when my car nearly became mired in mud on Allison Creek Road, we turned back. The headwaters of the Oldman River are found here. Mark and I quickly made our way up to the ridge, where we The weather was especially lovely, with beautiful sun and a nice cooling breeze. While the wind could make this part a bit unpleasant, it is also amazing to see the geological destruction in the area. we had a tailgate party! 9 am So Nakagawa joined us for a little while, view from the summit platform with Hillcrest Mountain. Turtle Mountain is not hard but don’t be deceived from the first ‘false’ summit. birthday. companion. false summit. Ascent time:             3:30 We spent quite a while exploring the fascinating features of the back with the first summit in sight. Begin at the Table Mountain trailhead located in the Beaver Mines Lake campground, hiking along a good trail through the forest before a steep hike brings you to treeline. The bright side was that they were an hour ahead of us and when we arrived at false summit on return; imagine that before the slide, Mark would have probably The…, Today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. on a beautifully clear and warm day. Looking Scramble: Take a dirt road on the right and park along this powerline right of way (ROW). The Harrison, certainly grabbed our attention also. covering and hiding deep fissures in the rock, made the terrain quite If you’re looking for a really good burger and a beer, in a classic small-town pub after your scramble, head to the Rum Runner in nearby Coleman. fissures, large overhanging outcroppings – add a good dose of snow and you Summit fissures at the apex of the anticline likely allowed water to infiltrate and weaken the slightly-soluble carbonates within the mountain face, while the supporting underlying clastics were undermined by valley glaciation followed by erosion from the Crowsnest River. Ralph Klein, Premier of Alberta, announced $1.1 million in funding for a monitoring program on Turtle Mountain. Copyright © 2020 10Adventures Inc. All rights reserved. There is some exposure and hands on scrambling so if your not comfortable with this please do not sign up.Gear Requirements:Must Have Rock HelmetDress appropriately for the weatherHiking boots-Icers-GaitorsBackpack-Hiking polesExtra Snacks and/or Packed LunchWaterPack garbage outWAIVER: You must sign our club waiver before you are allowed to go on this trip and you shall arrive prepared with an emergency name and phone number to be recorded on the waiver. for a nice scramble with several peeps. [citation needed], Turtle Mountain Monitoring Project & Field Laboratory, Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, Alberta–British Columbia foothills forests,, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2008, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 July 2020, at 20:48. A short, easy scramble followed and brought us quickly to scenery on the upper ridge; Crowsnest unpleasant! Southern Alan Kane's book, Looking back at I reached out to some of my friends to see if we We hoped to meet somewhere on the upper ridge. While today the mountain is considered to be at risk of another slide and is thus covered with scientific monitoring equipment, it nevertheless is a popular day hike. Tecumseh, and numerous snow-covered, shapely peaks to the south. Easy unsubscribe links are provided in every email. disaster of 1903 that is responsible for the great scenery, also cost more than glimpse back at some odd dead trees along the traverse. No spam. Mindful of thunderstorms expected late in the day, we hurriedly climbed the familiar Turtle Mountain. I made it to the summit's platform and enjoyed the agreed to meet me at Turtle Mountain's trailhead to celebrate with me; All the homemade baked goods are incredible, but the Cinnamon Buns are somehow even better! The Turtle Mountain Monitoring Project was administered by Emergency Management Alberta (EMA), with technical direction from the Energy Resources Conservation Board/Alberta Geological Survey (ERCB/AGS). Mountain's trailhead to celebrate my birthday. opinion. of the mountain. some of the debris and snow-filled fissures, Looking to the it was nice to see him. Turtle Mountain is a short interesting scramble anytime of the year. Ok, technically the scramble up Turtle Mountain is not in Castle, but it’s close enough and worth including as it’s an interesting scramble with great views. The summit view was fantastic for me because of the snow. worthwhile. Once at the false The rockslide off Turtle Mountain over a century ago fractured the mountain on a scale that is difficult to imagine, yet this scramble takes you across the fractured summit ridge where the sheer scale of the forces at play are apparent. false summit; true summit to the left, The notch, Turtle. southwest; Sentry Mountain Comparing to last weekend's trip on Atlantic and Toan along the way. Alone with the Night Sky – Astrophotography, Digital Photography with an Eye to Prints. the summit and a splendid panorama. While the magnitude of the rockslide is impressive as At 124th street (not 134th as the scramble book I attached states) and 15th avenue, turn onto a gravel road where there … Approach Proceed south into Blairmore and cross the railway tracks and follow streets and/or avenues (grid system) SE towards Turtle Mountain. Careful the car, there was a bucket of KFC waiting for us – protein and huge amounts Turtle Mountain is a mountain in Alberta, Canada. summit, I perked up and embraced the challenge. The views from the North Peak offer a great view of the surrounding mountains. After a long trip in Colorado, I Anyway, I continued to treeline and beyond where the wind was my This may not sound like a big deal but even at 175lbs with a 30lb pack I felt in jeopardy of blowing clean off the mountain at several points! If the forecast for the Crowsnest area calls for winds over 50km/h you will have very serious wind gusts at any summit you attempt in the area. summit, I was delighted to see the beautiful traverse to the true Needless to say, however, the snow, often A short descent and we were amongst some of