Jess1 is then spotted running away. As the story progresses, we observe Jess as an abusive single mother on a waitress’s salary who probably cracked before killing her autistic son in a fit of frustration and rage. 15. Hmm, what can I say here without giving away crucial elements of the story… well, it’s a great film, makes for a really awesome catch-up. That is why the Jess who arrives at the harbor is always wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. Soon the group discovered that the boat is very unusual boast and they find themselves struggling to survive. The Triangle is both horror and mystery, but mostly it’s a docu-style psychological thriller, which is exactly why you should watch this creepy little gem!. Throughout the film, Sisyphus is mentioned specifically by name and the abandoned ocean liner that the group finds themselves stuck on is named the Aeolus, the name of Sisyphus’ father. Triangle is a sci-fi horror film that explores sin and punishment through a unique time loop-style plot, but what does it mean and how does it end? Next: The One Problem Sci-Fi Time Travel Movies NEVER Resolve. Don’t forget, however, that when Jess1 first arrives on Aelos, there are already two other Jesses already onboard. The loop extend into her life. Required fields are marked *. Primal Rage Review (2018) and Ending Explained, Creep 2 Review (2017) with Spoiler Ending, Marrowbone Review (2017) and Spoiler Ending, Delirium (2018) Review and Ending Explained, Before I Wake Review (2016) and Ending Explained, Room For Rent (2019) Review and Ending Explained, Wildling Review (2018) and Ending Explained. of her son’s death. The movie is written and directed by Christopher Smith. After going to the dining area she is attacked by Victor1 and accidentally kills him while defending herself. She was planning to take her son and have some kind of family day. What follows is an explanation of what I believe took place in Triangle. Soon the yacht caught in a storm and sank. It is obvious that Taxi driver is some kind of Grime Reaper or death. For the purpose of simplicity, I will refer to Jess1 (our Jess pov) as a static number. As mentioned, there are three main Jess personas in Triangle: 1: “Mean Jesse” (blood and wound down face from gun shot, knows about loop, wears mask and dark outfit, kills everyone). Triangle’s intriguing plot begins with a group of friends on a yacht suddenly coming upon a huge ghostly, abandoned ocean liner. She then heads off sailing with her group of friends again. Jess1 then wakes up on a beach, watches an abusive sun-dressed Jess beating her autistic son Tommy. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. As soon as “Mean” Jess hits the water, the whole process begins with the arrival of another Triangle yacht. Elusive and rarely out in public, Maisy can usually be baited with cheese, punk rock, or the promise of a rousing discussion on sociolinguistics and dialectology, though she has sometimes been known to come out to explore local parks, zoos, and distilleries on occasion.