They don’t give up. This post focuses on questions to ask yourself before you take the next step in a relationship or you want to engage in deeper conversations. Being with someone isn't all roses and butterflies. You need to be mentally ready to contribute to a healthy relationship where both you and your partner can grow. If you haven’t, thers really no point in rushing into things. When you don’t cultivate self-love, you run the risk of being overly dependent on your partner, which often leads to heartbreak. You need to be mentally ready to contribute to a healthy relationship where both you and your partner can grow. Especially if you're too young. It would just end up hurting the two of you. The thought of getting into a relationship can be exciting, but the reality of it is more than just getting butterflies in your stomach or wearing matching outfits with bae. A good partner strives to make both of your better. While you can never know for sure, it's good to know how people work and whether the 2 of you can handle emotional pain. Fully loving yourself will allow you to enjoy your relationship and set the standard as to how your partner should treat you. Getting real about everything from love and sex to fashion and beauty. Sometimes, you'll have an amazing time with somebody, then wake up the next day feeling like you don't know them at all, which is never a good feeling. taking a decision of committing yourself to someone can be quite upheaving but with the right questions, you can dodge the bullet. Being able to set your boundaries means that you are able to communicate what you can and can’t tolerate clearly to the next person. 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Into A Serious Relationship. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get into a relationship until you’ve spent years getting to know a person, though. Before Getting Into A Serious Relationship: Questions To Ask Yourself - Romance - Nairaland. It's good to be different, it keeps things exciting. They might be drop dead gorgeous to look at, but substance is important. Knowing yourself inside and out will only help build a better foundation with your partner. Make sure you really like the person and that you're not just using them as immediate gratification. Recently, I did something radical; I entered into a relationship with the intention of extending love. After going through your fair share of girlfriends/boyfriends, you have to start asking yourself certain questions to narrow the field. Do you really want a relationship or is it just loneliness? if you get a red flag in your brain for this, then please take a few steps back. Yes Yes Be sure theirs isn't too dark! Be honest with yourself to be honest with the other person. We like when everything comes easy in work, money, and in a relationship. Differences are normal. Make sure you've experienced enough of life before getting into something. A future isn’t always necessary to be seen 10 years down the line, do you see yourself together tomorrow, a week later, a month later? Being comfortable in each other’s presence even when there’s nothing to do, is a piece of bliss. The only pillar that keeps the relationship afloat is trust. If your answer to this question is no, rather take time to, Getting into a relationship for the wrong reasons can create a toxic environment for you and your partner. Remember to always use a condom when you have sex and consider getting a  contraceptive method that works for you. Let's face it - we all love short cuts. Heartbreaks are painful and love is a treacherous mistress. Many people do not realize that the relationship between a man and a woman is something that should be carefully worked on.