through our donation pickup and delivery services. Susan, Deerfield Beach, Copyright © 2015 9Pickup. you want it to go, and we’ll get to work. COLLEGE HUNKS IS OPEN & PROVIDING ALL SERVICES! Whether you want a furniture pickup for charity or you want to just get rid of your furniture as quickly as possible, there is a place for everyone. They accept used furniture in good condition or useable condition. Donating furniture to charity can make a huge difference to the less fortunate in your community. This site can be a great resource as sometimes it costs more to hire someone to remove your old furniture, when someone else can use it for themselves. Find local charities in your area by using the Charity Vault website or the Internal Revenue website. Your donations provide benefits to all U.S. Veterans. You can contact GoodWill for more information on their webpage. Inspect the office furniture to make sure that it is clean and in decent condition. She has published works with a number of online and print publishers. Your furniture will typically go to people who can’t afford their own furniture. We work hard to donate and recycle as much junk Searching Google for something like “companies that pick-up donations for free nearby” should do the trick. When our corporate clients move or renovate, they provide gently-used office furniture donations that can benefit your organization. There are also some companies that offer new office furniture as their donation or gift. Whether you are from Chicago, Los Angeles (LA), New Jersey (NJ), New York City (NYC), Dallas, San Francisco, Jacksonville or hundreds of other cities across the United States, there are several options for your heart in donating furniture for pickup. It is very important to know that when you donate used furniture, you cannot donate garbage! When we donate furniture for pickup, the primary reason for this is not for resellers to profit off of your furniture, but the biggest organizations that provide these services are there to donate it to charity or to those that are classified in the poverty class of America. Click here to get the full list of what 9Pickup’s FREE Home Donation Pick-up Services will accept. Donation Town is also ideal if you’re looking for a hyper-local charity that accepts furniture donation pick ups. is another similar program which allows you to share your things for free. Some of our most requested donation pickup services include: As the industry’s leader in eco-friendly It operates under the same concept that freecycle does and is a great service that is provided to us for free! All rights reserved. Let us give your items They have their own database of local charities that will pick up your used furniture for free. junk removal services, we proudly donate and recycle up to 70% of everything we haul. Regardless, the Salvation Army provides tax receipts for your donation, which you can use when filing your income tax. mean that someone else won’t find it useful. Bill Gassett has been one of the top RE/MAX Real Estate agents in New England over the last decade plus. If you’re looking for a convenient way to donate your unwanted household items or business inventory while giving back to the community, 9Pickup is your answer. This organization uses your donations to provide funding for their programs for veterans. It also helps the environment by keeping the furniture out of a land fill. If you’re ready to say goodbye to that old bed frame or think it’s You donate, we deliver—it’s Ask for a donation receipt when you donate the office furniture.