it completes just for you. Yep. View All ยป 15m: Shadowlands Preview: Cleanse the Scourge in the Shadowlands Pre-Launch Event ... Shadowlands Pre-Patch World Boss Nathanos Blightcaller Drops ilvl 115 Loot. Came here to see if I'd missed something. Ret paladin, got a 1h caster sword. It is important to highlight that the loot from the World Boss comes from its World Quest, which means players must be nearby whenever the boss is defeated to receive loot. Same happened to me, I died got the credit for the kill got no item. ): ):Basically all I got was: 2hand sword, polearm, 1hand mace, glaive on DHs, daggers on dagger spec rogues, staff on casters, bows on bow-spec hunters.The world quest is weekly.The quest picked up in your faction capital is one time, and that is what triggers the cinematic. ): It's all I need to finish the collection. lmao the same thing happened to me, I was BM and got a polearm xD, I was wondering why my resto druid got an AGI stick. Blue Tracker. What is the 2nd weapon below the shield and is it only for Alliances? :(. As predicted in our Nathanos dialgoue post, we find Nathanos at his old home, Marris Stead, in Eastern Plaguelands.There's some neat symmetry here as that's where we first fought him during the quest . J-joke's on you, I WANTED that polearm on my Beast Mastery Hunter a few minutes ago! killed nathanos on 5 toons, the screen faded to black and back. The reward was intended to be random, which is why some players received a different reward than what was listed on the map. Or if you release, make sure your back in time. I watched the cutscene and when it ended I was in the middle of another encounter. The shadow priest running back did NOT get the achievement. During the pre-patch, Nathanos can be found as a World Boss at his old home, Marris Stead. I only wanted a weap on one toon, and when I didn't get it I was salty. Blizzard Tracker. World Boss: Nathanos Blightcaller Nathanos Blightcaller serves as a weekly World Boss, located just outside his family home in the Eastern Plaguelands.From the first week, both Alliance and Horde players can pick up the quest Nathanos Blightcaller, which rewards 5 Argent Commendation on completion. The Shadowlands Pre-Patch event is live with a new cinematic showing the fate of Nathanos Blightcaller. This NPC is the objective of Order Must Be Restored. Some players have had issues receiving loot when defeating Nathanos Blightcaller in Eastern Plaguelands. Had the item in my bag all along. First attempt. yea good for alts, now that i have 16, already done the opening dailys for 11, working on the last 5 toons to farm ilvl110 gear from those rare spawns. Live PTR Beta Classico. after 3 warriors 3 paladins, 3 shamans no shield yet! Following our weekend preview of Nathanos' Shadowlands audio, Nathanos Blightcaller has been found on the Shadowlands Alpha and he appears to be a world event boss. So is Nathanos is dead, but not gone? We went back a few days later with a legit group that had a tank and everything (including the 4 others that came previously) and no one died and everyone who wasn't there (as well as the shadow priest) all got the achieve. This event would be awesome if it gave the ability to just purchase missing elite warfront gear from the quartermaster instead. This happened to me, and it looks like the WQ just respawned on my map! okay now what about the cutscene bug. Is there any recourse for people who didn't know this beforehand? well %^&*, this would have been nice to know 5 minutes ago. I have put in a ticket. This is not a new problem. no cinematic. My buddy got a gun on his survival hunter. These are the models from the darkshore warfront, if I'm not mistaken. Now gotta address the server lags and we're good. Before i killed Nathanos the world quest reward was an intellect staff and sadly an upgrade for me.