for the paladin they were good but there was this one video of how a paladin was BLASTING 1.5MILL ON BEOWULF! Whose better in terms of: Damage Less Funding Mobility Defense HP and Your opinion Posted: July 2013 Permalink. [REBOOT] Dark Knight, Hero, or Paladin? 4) You have Hyperbody which increases Maximum HP/MP. Top Paladin is in my guild in Reboot and according to him in terms of his range it's actually pretty high. OR THE PARTY DRAGON BUSTER DARK KNIGHT! Their damage is great and the only qualm I have is their very short reach even with a 2h. Solo 4. They are clunky, slow and their DPS is very low. If you don't mind sacrificing a bit of damage for versatility then it is Paladin. for the paladin they were good but there was this one video of how a paladin was BLASTING 1.5MILL ON BEOWULF! This was my first time playing a paladin, I am Lvl 172 and a 2h sword paladin that has a 50k~58k range (unbuff) 110k~120k (buffed) and I feel weak as hell compared to most of the other classes, for bossing I feel that my paladin is in the same range damage as a DK. I don't want anymore pallys running around. Plus charges has a pretty long range so most platforms are effortlessly cleared. (Thats also without using the heal skill bc i forget to use it). Quick links. Would you be so kind as to disable your ad-blocker on BasilMarket please? As you get funding, unfortunately. You pay for it with higher hp potion consumption, a somewhat uninteresting attack pattern (rush to corner -> lawnmower down with aoe skill), and some other little nuisances like needing combo orbs to get yourself into the 1v1 stance. When do heroes get strong? Which has better, 1. damage? Bashing Zombie Mushmom Posts:406 Joined:Sat Sep 19, 2009 6:32 am Location:im everywhere. I play all three in the normal server and stripping down to the same clean range, they're all within 10-15% of each other with drk being the lead. Tankyness is amazing. I actually haven't played my Paladin since the mega nerf. Can say much about the other 2, just returned to maple a few days ago. I have a 180 Hero now, but i don't feel like this fun. Can I ask what kind of equips he has? Anyway Thank you so much everyone Posted: July 2014 Permalink. What's the one video game you can't stop playing? Is it just me or has everyone become very "anti-DK" … You don't take super low damage anymore as paladin either, you just have a heal instead and take 0 damage for a few hits. On skellies, I can hit 1.1 mil per line with Divine Charge (x4) at currently 55% crit chance. For the other warrior class I feel that the Hero has less mobility and equal damage. However, this is pretty urgent Anyway, Paladin vs Dark knight Bossing Variety Skill Supportive More Power Wide Range Better Range Also, for Paladin, Should I use One handed? Paladin vs Knight. I would main DrK if Gungnir's Descent got removed or if Dark Impale got buffed to be adequate to use instead. These are the known basic doctrines that Paladins abided by as they pursued a virtuous and often all too slim path all through their adventurous lives. Maining a Hero in Reboot right now. I know this has been asked many times, but just wanted some feedback from players. Leveling/mobbing is fine, single target is fine...... until 120+ then you start falling off heavily and every other class is doubling your damage or more. All three of em have FJ for mobility but hero also has a grapple so that's kinda neat. I'm working on both, Right now I'm working on the DK, then soon after the pally. the hero would likely win because of the fact that their power guard counters the paladins high damage and dark knights basically suck, Paladin would beat all with thunder or holy charge. Get your answers by asking now. You get a lot of flashy skills at 3rd and 4th job. THE MIGHTY 1V1 PALADIN! by XShinX » Fri Dec 25, 2009 5:49 am, Post Replies. Not to mention both DrK and Hero are tanky enough in their own right to kind of make Paladin useless. You have Dark Impale which ignores enemy defense as well. -> Pally (Pallys dmg is actually miles ahead) Both classes have the same mobility, but Dark's beat paladins in HP due to the Hyper Body skill but Pally's beat them on defense. by polortide66 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:12 pm, Post wadup wadup basilmarket yea so i need help once again! Add. 0.o plz stop making these threads they just cause huge flame wars between the 3 warrior classes. Is it as good time spent as Netflix and so? How powerful would a explosion or other destructive force have to be to destroy a entire galaxy? Well first off i haven't personally played dark knight but i have played both pally and hero, and here are my thoughts:-Hero: The most powerful of the three when it comes to raw damage, it's absurd, and with 3rd V skills coming, expect it to become even better. This is just a matter of opinion. I think i have 25-30k range, but can get to 45-50k all buffed out. Unfunded which do you guys feel is a better class in these terms. Hero would come after with the ADVANCED COMBO and sexy brandish, DK would get eaten by every class in the game cuz the beholder wastes ALL SP and only gives a buff that sucks compared to anything else lol.