This guide is applicable for Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief and Pirate. hi ayu i follow your guides for a very long time and you’r the most accuarate and the most easy to understand , specialy for news players , any way i just wonna ask about bucaneer , i made mine to be my main class , so i just reached 140 and iam newbie with this new hyper stats mode i wonna focus on str/crit/boss dmg , what do you think ? Might be multiplied by 10 everytime, but it will be kinda fast to reach the maximum costs after 2 resets if that is true. This guide will show you the ways to improve your Dark Knight experience. wondering whether to add the atk hyper stats or damage is better for pathfinder. I am an Evan. Have there been any recent exploits (currency exploits, dupes, etc). Typically warriors have 100% stance. What would be good for xenons? share. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The Active Hyper Skill Points is sufficient to max all Active Hyper Skills. 140, you'll automatically obtain [Hyper Skill] and [Hyper Stats]. 1. Each skill has a max level, and each SP spent will increase a skill's level by 1. Like Demon Avenger’s hyper Stat build? Please update the content for V patch… there’s no longer minimum or maximum critical. Job = Kaiser & dual blade. Do I level up the stats that have the highest level first? What should I do? I'm sure you know that you can add STR, DEX, INT, LUK on the Hyper skills tab currently. As you level up a Hyper Stat, it starts to require more and more Hyper Stat Points to increase to the next level. Can I know why you spent points on secondary stat? why put point into status resistance? 1 for each chapter, and can gain up to 3 in total. Final Pact - Damage 5. 140, 160, and 190. they rather press all cure potion button. What about for Night Walker? if(this.href.indexOf(location.hostname) == -1) { The hyper stat build guide mainly focuses on raw damage, so prioritize on maxing Hyper Stat damage, boss damage, minimum critical damage, maximum critical damage as these works for all jobs. Is putting points into all str luk and dex with it? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory, Press J to jump to the feed. Which you can open the hyper stats on your character stats windows. Gungnir's Descent - Reinforce 4. But i didnt get one so i thought id get one the next level. Here’s my 2cents. (Lv. Final Pact - Critical Chance 6. On high-level enemies, it can affect total DPS by millions of damage. MapleStory Hyper Stats Overview. Dark Knight Hyper Skill Build Guide: 1. Once you reach Lv. Always be aware of what's going on in your game. thx for your guide,ayumi i hava 1 more question is my main charater is demon slayer its weapon def very easy become 9999 so did i still need to up hyper defence and magic defence because just magic defence did not 9999 only. (1st URL). Hi Ayumilove, Can you make a guide for xenon and pirate HSP? 5. The rest of the Hyper Stats can use as shown in the guide above (damage boosting stat) while the complimentary stat will based on your equipped being scrolled since everyone’s equip is different. See the bottom left hand corner? It will cost max 10mil mesos after you read this amount. in your heros guide you max mana over dex….. @Hua: I rarely reset my Hyper Skills. function(){ Add Hyper Skill Points into Hyper Stats which are partially maxed with the ones closest to 10/10 or 5/5. I hate to say this, but… this part of your website isn’t very good. I have added your notes into the guide above. 130) [Crimsonheart] To Grendel's Library. Or, less confusingly, take each source of IED you have separately, then multiply their inverses together (in decimal form — 30% becomes 1 – .3, or .7), then take the inverse of that (and round up, if necessary). Circulators cannot be used to lock ranks or stats. READ THIS! Hi Jacky, accuracy is better for warrior. What do you recommend i do with the stats? Only after level 200+ when you can kill CRA, and hard magnus, that's where the time you need to max out your boss damage. I just reached level 147 and i still cant raise it since i didnt get any hyper skill points. – Replacing Hyper Magical Guard, having extra 500MD is very little from my base 5k MD, so I choose speed instead of defence. Gungnir's Descent - Reinforce 4. The added EXP and Arcane Hyper Stats. @Kai: Players will not receive additional HSP (Hyper Skill Points) and SP (Skill Points) after Level 200. Next, you will either max out your boss damage or main stats like STR, INT, LUK, DEX. Cubing Tool WSE Tool (current) Starforce Tool Hyper Stat Tool Legion Tool. Hyper Body makes Dark Knight quite popular and wanted in Boss runs, while Berserk requires Dark Knight to be 100% concentrated on his/her fight.Dragon Roar gives Dark Knight incredibly ability on farming, which is also the 1st full screen AOE skill in MapleStory.Spear Crusher from 3rd job is the main skill that will be … As of the V patch, It’s now 1% per level. Not very sure about this . Please consider whitelisting ads here to support this website! Therefore, the remaining skill points is distributed into secondary stat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Maplestory Mana ? Didn’t see any comments having Evan hyper stat . I have provided a calculator (made in Flash), you can use it to calculate how much HSP is required for your job! $(this).attr('target', '_blank'); I have updated the guide to make it clearer. Xenon primary stat are STR, DEX and LUK. If you lock a rank or stats, Honor EXP needed to reset it will increase. @ ayumilove: yes i wanted to ask too. Should be noted, as you near 80% (IED) the hyper skill doesnt raise it by +3% each time. Hii, I would like to ask, will we able to receive hyper skill points after lv200 or in short max out all the hyper at lv250? Every 10 levels after Level 140, Hyper Stat … You can reset Hyper Skills by pressing the [Reset] button. Dark Thirst 7. @CelestialOne: 140, you can view the Hyper Stat window through the character stat window (hotkey [S]) and clicking on the [Hyper Stat] button. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. it does nt anymore since it only reduces the status effects by the amount.. eg 50% 10 sec duration become 5 sec. Level . I have corrected MapleStory Mana to Hyper Mana. Hi, @Quinny: Thanks for your feedback! User account menu. If you don't have near to 90% critical rate, you probably want to consider to add critical rate instead of critical damage (min/max). 140, 150, 165, 180, and 190. 101, you will gain 3 SP on most level-ups, and 6 SP if your level ends in 0, 3, 6, or 9 upon level-up (ie: gain 3 SP at Lv. Hi ayumilove, do you have any guide about potential stat for eq, and also the best stat for the eq category, mostly about weapon, secondary weapon, emblem. For Demon Slayers, getting extra Demon Fury might be helpful (or Kanna, as the DF Hyper also gives max mana for Kanna). Cubing Tool WSE Tool (current) Starforce Tool Hyper Stat Tool Legion Tool. Hi kostya, probably they will get Hyper Skills as how Explorer gets them. AP stands for 'Ability Point', and it's a value that can increase the stats for Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Intelligence (INT), and Luck (LUK), and your character's maximum HP and MP. Final Pact - Damage 5. At level 140-200, you probably not going to boss that much, because most of the time you will be grinding. } @Sickskillz: Sorry for the confusion. The only thing you need to worry is which skill you need to max for Passive Hyper Skills. @ayumilove when will the guide be updated ? Also, for shadowers, we have this skill that eventually makes our critical rate 100%, so if we can convert that 25 points into other stats, which 1 would be wise? hello, i want to ask what skill should i use mastery book 20 at?? Dark Knight Hyper Skill Build Guide: 1. @Krops: I would recommend you to go with Damage, Critical Damage, Critical Rate, Ignore Enemy Defense first. r/Maplestory: The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory. [REBOOT] Dark knight hyper stat allocation? The only thing I would avoid would be the stat bonuses (STR, DEX, INT, LUK), as they are flat and do not stack with % potential. Beyond that, it depends on class and preference. Final Pact – Critical Chance 6. Dark Thirst 7. Which is better hyper dex or Acc? However, rest assured that it is not a waste. Hyper Luck (Reason being, 5Luk = 1 Int, up this equal to adding 10 Int) Always conduct your trade on PixelMarket using the Messaging System, not Skype or email. Which Hyper Stats Buid you recommend? Hence the first thing to max out is the damage %. Bucaneer and Shade (Pirate) primary stat and secondary stat are STR and DEX. Explanation: Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details! Thanks skxy for sharing your Hyper Skill Build :D I’ll add it to the guide above so others can compare and see which 1 suits them best :), Im IL mage, hyper skill i upped is different from your suggestion, just for sharing You can directly move to the information you want by searching it with [Ctrl + F]. shouldn’t it be hyper Mana ? Learn how your comment data is processed. On top of that, a higher critical rate is pretty much useless for a Dual Blader, seeing as Shadow Meld raises the critical rate to 100% for a few seconds. This tool is designed to optimize your hyper stats against end-game bosses. 0. Rankings, (Lv. is it a bug from nexon or, does it do anything? Assuming that you won't start bossing seriously until you've maxed out most of your core skills, a level 150 Dark Knight without washing will have around 9,700 HP. Hi Ayumi, thanks for the great guides! should I start with the Guardbreak or I can start now with lvl 140s skills like Hyper Strength? Hi :D, I would recommend you to put the url of the guide on your blog linking to my site instead of copying and pasting the entire guide to your blog. Hi I would like to know how can I use the reg SP to upgrade the hyper skills, look I have reg SP but I dont know how can I use them as hyper SP? Mathematically speaking, it is impossible for IED to ever reach 100%, and its returns diminish substantially the higher it goes (in fact, adding another separate source of 10% to the example character will only give you a total of 83% IED), and the more sources you have (if, instead of adding a separate 10%, one of the 30%s became 40%, the total IED would be 84%). But str and crit? Stance is the knockback when u get hit by monsters. Dark Knight Hyper Stats. is Ultimat explorer get a Hyper skill too? I haven't found any other thread that can help me and i just hit lvl 143. Once you reach Lv. However, ensure all the essential damage boosting stats are maxed out first (example: Boss Damage, Critical Damage, Critical Rate, etc) as shown in the table above. I suggest a simple fix. It is almost useless after the V patch to have high amounts of Status resistance, and the Cygnus link skill gives 25 all by itself, so maybe put a disclaimer for people to stop putting points into it once it starts decaying at around 50% status duration. }); As you might not know, Hyper stats is coming out on the Wed patch which is tomorrow. How do you reset Hyper Skill Points? So I guess that skill requires a skill book which can be obtain from looting boss drops such as Zakum, Chaos Zakum, Hilla. Gungnir's Descent - Boss Rush 3. But it is still useful in terms of normal bosses like Pink bean, Horntail, all these. The larger the level of a Hyper Stat, the more Hyper Stat points will required to level the Hyper Stat up further: You can reset the Hyper Stats by pressing the [Reset] button. I wouldn't recommend the hyper hp if you can reach 50k hp without it.