Here we share what inspires us, and how we express it. Who We Are & What We Do ... Our Artwork Gallery is the “landing place” for Art’s and my personal artwork. The collage and mixed media pieces often start with an idea, but can quickly take on a life of their own. You can understand them more as people. I remember the afternoon in the impressionist museum and seeing my son discover his own love of these great artists. Here we share what inspires us, and how we express it. Dark Gray Swarovski® Pearl & Crystal Bracelet with a large Sterling Silver Toggle. Visit each of our venues and discover how you can let the world know you are ready to take on anything! We met many many wonderful people, enjoyed decadent food, mostly with an egg, and saw more wonderful sights than I thought possible in two short weeks. Standard size is 7.25 inches. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He often comes back from his beachcombing treks laden down with fishing floats (usually styrofoam or plastic these days), rope, seaweed, large driftwood pieces, and whatever “nasties” he finds that need to be picked up off the beach. I will never forget the incredible awe I felt as we traveled through Normandy and visited the various D-Day battlefields. Time flies and children grow into adults much too fast. Turquoise Tiger Eye, sterling silver (.925) bit, toggle, bead cones, and Loose Ends logo charm. Please enjoy viewing some or our past designs, as they may give you ideas of color or design for a custom item for you. He was never able to share much, no matter how much I inquired. Purple Agate Rounds with Sterling Silver Accents Mother of pearl teardrops, pink coral teardrops, and sterling silver. 21 December 2019 — Petula Clark, Rick Stein, Jayde Adams, Shazia Mirza, Angus Munro, Chris Holland & Siobhan Parr, Arthur Smith, Clive Anderson We are pleased to share our addictions with you. 3-strand Bali sterling, pearls, & crystal Bracelet, This 3 strand bracelet of Bali Sterling silver, authentic pearls, and Swarovski® crystal, is accently with sterling & marcasite finishings. You can have a real adult conversation with them. Not always in that order. Sharing these icons of Paris like the Arc, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre are special. Here we share what inspires us, and how we express it. — Lisa I remember the opportunity to see the Tour de France in the wonderful town of Sarlat. Absolutely one of our most favorite materials to work with, Abaca is a natural fiber harvested from a close relative of the banana tree. I felt immense gratitude standing under the Arc de Triomphe for the opportunity to travel with our sons and share these important places in the world as they develop their own understanding of their place in it. Required fields are marked *. [Show slideshow] 1 2 . Somehow I was fortunate enough to meet and marry Art, a man with both a fortuitous name, and a penchant for adventure, travel, wandering and, after a bit of persuasion, “gathering”. Gallery. Aqua & Light Blue Swarovski® crystal Stirrup Necklace. Pink Coral & White MOP Teardrops with Pendant, 3-strand Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Freshwater Pearls, 14 kT Gold & gold freshwater Pearl Necklace, Product ID: 7 strand Champagne Colored Cry. The memories are numerous, but there are a few special ones that will stay close to my heart. Of all the photographs I have taken over the past few years, here is a collection of my personal favorites. Our Gallery can be accessed in a variety of ways. Loose Ends is about friendship, acceptance and loyalty. Lapis coins, Opal cubes, and 8 mm Freshwater pearls are finished off with a sterling silver inlayed toggle of the same. 14 March 2020 — Hugo Weaving, Tamsin Greig, Rachael Stirling, Samra Habib, Julia Biel, Alex Rex, Arthur Smith, Clive Anderson. For more information, please contact us at, The Designer | The Designs | Trunk Show | Calendar | Gallery | Order Jewelry/Contact Us | I see ideas, design, beauty, weirdness and have a focused interest in – – – well, just about anything that has that “something” that catches my attention. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. White Mother of Pearl Teardrops, with Teal Fw Pearls Bracelet. This penchant for picking things up led to Art (my husband and best friend_ and me starting our own business, “Loose Ends” and its most recent offspring – “Loose Ends Unleashed” – traveling, FINDING STUFF, and being direct importers of all kinds of handmade & exotic papers, natural materials (and anything else that grabbed our attention). Any time we were all together laughing was a special moment for me. These pieces may have limited availability. Loose Ends. I never grasped the complexity and scale of what was required to go into the D-Day invasion. Copyright © 2017 - Loose Ends Upholstery - All Rights Reserved. ©2011 Loose Ends Jewelry, LLC All rights reserved. Hanging out with old friends, fishing on the pier, relaxing on the beach and enjoying some good food. Designed by Oregon Marketing Group | Powered by OMG! The weather was not great, but it was wonderful to be there for two days. You can also go to a specific media by going to that subject:  Seabowls, Collage, etc. Our Gallery is the “landing place” for Art’s and my personal artwork. Our Artwork Gallery is the “landing place” for Art’s and my personal artwork. Personal ramblings from a suburban Dad, outdoor enthusiast, and IT professional. What a wonderful father and son weekend. This breathtaking show is highly visual, emotional and unpredictable. Valley Park, MO | 105 Bayly St. W. unit 12B in the Baywood Centre. When we visited the monument at Utah Beach I was reminded of the Band of Brothers and that “Easy Company” had taken out a German battery nearby. Here we share what inspires us, and how we express it. You can see more of my collection here on smugmug. Katie, Your email address will not be published. Creative Projects – What you will find here. Sterling silver (.925) running horse pendant and Swarovski® Crystal necklace with sterling silver clasp and spacer beads. Your email address will not be published. 314-221-6215 | is limitless. I am a “gatherer” by both genetic programming and personal proclivity. Can be customized to your si. Faceted Turquoise Chunks, Lapis Shards, Red Coral and Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, & Onyx Jewelry, Swarovski® Pearl & Crystal Multi Necklace, Swarovski® Pearl & Crystal set with Sterling Silver, Serpentine, Green Garnet, with Inlay Pendant Clasp. Loose Ends is the place to find your signature jewelry pieces or memorable gift. Tiger Eye, Lapis, Turquoise, & Sterling Silver Bracelet, Lapis, Tiger's Eye, Turquoise and Sterling Silver make up this earthy bracelet. ADDRESS. A collection of photographs from a production of Loose Ends performed by the Wright State University Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures Department. You can access these links here (below) or from the top bar menu on any page. Required fields are marked *. Organic flotsam & jetsam along with “found” materials play a major role in what I create. I am frequently as surprised as anyone else by what the seashells, fossils, metal scraps, driftwood, paper bits and weathered bones say they want to do – but it is this organic aspect of the creation process that I find so exciting. I remember the sadness of walking through the American cemetery and the thought that I would not be able to share that experience with my father who fought in World War II. [Show slideshow] 1 2 . Available in Black, Abalone Three Strand Necklace and Bracelet, Sterling Silver accented with Sterling Silver accented with Swarovski® crystals of lavender, Sterling Silver accented with Swarovski® crystals of dark blue, Silver, 14 kt Gold, & Freshwater Pearl Set, Sterling Silver, 14 kt Gold, Cz's, and five 10 mm Freshwater Pearls, Black & Tan Swarovski® crystal and sterling silver set. A civilian cannot grasp what an underrated event this was in our World History and has led me to even greater respect for our “greatest generation”. Product ID: Bracelets 102904B & 102904B2 |, Mother of Pearl Rings, pearl, & crystal Jewelry, This 3-strand,30 inch necklace is made from hand selected blue opal ovals, orange coral, & lovely oval white pearls. Home » Our Gallery | Loose Ends | Salem, Oregon Gallery. Loose Ends is a quirky and enchanting piece of interactive theatre that will have children (and their grown-ups) in its thrall this school holiday at Ipswich Art Gallery.. One-of-a-kind. In my world truly “no stone goes unturned” (many of them get picked up), but eventually even the most ardent gatherer realizes that she needs to share her gatherings, to use them to express the hidden meanings they originally whispered to her – and that is what my artwork is all about. Light Blue and Aqua colored Swarovski® crystal & sterling silver (.925) spacer beads, clasp, and stirrup charm. I remember the laughter we shared during a meal that went wrong at Mont Saint-Michel. Not always in that order. As I compared the sights of Paris to the sights we saw in Rome a few years before made me appreciate the gift of travel with our children. Here are some of my photographs and moments I captured along the journey. Silver Chain Necklace with Swarovski® pendant, Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Swarovski® pendant. Running Horse Swarovski® Crystal Necklace - Blue. Somehow I was fortunate enough to meet and marry... (Go to Buy Handmade Paper) Handmade paper is both our business and our passion.