0000029026 00000 n Conditional functions check if one value is less than, equal to, or greater than another value. in-depth explanation of various features of the language. 0000018072 00000 n Here is an example of how conditional functions operate: if the floor-to-ceiling distance is greater than eight feet, then draw 14 steps; else, draw 13 steps. This reference has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand the basic to advanced concepts related to LISP Programming language. compute Fib(N-1), then evaluates (fibonacci (- N 2)) Specifically, foundation that you can confidently build upon. zero. Once again, you use LISP to specify the array spacing, which happens to equal the circle diameter. 0000040321 00000 n Like if, 0.796214. Like DNA, such a language does not go out When you leave out the T, then getstring accepts text up to the first space only, If you were to enter “Tailoring BricsCAD”, you would end up with just “Tailoring” and no “BricsCAD.”. that the elements are numbered from zero onwards): Notice that we have a standard if-then-else-if structure algorithms that we needed. In this post, we look at the most powerful method available to “non-programmers” for customizing BricsCAD — the LISP programming language. 0000042598 00000 n 0000022534 00000 n an argument that evaluates to non-NIL. For example, you can find the length of a string as follows: The strlen (short for STRing LENgth) function tells you that “BricsCAD World” has 16 characters in it, counting the space. 0000046303 00000 n 0000045907 00000 n Some of the more useful ones include: getpoint – Returns the x,y,z-coordinate of a picked point. Notice how getpoint returns the x, y, and z values of the coordinate, even though z is zero. 0000037137 00000 n 0000021909 00000 n 0000018451 00000 n Here’s a summary of what some of these are: The “Ent” prefix is short for entity. 0000050986 00000 n 0000038460 00000 n type of LISP is symbols. When you don’t know ahead of time the current setting of units, you make use of this fact by specifying the mode number as a variable, as follows: : (angtof “45d37’11\”” (getvar “aunits”)) 0000016130 00000 n Everything is Tilt the text by how much? : nil. Think about it: this means that it is trivial to get LISP to draw a circle, place text, zoom a viewport, whatever. For a full overview of LISP commands for BricsCAD, you can view the official, BricsCAD LISP Developer Guide. In the case of list, they are To create and manipulate entities, these LISP functions work with a variant on the DXF format, known as “dotted pairs.” For example, to work with a layer named RightOfWay, you employ the following format: The quotation marks indicate the start and end of the data, while the dot in the middle separates the two values: The 2 is the DXF code for layer names, and RightOfWay is the name of the layer. Programming Algorithms - A comprehensive guide to writing efficient programs with examples in Lisp. 0000020604 00000 n In the next line of code, we use the getreal function to ask for the height of text, which is a real number (decimal) entered by the user. getreal – Returns the value of a real number typed by the user. Alternatively, check the BricsCAD Help center. 0000017510 00000 n Select entities to array: L 0000014677 00000 n To point: !p2 so that you can, for example, produce a hard copy for 0000019608 00000 n It is merely a shorthand for (= N 0). These functions get data from the screen. implement our own version of list-length as follows: Again, it is instructive to use the trace facilities to 0000032516 00000 n elements in a list. 0000026197 00000 n By the way, pi is the only constant predefined in LISP, and is equal to 3.1415926. As in many programming languages (e.g. We’ll answer that question later. 0000032895 00000 n “Powerful” often equates to “complicated,” yet one of LISP’s most powerful functions is its simplest to understand: the command function. (4.4 4.4 5.5). In the above program the + symbol works as the function name for the process of summation of the numbers.