While she was there, she met Charlie. Judith was so upset that she took Charlie to her room and Liz takes Alan. Of Course He's Dead They continued to get together even after Alan moved in with Lyndsey in season 8, but Alan eventually ends things for good with Melissa via text message. Kandi (ehemals Harper) (April Bowlby) war Alans zweite, sehr ungebildete Ehefrau. Charlie liked her, but she was disgusted by his rude nature. She also has been a voice actress for the FX animated comedy Archer since 2009. Charlie and Lisa lived together before Alan moved in but they ended things because Charlie didn’t want a committed relationship. The two get together and Charlie walks in on a tied up Alan who just says, “everyone makes mistakes.”. Es scheint, dass sie Vaterprobleme hat, da sie häufig mit älteren Männern schläft, doch als sie zusammentreffen wirkt ihre Beziehung gut. Probably one of the most comedic and popular roles on the show was Berta. Before that, she played Nikki Beaumont in the short-lived drama series Nikki & Nora: The N&N Files. The 54-year-old has been married 6 times, but she is now taking a break at the married life. The two sisters start fighting and it turns out that Alan asked Liz out before asking Judith. Later on, Charlie gets pulled over for driving under the influence and ended up in a courtroom with Linda as his judge. Mandi (Mutter)Andy (Vater)Tranuki (Ex-Mann)Jake Harper (Ex-Stiefsohn)Mildred (mögliche Ex-Stieftochter)Charlie Harper † (Ex-Schwager)Jenny Harper (Ex-Stiefnichte)Evelyn Harper (Ex-Schwiegermutter)Frank Harper † (Ex-Schwiegervater) Chelsea ends up leaving Charlie for Alan’s attorney and Charlie gets with her best friend, Gali. Like most relationships on the show, it didn’t last long and they ultimately broke up. She gets the role on the TV series but she signs the divorce papers before accepting it, that way Alan gets nothing from her in the divorce. 2005 gehörte April Bowlby zur Stammbesetzung der TV-Serie „Two And A Half Men“. She has been in multiple TV shows and films since. Tammy is a 36-year-old woman and mother of three children who dates Jake in the 10th season. Rose was certainly one of the main actresses on Two and a Half Men. After having a fight with her grandmother later that night, she comes back to the house and tells them that she is planning on running away to Vegas with her boyfriend Freddie to get married. Of course, Miley is not new to television. She goes over to Lyndsey's house and explains that nothing happened between her and Alan. After she removed a mole from Charlie’s rear end, the two started dating until she broke up with him after suspecting he had feelings for Rose. She fined him $500 and decided to give him a second chance. Melissa was Alan’s secretary and started dating … The couple divorced after a cold marriage. The successful actress was known best for her role as C.J. The actress is currently single but was known for dating the famous singer Josh Groban. She is married to Arnie Anderson the actor and they have a daughter Samantha. The American sitcom Two and a Half Men, created and executive produced by Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn, ... Rose reveals the truth to them, but is not jailed for the crime. They bond over being shocked that Alan turned her down as well as admitting that he isn't very good in bed. She also had a leading role in the series ER. Eventually, Courtney tricks Charlie into buying her a Ferrari and lending her $50,000. When Jake is leaving to go back to base, Missi reveals that she actually has a boyfriend. Lyndsey always loved Alan but had a drinking problem and often was attracted to other men, like Walden, while she was with him. 16 Like many of her costars, Kimberly already had a long resume before her role in TAAHM. Kandi Kandi ist derzeit Bisexuell oder Lesbisch, man weiß es nicht genau. They got back together and Alan was left single again. Kandi got along great with her stepson, Jake Harper due to their personalities being the same in stupidity. Before her minor role in TAAHM, Kristin was known for playing Yola Gaylen on The Chris Isaak Show. After Charlie passes away, Walden hires her to clean his house as well, and she is more than willing to do it. She also appeared in a few movies such as The Ring and Pearl Harbor. The 44-year-old will be seen next as the role of coach Webb in the upcoming film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Since then, she has been in several movies such as Hairspray, Juno and The Girl on the Train. Eventually, Herb has an affair with his secretary and Judith divorces him. She actually was the casting director for the 2015 movie Entourage. Schauspielerin In her final appearance Kandi auditions for the role of a detective on a new show called "Stiffs". April Bowlby After a night of drinking, Danielle tells Charlie about about her background and Charlie decides he wants to be with her. She started to fall for Alan and the two date until she catches Alan in a lie about renting a house. The British actress is actually married to royalty, her husband is Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin. Sie war vier Monate mit Alan verheiratet. She eventually becomes religious and asks Charlie to marry her, he dumped her instead. The 46-year-old is now post-production for a holiday film called The Christmas Train. She most recently appeared as Diane in the comedy film, We Love You, Sally Carmichael!. Courtney was introduced to Charlie as Teddy’s (Evelyn’s fiancé) daughter. Judith Harper-Melnick was Alan’s first wife and mother to his son Jake. After Brittany’s biological father Hector returns, Naomi leaves Alan and gets back together with Hector. Throughout the show, there are a lot of women that come and go. After Jake meets her, he develops a crush on her and even draws her bottom for his art class project. Nach Charlies Tod kam sie als gefeierter Fernsehstar zurück und wollte eine neue Beziehung mit Alan anfangen. Kandi got her good looks from her mother but she got her dumb brains from her father. She also appeared in the films Gone Girl and The Artist. She found out and left him. Kandi to Judith: "And you must be Jake's grandma!". After talking on the porch, Beverly tells Alan about her divorces and Alan opens up and tells her the truth about the house. Two and a Half Men: The Cast Then And Now. Most recently, she has been keeping busy and just finished acting several projects. They become so close that Alan thinks that they have become lovers. Kandi ist genau so dumm wie ihr Vater Andi. Her and her daughter look a lot alike, and people often mistake them for sisters. Kandi und ihre Mutter Mandi hatten beide etwas mit Charlie Harper. Eventually, Rose and Charlie run away to Paris and become engaged. Kandi is the daughter of Mandi and Andy. However, when her father appears, they seem to have a great relationship. Jake met Missi after coming home for a weekend from the Army. Evelyn doesn't like Kandi because of her dumb personality. Kandi confronts Alan about it and he tells her that she will find someone out there who loves and cares for her. The couple divorced in 2006, but they still spend time together with their two girls, who are now 13 and 12. She assigns them to a 6-year-old boy named Louis. Heather was known before her time on TAAHM as Amanda Woodward on the soap opera Melrose Place. After 5 years of playing Alan’s complicated lover, the 49-year-old has only taken a few acting gigs. In the end, he breaks up with her because she has “commitment issues” when really it was the other way around. Synchronsprecher Kandi and Judith return home intoxicated where Kandi dumps Alan and moves in with Judith. Trying to appear younger, he goes to Fernando’s house dressed like a “young boy” to get Chloe back right as the two are about to “do it.” Eventually he bribes her back to him with money and fires Fernando. Alan gets carried away with his new identity and even calls Barry (Walden’s friend) his son and Barry’s apartment, his own. While sweet and pretty innocent, Kandi is dimwitted and loves to sleep with older men (which would explain her being with Charlie Harper, Alan, and her and Judith Harper-Melnick's divorce lawyer). She also played a role in Scary Movie 5. Alan’s ex-wife enjoyed spending her ex-husband’s alimony money on shopping and plastic surgery. Olivia threw her drink in Charlie’s face and everyone was sent home. He falls for her right away and they quickly form a relationship. As Charlie and Alan are at an eye doctor’s office, they bump into Sherri and Alan starts dating her. The 42-year-old actress is still keeping busy nowadays with a variety of acting and non-acting jobs. She was known best for her character in the Father of the Bride movies with Steve Martin, and also for her eight-year role in According to Jim (alongside TAAHM costar Courtney Throne-Smith.)