I think it's totally worth your time. Don't worry It will be coming soon, what God will bring to this world to make sure his people get the freedom to worship him! This movie does have nice stories but they don't have God preserved words, that are very important to stop the evil at the other side of the gate until Jesus comes. Don't worry It will be coming soon, what God will bring to this world to make sure his people get the freedom to worship him! it is a different story for the fool that thinks we came from a rock with random luck, reverse thinking, and dumb luck. [2][18], On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 21%, based on 43 reviews, with an average rating of 4.28/10. If not then, well there you go. I gave it a 7/10 because I was not expecting to watch a recording of a play, I was expecting to watch an actual movie. Most beautiful stage performance I've ever seen. There's only One Jesus, One Bible, One God and Plenty of proof that He Created all this we see in this world. Most powerful production I've ever experienced! The lives he touches will never be the same. However, I have watched literally thousands of movies in my 65 trips around the sun. User Ratings This is of more value to both believers and unbelievers than 100 dry and dusty main-line church services could ever be.The story and persona of Jesus shone through clearly and that is what makes it inspired. It is a good watch for everyone and comparing to many movies today, it has 0 nudity and 0 swearing. This FAQ is empty. Helpful. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. A struggling family, already on the verge of disintegration, faces new challenges that will test their faith in God and each other. As director and co-writer, Turturro (along with fellow scribers Bertrand Blier and the Coens) enthusiastically revisits his heavy-accented, hairnet-wearing, sleazy Latin Lothario bowling sensation Jesus and centers an aching 85-minute stretch of manufactured male-bonding messiness that never quite approaches the inspired madness that resonated so impishly in the aforementioned Lebowski. Log in to your account for access. The Coen brothers, who wrote, directed, and produced The Big Lebowski, stated on several occasions that they would never make a Lebowski sequel. It's the summer of 1986. Film data from TMDb. Its seems as if the people who made it have never read the bible or has read it only partially. This screening was eligible for NashFilm 2020 Audience Awards. Twin Cities, MN 54 contributions 18 helpful votes. Thus, Lebowski side character Jesus Quintana is about to embark on a so-called elaborate quirky quest upon his release from prison. I actually cried. We have problems with morals and if you watch CNN, you will see every fool says, what is truth? | Filming locations included New York City and Los Angeles. In The Big Lebowski, Turturro’s thick-accented bowling pins playboy took us on a topsy-turvy trip in a limited dosage of welcomed weirdness. it is a different story for the fool that thinks we came from a rock with random luck, reverse thinking, and dumb luck. As an atheist - I rate this as I would any supernatural myth film; be it Jesus, Allah, harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.. and belive me.. it sucks. It's a good watch. However, The Jesus Rolls throws a gutterball down the farcical greasy lane in an unimaginative sex buddy road flick where the thin-layered juvenile raunchiness is a strikeout of the unwanted kind. If not.... Well.... Then.... Don't. You see, a belief is what YOU belief and truth does not form part of belief. The cinematography was outstanding, considering the challenges of working with live stage lighting. From the perspective of a believer in the Bible; it appears to follow the scriptures, in spirit, quite well. Through interviews with a diverse group of scholars, pastors, historians, and activists, this film shows how specific readings of the Bible have led many Christians to confuse their devotion to Jesus with their dedication to the state. I wonder how in the world this film got anything less than 8.... Well I guess anything religious will always be rated poorly for the simple reason that it's religious..... and most especially Christian... For what it's worth, I think it's an amazing film, the stage work, the effects just outta this world. First, it is invalid to write a review of a movie you have never watched; second, it is invalid to give a bad rating of a movie simply because your personal beliefs are in contrast to the subject of the movie. Comments. They don't have any moral compass. 02 June 2020 Great way for today's people to see the truth! In fact, Jesus is more of a rascal-minded Romeo than he was a hostile sexual predator…or at least this is the spin anyway. One would automatically think that the collaborative efforts of noted The Big Lebowski associates Ethan and Joel Coen as well as supporting actor John Turturro would bring some convincing irreverence to the imagined makeshift sequel-of-sorts The Jesus Rolls. This "movie" is actually a video of an obviously well produced live-action play. Looking for some great streaming picks? More details at Loosely based on the biblical narrative, the key ... See full summary ». Well its pretty but don't like music that much. It deserves a rating much higher. GFF20: Tammy And The T-Rex (1994) – Film Review, Attack of the Unknown (2020) – Film Review, FrightFest Digital Edition 2 – Dead (2020) Review, FrightFest Digital Edition 2 – Benny Loves You (2020) Review. | Not currently available. Of all the sons, Joseph was ... See full summary », 40: The Temptation of Christ is detailed in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. True it is a film of a stage production and it is just not possible to include everything recorded in the gospels but no where is it other than reflecting the Deity of Jesus as revealed in the gospels, indeed it is fully in the spirit of the gospel and any unbeliever could watch and be convicted of his need of the Saviour from watching it - and that is the telling point. The Jesus character is so natural & other characters also. TMDb Never had i seen stage play this good. Is this the case with Harry Potter, Freddy Krueger and other tales of myth and magic? Instead; this seems more likely to have been designed to be shown in a church. ( I hate musicals, but I won't give any grade here since I don't watch musical movies ). it is a different story for the fool that thinks we came from a rock with random luck, reverse thinking, and dumb luck. Well its pretty but don't like music that much. Not a movie at all. (2020). Still, overstuffing the proceedings with random personalities joined at the hip in seeking sex, committing crimes, plotting revenge and roaming the highways deems The Jesus Rolls as a poor man’s retread of Going Places. Like the original Going Places, it follows a trio of sexually depraved misfits, played by John Turturro, Bobby Cannavale and Audrey Tautou. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. What made Turturro’s Jesus such an eye-rolling tool was his offbeat character’s brief but boastful ability to be part of the chewy scenery of aimless lunacy that accompanied the Coens’ decorative nuttiness in a slaphappy, cynical romp.