If you have diabetes, you will want to watch your diet and monitor your blood sugar level. Watermelon and diabetes Yes, diabetics can reap the benefits of the essential vitamins and minerals contained in watermelons, but moderation is key. There isn’t any research directly connecting watermelon consumption and diabetes management. While it is safe for a diabetic to consume watermelons, how much you should consume largely depends on the overall diet. Good digestion — the water and fiber also help keep things moving through your digestive tract, helping to prevent constipation Although watermelon is not a good source of protein, it contains an amino acid called citrulline that has been shown in studies to reduce muscle soreness after a workout. It is best to eat watermelon and other high-GI fruits alongside foods that contain plenty of … Watermelon is safe for people with diabetes to eat in small amounts. That said, there’s some evidence to suggest that eating watermelon may help reduce … Now you know, watermelon has ample nutrients and benefits diabetics in many ways. Watermelon is a carbohydrate with a high glycemic index (GI). Health Benefits of Watermelon for Diabetes. While juice can be bad for diabetes, whole fruits such as watermelon can be good for your A1C. Eating limited portions, along with other low-GI foods, may, in fact, be beneficial for diabetics.