The building has a very fairy-tale quality to it, and you can’t help but smile at its playful rebellion, especially in a city that, although diverse, has a homogeneous aesthetic. Il existe très peu de métropoles européennes dont l'histoire est aussi liée à l'histoire de la culture juive que Vienne. The provision of the data is necessary because we cannot carry out the service otherwise. L'authentification via Google ou Facebook est soumise aux conditions d'utilisation de chaque prestataire. La réalisation architecturale s'est faite avec la participation de l'architecte Josef Krawina en tant que coauteur, et de l'architecte exécutant Peter Pelikan. 900 m away (more details at visitor info), Opening hours: The Hundertwasser House is a apartment house and can be visited from outside around the clock. This small, mall-like construction, completed in 1991, features the usual Hundertwasser flair thanks to the great man’s guidance. 100 m into driving direction along the Löwengasse to the corner Kegelgasse and then you have arrived. The largest architectural project of Friedensreich Hundertwasser is the hotel complex … [2], In lectures at academies and before architectural associations, Hundertwasser elucidated his concerns regarding an architecture in harmony with nature and man. In 2001, twenty years after architect Krawina's exit from the project, the firm H.B. Plus de 200 arbres et arbustes sur les balcons et terrasses en toiture font de la Hundertwasserhaus une véritable oasis verdoyante au beau milieu de la ville. As he explained, the window right meant the freedom for the resident to recreate the prefabricated space of the apartment he is to live in as well as the outside wall of his flat, "so people can see from far away, from the street, that there lives a MAN.” On the other hand, the tree obligation meant the restoration of the dialogue with nature, "helping nature grow wild in the city. Medienvertriebsgesellschaft mbH under its business manager Harald Böhm encouraged him to legally substantiate his claim as co-creator of the building. Le Kahlenberg se trouve dans la forêt viennoise et est un des lieux d'excursions préférés des viennois. * This web page contains affiliate links / ads. 100 m away, metro U4 station Landstraße Wien Mitte is approx. He has realized this vision through his contribution in the design of various buildings. Le bâtiment sortant totalement de l'ordinaire a été construit dans les années 1983 à 1985. This surreal and dreamlike design features undulating lines, onion-topped towers, bright colors, ornaments, mosaics, stucco figures and ceramic pillars. He designed the building, which includes a museum dedicated to his work. For it is meant to be an oasis of humanity and nature in the sea of rational buildings, the realisation of the longing of people for romanticism. The building was used as car tyre factory before that time. However, some like to give me a small "finder’s fee" if a visitor follows my links and then buys something at their website. Hundertwasser House, Vienna, Austria Hundertwasserhaus, Wien, Österreich. The address is: Untere Weißgerberstraße 13, 1030 Wien. The registration details needed for myVienna are collected and processed on the basis of your consent under the terms of Article 6 GDPR for the purpose of identification, saving your travel plans and contacting you for these purposes. The Vienna Tourist Board acts purely as a middleman in this regard, and does not store any data. Vous pouvez également vous adresser à notre responsable de la protection des données à l'adresse suivante : Like the Hundertwasserhaus, the Kunst Haus Wien, just a few minutes' walk from the Hundertwasserhaus, was also designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. On our website you can search for hotel rooms in the Hotel Reservation Services system (HRS). It also hosts regular temporary exhibitions of other artists. Prof. Joseph Krawina as a co-author and architect Peter Pelikan as a planner. Tout comme la Hundertwasserhaus, la Kunst Haus Vienne, située à quelques minutes à pied seulement de la Hundertwasserhaus, a été créée par Friedensreich Hundertwasser. L'artiste a créé ici un centre commercial unique en son genre avec une « Place du village », un bar et de nombreux magasins dans le style typique Hundertwasser. La Hundertwasserhaus de Vienne est un bâtiment créé par l'artiste Friedensreich Hundertwasser dans le 3e arrondissement de Vienne. You can compile your personal myVienna travel plan here. 11.0 km/h wind. Come with us on a virtual voyage of …, The Viennese downbeat legends are surprisingly announcing their return to the world of electronic music with a joint album. Notre site Internet vous offre la possibilité de trouver une chambre d'hôtel grâce au système « Hotel Reservation Services » (HRS). C'est plutôt un sentiment à mi-chemin entre poids de l'Histoire et légèreté amusante. Le bâtiment sortant totalement de l'ordinaire a été construit dans les années 1983 à 1985. The Hundertwasserhaus was built between 1983 and 1985 in Vienna according to the ideas and concepts of Hundertwasser with architect Univ. The Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna is a building designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and located in the 3rd Viennese district. Within the house there are 53 apartments, four offices, 16 private terraces and three communal terraces, and a total of 250 trees and bushes. The Hundertwasser House in Vienna is an unique apartment house and one of the first buildings where Hundertwasser was involved in the design. However, the Hundertwasserhaus was a hit with the general public and, since its construction, it has been visited by millions of people. While you explore the shop you are also able to see a short film about the house which is shown there in a continuous loop. A building with a whole forest on the roof, it was also designed by Hundertwasser and was built because of the high visitor rush to the apartment house.