The Creative Home Projects Bundle. A couch cover is a relatively inexpensive way to revamp faded or outdated furniture so it suits your new decor and style. When the upper corners are covered, pull the slip cover down the back. This video covers how to cut and pin-fit the body only. Once you've cut the pieces out, pin them together in the shape you want the … Do a final tucking and smoothing. Slide them next to each other then zip the cover up around them when the cushions are in place. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. The cover will be marked with a tag at this position. my top picks for inexpensive sofa options, You can check out my sofa cleaning method here, restuffing your sofa and stopping the sag. It’s two pieces (cushion and base) and comes in five subtle colors such as wine, sand, and olive. How to Figure Out the Yardage to Cover a Couch, Overstock: How to Measure a Sofa for a Slipcover. This no-sew drop cloth slipcover is super easy to make and just as easy to replace. Your email address will not be published. Even better, make your own slipcover . Make sure the arms are centered correctly and are pulled tight. It’s made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex so you can expect a perfect fit. A sofa slip cover will give you an opportunity to change the look of your sofa without having to purchase a new one. For the last 13-14″ baste stitch (just a wider stitch) until you reach the bottom. Make a removeable chair or sofa cover 5 / 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars. Pull it down the front and position the edges of the slip cover so that they just loop under the lower corner edges of the sofa. Cover the staples with cording attached with a hot glue gun. They come in many styles and colors, and they are sized to fit a 2- or 3-piece cushioned sofa. They can be put on in only a few minutes and will change the appearance of your sofa and open up the possibility for different decorating ideas. Measure your couch to determine how large of a cover you'll need. Some come with a separate cover for the cushions, but most don’t or the cover goes over both bottom cushions and can … Make sure to keep the slip cover centered during the first phase of installation. In a few steps, you can learn how to cover a couch so it looks properly fit and beautifully done. For width, run a tape measure along the back of the sofa, from the widest part of 1 end to the other side. To make the surface accurate and smooth the customer needs to iron the material. Slide them next to each other then zip the cover up around them when the cushions are in place. Then, measure the dimensions of your sofa and draw them onto the material using chalk. Get tutorial here: Loose Fit Sofa Slipcover. Begin at the upper back corner and place the slip cover over it. Measure the length from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other. The textured fabric on the pillows definitely gives this sofa an elegant look, don’t you think? It’s liquid, food, and pet-friendly and is incredibly easy to wash. He has been published in "Woman's Day," "New Home Journal" and on many do-it-yourself websites. Lastly, measure the length, width and height of the cushions. They may not fit quite as perfectly as a custom slipcover would, but they can still make a world of difference to an ugly sofa. Measure the height on the back of the sofa from the floor to the top of the back edge. 1. If you are a beginner sewist I'd recommend using an affordable fabric for you first slipcover or even a drop cloth from the hardware store. drop them in my FB group... tutorial... https://mimzyandcompany.com The loveseat size cover will fit furniture up to 73” wide and stretches to hug your sofa. He specializes in do-it-yourself projects, household and auto maintenance and property management. Place the back cushions into the back cushion cover. And even if your sofa doesn’t have it’s own line of slipcovers, you can find a slipcover to fit pretty much any couch out there. Staple your bedspread to the sofa to make a custom fitted slipcover. To do this, stitch from the top of the slipcover to 13-14″ away from the bottom (where your hem will be) . Divine theme by Restored 316, Last Day! How To Put a Tie Arm Loose Fit Slipcover on a Sofa and Make It Look Custom Made. Yalanovsky also writes a bimonthly column that provides home improvement advice. Trax, my cat loves when I work with fabric. Next, take a pair of scissors and cut out the pieces of your cover, including any patterns. Place the cushions along the back on top of the seat cushions in their correct orientation, then smooth out the slip cover fabric. 2 days Replacement cost £199: For a basic armchair DIY cost £14.37 plus fabric - Includes £10.49 fabric scissors. The cushion video is separate .Have questions about the process, technique or a challenge??? When the back is covered, pull the slip cover over each arm and cover the area where the cushions reside. Steps 1. Most throw over or one piece slipcovers are made to go over an entire sofa or chair. Open up the slip cover and find the back center. All you do is use a sponge noodle in the crevices. Measure the sofa to ensure the slip cover will fit. Sofa to cut and pin-fit a slipcover. This is another easy tutorial for those who’d like to avoid sewing at all costs. Place the cushions down onto the sofa in their correct orientation and smooth out the fabric. But you will need to add Velcro to be able to fit the slipcover over the couch. No Sew Drop Cloth Slipcover. This way the sofa looked nice tight and very professional looking ( if I do say so myself!) Record these measurements on a piece of paper and use them to acquire the best slip cover for your needs. If your slip cover has ties instead of elastic bands, tie it in place beneath the lower corners of the sofa before you smooth the fabric and remove the wrinkles. Measure the width from the tip of one arm to the back of the sofa. - YouTube Smooth out the arms, the sides, the front and the back when the sofa has been completely covered. Iron The Material: After washing the fabric there may occur wrinkles on the fabric material. You will see just how much in a few of the following photos. To make sure the fabric does not go up I punched some eyelets in under in the extra fabric of the seat cover and ran a cord through it and tied it to the legs. 16. Hemera Technologies/ Images. This tucks in the fabric nice and tight. Wash And Dry Cover: Next step is to wash the sofa cover. This tutorial I'll show you how to sew a sofa slipcover step by step. Measure the length from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other. Loose Fit Sofa Slipcover. Slip covers are made to be applied by one person, and no tools are needed. she added button tufting to the back cushions, upgraded her plain sofa with some DIY nailhead trim, find a slipcover to fit pretty much any couch out there, this custom slipcover Maggie from Maggie Overby Studios made for her couch. This is by far the simplest style sofa to slipcover because it has a tight back(no back cushions), and only one single seat cushion. So if you have a sofa this style you can easily make a slipcover. Actually at this point I was kind of very proud of myself. By washing the sofa cover the fabric material softens and make sure that the fabric for sofa cover does not shrink. Place the seat cushions into the seat cushion cover. Make sure the ends are all tucked beneath the sofa, both front, back and sides, and that all of the lines and wrinkles in the fabric have been smoothed out. Dale Yalanovsky has been writing professionally since 1978. Tuck the sofa cover into the sofa frame. To make a sofa slip cover, start by buying 16 yards of the material of your choice for a 2-cushion sofa, or 18 yards for a 3-cushion sofa. great tutorial for how she added some traditional style to her very modern sofa. All the sewing skills I … Pull it across the upper back until the other corner is covered. Measure the sofa to ensure the slip cover will fit.