I liked the concept, but the backgrounds were garish and hard to look at for long. The downfall is the lack of time we have to implement and fully discover their possible advantages and disadvantages. QR codes are used on a daily basis here. I decided to use it for a professional development training. I am just wondering if there is an age limit to open an account in Google for students? If you intend on taking this path, I recommend using the 5-by-5 Model of portfolio development. I then download the code and print it onto posters to be displayed around the classroom. […] http://cluttered-record.flywheelsites.com/2013/06/padlet-create-a-virtual-wall-engage-your-students/ […], […] for a while Padlets were embedded 'everywhere'… Or at least in posts like this and this. Padlet is an organizational tool that is downloadable as a free application from both the Android and iOS marketplace; you can also add it as a plug-in on WordPress and as a Safari extension. That gives them more control over their posts, they can circle back to make updates, etc. Students are also provided useful links that I have used myself to further assist them with constructing meaning on their selected topics for the exhibition. Icebreakers – Post an icebreaker question on a wall and invite students to get to know one another and build community. Class Evaluations: Ask Your Students How You’re Doing, Evaluating The Credibility of Digital Sources. In the classroom, she lives to create engaging activities that encourage students to think critically and to express their creativity and personalities. Since this educational tool has a layout that is easy to learn and build upon, students can quickly make their own Padlet to collaborate with others on a project or to share their knowledge with the rest of the online world. Additionally, the artifacts and products of their learning can be multi-modal and produced using technology. Since the students I am currently working with are focused on preparing themselves for an exhibition, my way of using Padlet is influenced by the flipped classroom approach. Introduction Student ePortfolios are a great option because students are able to present digital evidence of their learning to a wide (and even global) or restricted audience. I have every student create a Gmail on the first day of class. In terms of sharing my Padlet page, I copy the link to my Padlet page and paste it as the website address I would like to share with the audience that scans the QR code. Padlet is a free, web-based application that allows users to create a “living bulletin board”. In my experience, based on my geographical location of China, I find quick response codes (or QR codes) to be well-known. I’ve also used it to break the class into groups and then recap a portion of the day’s learning into ‘their’ part of the space, which I then post to use as a study guide for the learning (great for absent kids, too). I am glad to hear your students enjoyed it. Vocabulary development – Post words on the board and ask students to collaboratively add definitions, synonyms and pictures to help all students better understand the vocabulary. I felt this was necessary as a majority of the students I work with are English language learners, so they and their parents often request additional resources to better understand concepts taught in class. In the middle of finals, I was procrastinating and decided to explore Padlet. Students need to be over 13 to sign up for a Gmail because of Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA). I really enjoyed using Padlet with my students this last year. From videos and images to documents and audio, it is literally a blank slate. I used it (in middle school social studies) to have students post ala your #3 and #4 – the “K” and “W” of a KWL chart as we started study of a new unit (Islam, Medieval, Renaissance…). Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I had not even thought about that, but I appreciate anything that makes sign in easier for students. I created my first “wall” in seconds and love the new backgrounds, easy sharing and ability to upload images. Then they can write directly on the wall you created. When students are physically in the classroom with my co-teachers and me, they are able to ask additional questions for clarification on the material shared and can reference back to the Padlet page at any time. Student ePortfolios are a great option because students are able to present digital evidence of their learning to a wide (and even global) or restricted audience. This looks very different at every school and is student-driven. Padlet enables you to create 'online boards' where students, tutors and colleagues can share and collaborate. However, Google Apps for Education schools are able to offer access to Google apps without violating COPPA. Since QR codes are so popular in China as well as in today’s classrooms, I rely on websites such as qrstuff.com to create a free QR code that is ready to scan within minutes. It would be wise to teach students the skills required to create a Padlet and to make their own QR codes. Jade Choung is an educator of English as a Secondary Language that specializes in personalized learning and the integration of educational tech in the classroom. Teaching our students skills such as these will help our students become self-sufficient in and out of the school setting and ready for what the 21st-century holds in store for them. In a browser, go to warwick.padlet.org; Click on Log in with Microsoft; Enter your email address in this format: username@live.warwick.ac.uk (e.g. It's collaborative, too, allowing you to involve students, other teachers and even parents and guardians. Class introductions – Ask students to post a brief bio, quirky fact about themselves, and/or favorite hobby to introduce themselves to the class. Students can scan these codes with ease and access to the Padlet page for additional guidance in class. Set up a Padlet account. Recently, I experimented with adding the app Padlet to my classroom. Thank you for sharing how you are using Padlet! This guide details how to set up a Padlet account, update your basic info and import existing Padlet content from another account. Exit ticket – Find out what students learned and what they are still confused about. Created for free using WordPress and. I love that students can log in with their Google accounts. Padlet is a place where you can create a single or multiple walls that are able to house all the posts you want to share. Each student demonstrates the skills they’ve learned within the PYP curriculum in their own way. You don’t need to get students on your account. I am thrilled I did! Generally, QR codes allow for a source such as a website link to be opened practically instantaneously after it is scanned. The “exhibition” is a term commonly used in international education and is a required part of Primary Years Programme (PYP) schools. I also used it to engage my participants in a fun icebreaker. Besides using Padlet as as an “online resource box,” I urge students to create their own pages. They don’t need individual accounts. These bulletin boards can display any sort of information that the user wants so the sky is really the limit!