Does that mean you pursue writing only as a hobby? The percentage of dicks to decent people who are artists is the same as any other field – including, as you so graphically show, the field of writers. It is completely normal to occur via email or through casual interactions. It’s short, professional and friendly. While most galleries don’t follow a strict review regimen, the longer a gallery has been established, the more likely it will be to have some sort of structured review process. I’ve been told that I must put it against the wall (no views of the back) . What you share with artists just really can’t be matched. May all your books be GIANT SUCCESSES. Look around, talk to me, ask a few questions, then ask me if I’m accepting new artists. While contacting an Artist; if her/him replies, well that is simply, a blessing. However, smaller galleries are. This week’s article had a link to a (describes the artist’s pin-up) you did a while back and it immediately grabbed my attention. Your goals should be the same as the goals of the gallery you want to approach. Art is very personal and Gallery owners know their collectors tastes. Your email address will not be published. NOTE from Cory: Check out the interview we did with Jesse Reno. I would respect a more truthful down to earth approach. Just as understanding who you are as an artist will help you identify your artistic niche and allow you to properly market your artwork, it will also naturally lead you to understand what type of gallery might best suit your needs. Good luck finding a writer ,we are moved on to tv and movies. You on the other hand seem to be asking people to invest in your work and “reap the benefits” that the artist has no guarantee will come. Even if they look at your website and an offer is not forthcoming you’re probably going to make a friend and get some great advice. Dear Bonita, American Engravers upon Copper and Steel. It’s okay to have certain bits of your introduction letter pre-written in advance, especially the parts about yourself or your story concept, but make sure you write a personalized section about the artist – what you see in their work that appeals to you and why you think they’d be a good match for your project. Items advertised as fine-art prints or limited edition prints are sometimes photomechanical reproductions of paintings or drawings. What is an Original Print? It is an on going process for me to thicken my skin and not take rejection personally. Call, say who you are, and say you would love to talk to them to explore further possibilities. So i seriously think you need to rethink what you’ve just said here, because i can tell you now-any artists who sees your comment is going to either blacklist you or avoid you at all costs. “The gallery and the artist are supposed to be a team, so the most important is to be able to find right introductions and the right moment on how to meet. I find deviantART particularly useful because each artist there has a Favorites gallery (here’s mine). A gallery and an artist can only do wonderful things if they work together.”. If your artist is fairly well known you may be able to find him or her simply by keying the name into your search engine followed by the word 'painting'. Nearly, every gallery I visit, including those that are co-ops, have no space for any sculptures over 12 inches by about 6 inches. But probably the best way for an artist to be guaranteed a fair appraisal is by applying to prize shows. All good useful advice. A formal review process of this nature is pretty rare in the commercial gallery world, and so most artists in the early or mid- phases of a career aren’t likely to encounter it very often. Few authors (published or unpublished) make sample stories available on their website. It wasn’t until the next year, when I started showing up at galleries and making more personal connections that I started getting into shows more regularly. I just so happen to be a writer (with some artist talent as well) looking for an artist to work with. I’ve heard that galleries should contact me. I’m a writer, I’ve worked with artists for many projects. You may have to submit your portfolio to hundreds of galleries in order to find representation. And if a gallery responds on social media to say they like what they see, that’s an invitation! 3. Paint what really lights you up. Your communication should be straight forward, your ideas should be easy to understand and your attitude should be upbeat and friendly. Every aspect of the story should come down to equal input and choice-making COLLABORATION, there I used the C-word again. While academic institutions will never take risks, in order not to jeopardize their reputation, established galleries are willing to take risks and lend credibility to an unknown artist. Owners also take into consideration the price point of the work. This review process is prevalent in the institutional world of museum and academic galleries, but it is also used by some long-established commercial galleries where the leadership structure of the gallery is spread among a number of people rather than being held by a gallery owner or partnership. As such, you are embarrassingly wrong, embarrassingly arrogant, and embarrassingly selfish. New York: Print Council of America, 1964. If the author is not credited with a link and the author doesn’t state his contribution to the podcast on his own website, doesn’t even lists the title of the story as work he has produced, how am i to google-find him? An established gallery will often have more than one decision maker. Sep 6, 2019 2:17pm. I don’t know many artists that will work a 10 hour day to create a page at less than $7 and hour. Mike, maybe you would get a better artist if you combined your low-ball offer with promises of “great exposure” Artists love to work for $1.50 and hour so long as the potential for future work is there.