And just made 2 normal sized patties. Hopefully they return soon,I had to switch to Bar-S. Breakfast sausage was so gross my sausage loving granddaughter spit it out, which is a first in her 10 years. Denny can vouch that we used to think a hot dog is a hot dog. I just found your blog and love it! Required fields are marked *. And, if you are going to go with a Kroger brand smoked dog you might as well go with the Kroger brand buns, which is just fine for us at about a buck a pack. It actually is some kind of sausage flavored fat according to my tastebuds and eyes. Cheshire Smokehouse Hot Dogs. I haven’t been able to find any of the smoked sausages ay any of the 3 Freddiies where I usually shop. We have used it for grilled hot dogs, in soups and anything else you would use smoked sausage for… love the flavor. Worried about wheat or dairy allergies? Cheshire Smokehouse Hot Dogs. These things are killer, and they will only set you back less than four bucks for 14 jumbo sized links. The normal hot dog lookin sausages depicted here is what we’re talking about. But recently they are not in stock,not sure if you discontinued them or if its because of covid19? I bought the Heritage Farm roll Country Sausage. The wife won’t stop buying them, and I rather enjoy them on the grill. dip them in your favorite dipping sauce mustard, ketchup, BBQ, salsa, ranch (I prefer honey mustard). Nothing but grease and fat !! Your own stuffs great. At Seven Sons, we serve them wheat and dairy-free. Every one of our juicy and flavorful meats is compliant with our high standards for every cut of meat we offer. Thanks for the comment, Kevin. My family got Food poisoning from they smoke sausage. Try it today! Your first delivery is free. Hey do you people (Heritage Farm) really know what you are selling There are several ways you can go about cooking these bad boys. The stuff is just plain nasty. This is the absolute worst sausage I have ever had. May 7, 2015 They were delicious. They are made to flavorful perfection with wholesome ingredients and cut from our high-quality, pasture-raised hogs. Your email address will not be published. I’m most angry with the manufacturers for putting this less than human consumption product in the market and angry with myself for not purchasing a better quality item! Quite disgusting. Whatever this guy is on, we want some. The same premium ground pork you'd buy from our premium packages is used to create our customer-favorite Heritage dogs. Just recently bought this sausage at Kroger, it’s the worst, fattiest sausages I’ve ever purchased.