above low-water level, Paramaribo is well-drained, clean and in general healthy. Its terse, epigrammatic phrases sink into the fibre of the mind, and are a healthy warning against crude, immature generalization. It lies in a level valley surrounded by mountains, and has a cool and healthy climate. Then they develop .definite fibrils which differentiate into fibrous laminae forming a zone which shuts off the abscess from the healthy tissue and so prevents the further invasion and injurious effects of the microorganism. Owing to its healthy and convenient situation, Broughty Ferry has become a favourite residence of Dundee merchants. So long as it only has one subject and one predicate, a simple sentence can actually be pretty long. The climate of the higher grounds is healthy, and meteorological observation does not justify the reputation for cold and damp often given to the county as a whole. Another way to teach simple sentences is to have your students write them. The foods you eat have big effects on your health and quality of life. flashcard set{{course.flashcardSetCoun > 1 ? When unhealthy situations cannot be avoided, they may be rendered more healthy by destroying the breeding-grounds of mosquitoes in the neighbourhood. Start with basic simple sentences, ones with only a subject, verb, and direct object, such as, ''Anne won the game.'' If my reasoning elsewhere in this book is correct, we are moving toward a future where there will be nothing but healthy, well-developed, rich countries with modern infrastructure. Overall, a simple sentence is exactly what it sounds like—simple! A useful adjunct for healthy living in towns where pollution is a problem. During the dry season the climate is healthy, but dysentery and intermittent fever are not uncommon. Get access risk-free for 30 days, The most important thing to remember about simple sentences is that they never have more than one subject or more than one predicate. The powerful antiseptic leaves your toenails looking healthy again. As a whole, the Malays are, however, a remarkably healthy people, and deformity and hereditary diseases are rare among them. Right now, I can't trust you to set up what I'd call healthy chain of events. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. When the stories return to the writer who started them, that student should add one more simple sentence to wrap things up. They live together, work together and socialize together. A healthy mind is in a healthy body. The demise of war will be hastened when every impulse to war is regarded, at least initially, with a healthy measure of distrust. I met my wife 9 years ago. Create an account to start this course today. The grouping of reflex "units," and the paths wherein impulses travel and become associated, have been made out by the physiologist (Sherrington and others) working on the healthy animal, as well as by the record of disease; and not of spontaneous disease alone, for the artificial institution of morbid processes in animals has led to many of these discoveries, as in the method of A. The climate of the city is generally healthy, with a mean temperature of about 68° F. Lying high (3500 ft.) and swept by purifying winds, Aintab is a comparatively clean and healthy spot, though not free from ophthalmia and the "Aleppo button," and it has been selected by the American Mission Board as its centre for N. The, least healthy time of the year is the latter part of autumn, when the inundated soil is drying. How to use healthy in a sentence. The climate is temperate and healthy, and good for consumptives. In fact, an independent clause itself is a simple sentence! The climate is cooler than that of other regions in the same latitude, and is very healthy. Shoby Poultry used LPG powered brooders to help provide the optimum conditions for healthy growth. Good food boosts your immune system. She hadn't looked in a mirror, but she guessed she had the healthy coloring of a mortal. Examine all plants that are vigorous and healthy; if the roots have matted the " ball " of earth they must be shifted into a larger-sized pot. The babies are healthy and growing and they've determined the sex. A diet lacking in nutritional value will not keep a person, 51. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member. bombarded with propaganda on ' healthy ' eating for the heart. 's' : ''}}. 5.Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, 40. As soon as the stock has been kept a sufficient time to pass through all the ordinary extremes of climate, a number of the hardiest may be removed to the more remote station, and the same process gone through, giving protection if necessary while the stock is being increased, but as soon as a large number of healthy individuals are produced, subjecting them to all the vicissitudes of the climate. The healthy organism can adapt itself to great varieties both in regard to the quality and quantity of food; but when health begins to fail much care may be required, and many ailments arise from dyspepsia. Why had he not come to meet her during her healthy exercise of the past three days? A comparatively slight injury affecting a portion of the body imperfectly supplied with blood may give rise to an inflammatory condition which in a healthy part might pass unnoticed,. ), the great snowy range of Ruwenzori (q.v. The high land and temperate climate, and the excellent drainage and water-supply systems, make Buffalo one of the most healthy cities in the United States, its death-rate in 1900 being 14.8 per thousand, and in 1907 15.58. If you ask me, it can't be, 41. The first of these is the only period of altogether healthy political life. Ailments The Norwich Terrier is a healthy and quite hardy breed of dog. certain amount of coercion or healthy bribery may be needed to practice! And if you regularly eat foods that contain this carotenoid, you'll enjoy several healthy benefits. These efforts have not been without success, though it cannot be affirmed that the malarial Campagna is anything like healthy yet. It works on the principle that a healthy cochlea will produce a faint echo when stimulated with sound. credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. Despite this month's disappointing figures, the underlying trend is, 38. Sometimes, they also include other words, like objects and/or modifiers. (be + becoming, be + getting) " He is trying to stay healthy. ), the dense Semliki, Budonga, Mpanga and Bunyaraguru forests, the salt lakes and salt springs of Unyoro and western Toro, the innumerable and singularly beautiful crater lakes of Toro and Ankole, the volcanic region of Mfumbiro (where active and extinct volcanoes rise in great cones to altitudes of from 11,000 to nearly 15,000 ft.), and the healthy plateaus of Ankole, which are in a lesser degree analogous in climate and position, and the Nandi plateau on the east of Victoria Nyanza. Most of us need to lead more balanced lives to be, 57. It is plentifully supplied with good water and is fairly healthy. Even the steppe exhibits great contrasts of temperature; there the rainfall is slight and the air exceedingly exhilarating and healthy. The innovative Brecon-based company is finding a healthy demand for caramelized apple and pear combined with either mixed spices or cinnamon. The climate is healthy, the thermometer rarely sinking below 65° F. above sea-level, has a temperate, healthy climate with a mean annual temperature of 78° F., and is surrounded by a highly productive country from which are exported coffee, sugar, cacao and rum. During 1905 the town of Goldfield had a period of mushroom growth, then quieted, and finally revived to a healthy development. Gradually increase the complexity of the sentences by adding prepositional phrases, compound subjects and verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and indirect objects. Most of us need to lead more balanced lives to be, 35. His letters and his conversation were always full of whatever could awaken a healthy interest, and free from anything that might rouse illfeeling. On the whole, Aden is a healthy place, although it suffers considerably from the want of good water, and the heat is often very intense. The climate is healthy, except on the coasts, where malarial fever is prevalent. In general the climate, which varies with the configuration of the surface, is moderate and healthy, although subject to rapid changes of temperature. capillarydione may help fade the appearance of dark circles by supporting healthy the damaged capillaries. There aren’t exactly different “types” of simple sentences, but they can be written in different ways. The largest amount of alcohol that can be burnt up within the healthy body in twenty-four hours is 12 oz., but it must be consumed in great dilution and divided into small doses taken every four hours. However unusual their relationship might be, it was perfectly healthy. The climate is mild and healthy, although serious epidemics of yellow fever and typhus have occurred. The most healthy portions of the territory are in the north and east, embracing the slopes of the Apennines which are watered by the Teverone and Sacco; and the most pestilential is the stretch between the Monti Lepini and the sea. 28. A simple sentence can be very short, but some are long too, so long as they only have one subject-verb combination. A practitioner took a scab from someone with a mild case, made an incision in the skin of a healthy person, and infected that person with the scab. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. The Dark One was not capable of a healthy relationship. It keeps vaginal fluid gently acidic - how the healthy vagina should be. The cattle stock has risen steadily, and a regular increase in the number under 2 years points to the healthy state of the breeding industry. For example, have students mark the simple sentences in a passage from a Hemingway story.