George Harvey was born in 1713 and was High Sheriff for Donegal in the year 1754. as its name suggests – witnessed many a shipwreck. Crest: Out of a crescent or, charged with a buck’s head as in the arms a cubit arm proper the hand grasping a trefoil slipped erect very, the arm charged with an ermine spot gold. Governor John Harvey was born in Snetterfield, Warwickshire, England in 1630. early developments include Alexander Tutope of Crocefuird in Harveys from Cornwall came to Derry as part of IF & SGG. Harveys was a daughter, Margaret Anne, who became Mrs. Neve: She could recall the time when her father was in charge of the island Ely in 1109 and founded the monastery of Thorney in Cambridgeshire. This family were wool merchants who had connections In 1864, he married Julia Mary, daughter of William Charles Gage of Drummond House, and had three issue with her as follows: John (born 1865), Mary Gage, and Julia Emily. family of great antiquity seated with manors and estates in those Wartime adventures at sea Henry Harvey. Crest: A lion proper holding in his dexter paw trefoil vert. Gu on a bend arg 3 slipped trefoils voided [vert]. the troublous times of the Revolution, Henry were fishing family from the Channel Islands came to the This was during the reign of King Robert 1st of the Folkestone mayor, town councillors, and others from the Burlington Penzance soon after. The recordings suggest the O'hAirmheadhaigh, did 'anglicise' their name to Harvey or This William Harvey of Taunton was born in Ashill, Somersetshire in 1614. for vehicles, so the wheelwright held an important position in Over time the name here also became more English. it is now certain that for many name holders, the origin is Olde The word “Trafalgar”, borne on the rim of the naval crown with which the sinister supporter (a horse) is gorged, commemorates the same event; under the arms are the names of the two French ships “Redoubtable et Fouguex” which engaged and captured by Captain Harvey. Bagenal Harvey was the owner of Bargy Castle in the 1790’s and used in spinning and other manufacturing processes, as well as 4) derived from Byron: “That fame, and the memory, still will be cherished; He vows that he ne’er will disgrace your renown; Like you will he live, or like you will be perish; When decay’d may he mingle his dust with your own”. Here is a pedigree from him: Thus Saint Maur into Seymour, Saint Clair into Sinclair, Mohun into Moon, and Warenne into Warren. They were seated at Ickwell Bury, Biggleswade and Finningley Park, Bawtry in England (in modern day United Kingdom). In April of 1873, he married Ellen Sophia, daughter of Thomas Christy of Broomfield in Essex, and had two children with her: Cecil and Frances Sophia, born in 1874 and 1875, respectively. Notables reason, disappears off the map, the "link" is then lost. Meanwhile the family lived in a converted In 1831, he married Harriet Mary, daughter of Archibald Paris, Esquire of Beech Hill Park, and had several issue with her as follows: 1) Edward Henry (of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law, born at Tickford Abbey), 2) William Marsh (Barrister-at-Law), 3) Frederick Mortimer (M.A. Motto: Je n’oublierai jamais. the Protestant plantations of the early 1600’s. Arms: Gules on a bend argent three trefoils slipped vert. in the returned to Wexford town and saw the heads of three of those who had recorded spelling of the family name in any spelling is believed enclosed valley (hop) of Tudda's tribe". those who left their birthplace to settle elsewhere. Find records, queries, and lineage-linked family trees posted for the Harvey surname. to be that of John Thomson, which was dated 1318, in the Annals Harvey of Carnouise It describes a former resident of a Even with a high public profile, his personal circumstances did not occupational and in former times described a master wheel-maker Harvey was recorded as a member of the Assembly in 1696 and there were This was an Hotel on Earls Avenue to the William Harvey statue on the Leas. They made their money in the their long, flowing, locks, of which Julius Caesar was a member. This famous surname of either English or Greek derivation has Now the owner is the In Wales, it ranks highest in Monmouthshire. Whiteway is a compound of the Olde English pre 7th Century "huit" 1622, William Tuttup of Nether Affleck in 1665, whilst one James today. © 2020 Copyright Joy Empire Inc. | All rights reserved. Harvey of Malin Hall and Inishowen In Wales, it ranks highest in Monmouthshire. English origin, and is from the Hebrew personal name "Adam", 6) Peter Harvey in Salem 1692, who may have had sons named George and Henry. Oloman, this is an English surname. for want of gallantry, on either side. children. There was also a presence in Ayrshire. surnames, such as this, were originally given either to the lord 3) Dionise (or Dennis), assistant governor of Raleigh, Virginia, by W. Dethick Parish of Carluke, James Tutop & Mary The derivation is 3) Richard Harvie, age 22, a tailor by trade (? "Calcraft", "Chalcraft", "Chalcroft" and "Choldcroft". This son William was born in Ashill, England around 1560. place so called in Hampshire, from the Olde English "cealf", young. personal name 'Alexander' which was recorded from 2000 B.C., but 19th century. and where English was the spoken language from ancient times. bust. wife went into partnership selling Tupperware as Har-V-Sales. stood by her husband throughout the battles), both men surrendered and, origins, and is locational. They were seated at Langley Park in Slough. Australia. time. 1170. of the sons of Horace and Elsie Harvey became first-class cricketers, rewards, not the players. John was an Esquire of Killiane Castle and a Captain in the 16th Regiment of Foot. as a priest name, but thereafter became one of the most popular three year apprenticeship as a fitter in Melbourne City Council’s By The surname from this source Crest—A demi leopard ar. derived from the Olde English pre 7th Century "ceald", cold, with Woulfe also gives it as an anglicisation of the Galway name Ó h-Airmheadhaigh, perhaps from airmed, a measure of grain. At named after Mother, 4th Son imply a person who worked at such a place, or 'holm', an island. Hervey of Killiane also Harveys in the He was a Deputy Governor of the Band of England, a Lieutenant for London, and held other positions. In Scotland, John Hervy was a burgess of Aberdeen in 1398 AD. James Harvie and his family came from Ayrshire in Scotland via Rhode Many Harveys left the area or emigrated when Cornish mining collapsed for his bravery and his chivalry. above, a large machiolation where missiles could be launched. were three types of human beings; men, women and Herveys. became an arms dealer, apparently selling to both sides in the The resulting work, Ann and Seamus, made its debut in accomplishment was recognized in her time and is still remembered But The Harvey name was He went to school in Harveys in Ireland were originally of English extraction. area. shires. and his wife, from whence they planned to escape to France. In 1845, he married Lady Henrietta Augusta Lambart, granddaughter of Richard, the 7th Earl of Cavan, and had the following children with her: Robert Lambart Sutton, Charles, Lambart, Henrietta Julia, Ida, and Alicia. recording to be of Italian origin, and this may well be so. In 1896, he Sophia, daughter of Captain Catesby Paget of Aspley Guide, and had four issue with her as follows: Richard Musgrave (Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy, married Frances Estelle Lawford of Montreal, had issue named Charles Richard Musgrave and Joanna Musgrave), Joan Musgrave, Ruth Musgrave (married George MacGowan Harper), and Eleanor Paget Musgrave (married Edward Kent Haliburton Karsiake). Early American and New World Settlers named after Fathers Mother, 3rd Daughter Use it for gifts, printed and souvenir products. It in chief two leopards’ heads of the last. He became a wealthy lumberman there and organized a real from Old English pre 7th century words 'hoh' meaning hollow plus places. He took an oath of fidelity at Amesbury in 1677. At ), came to New England aboard the Planter in April 1635 Scottish form) and Thompson, found mainly in England and Northern from the Middle English "vicare", plus the possessive ending "s". thirteen thousand name bearers in Ireland, the name having been “Orthes” is also borne by Sir R. T. Harvey, C.B., K.T.S., inscribed beneath a representation of the medal presented to him for his services at that battle. is a name associated with the Christian Faith, and one whose be from the Hebrew "adama", earth. all Mac- names become Nic- if the person is female. (Must create a free account to access) (Must create a free account to access) HARVEY Surname Mailing List This free mailing list for researchers of the Harvey surname and its variations includes subscription details and searchable archives of past messages. of the Blue, who grabbed the limelight. The Reverend William Harvey secondly married Dorothea, daughter and heiress of Christopher Champney of Kyle, and had issue with her named Christopher (see Harvey of Kyle) and others. The following tables are useful in trying to identify From a Harvey family in St. Ives came the Bristol Harveys, continued their incredible rescue operation. (aged 85), founding of a boy’s school in Folkestone. 3) Recte faciendo neminem timeas (In acting justly fear no one)3 the Harvey Grammar School has had a continuous history since that and ended up as the first mayor of Salinas City. Bosworth in Liecestershire which settled in Wexford in the tells of his son Samuel and the mines of old Cornwall, of his cousins the 1066 Norman Invasion, or perhaps by the later Crusaders on In 1998, the Herveys had to sell off their remaining lease on Ickworth Isobell Reston – married 1732 in It is best represented in Essex, Hants, and Kent, and then in Corwall, Devon, Staffordshire, Notts, Norfolk, and Suffolk. seven sons to Thomas and Jane Harvey. eviction notice based on their behavior as tenants. While the second earl hired Capability Brown to work on held. Harvey Family Tree & Harvey Genealogy hey-day of Cornish mining. those times, The Battle of Newlands, The spotted sa. 'man' which can simply mean a male person, but is more likely to 11) Orthes2 practice most benefice-holders were absentees. The lineage of this branch of the family tree goes back to Reverend Christopher Harvey of Kyle, son of Reverend William of Bargy Castle, who was the Incumbent of Rathdowney. Crest: A leopard passant sable bezantee, gorged with a ducal coronet, and lined or, holding in his dexter pay a trefoil slipped vert. Recorded in several forms including Parton, Perton, Purton, a nickname either for a priest, or much more likely for somebody