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The number of emails in 2022 is expected to be over 333B. “Internet Usage in India.” Statista, 17 Jan. 2020, “57 Fascinating and Incredible YouTube Statistics.” Brandwatch, 21 Feb. 2020, Had we continued to report the two platforms together, however, the combined monthly active user total would now be roughly 1.2 billion, which would represent growth of 50% in just the past year. Internet user numbers continue to show strong growth as well, with the latest data indicating that 346 million people came online for the first time over the past year. finds that 7 in 10 internet users are still spending more time using mobile phones compared to pre-pandemic levels, while nearly half of us are still spending more time using laptops. So the pandemic rocked the economy – what's next? Global internet usage data shows that the average time spent online hasn’t changed that much for desktop users during the last decade. “126 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts.” Brandwatch, 30 Dec. 2019, 4.57 billion people around the world now use the internet, accounting for close to 60% of the world’s total population. “The 43 Instagram Statistics You Need to Know in 2019.” AdEspresso, 7 Aug. 2019, “YouTube Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019).” Business of Apps, 8 Aug. 2019, All other things being equal, the higher income the more likely you are to use the internet on a regular basis. “YouTube by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts.” OmniCore Agency, 10 Feb. 2020, Try to avoid getting swept up in the hyperbole of binary predictions. Chen, Jenn. T-Series overtook PewDiePie for the channel with the most subscribers in 2019! Download the Global VPN Usage Report 2020. Iqbal, Mansoor. 2020, Three countries make up the majority of the world’s internet population, the US, India, and China. Smith, Kit. What started as a network connecting almost exclusively desktop computers to the world wide web has quickly evolved into a mobile-dominated network. People use the internet for all kinds of things like watching videos, using social media, gaming, and shopping. Here are some of the most important statistics on internet usage based on categories. Aslam, Salman. A world without the internet is nearly impossible to imagine. Now, having a mobile site, or at least mobile-friendly web pages, is essential. But perhaps the most significant change in search behaviors involves the online platforms that people use when they want to learn more about brands and products. He uses data to help organisations all over the world make sense of what people are really doing online. “The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars of 2019: The Kids Are Killing It.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 18 Dec. 2019, Indeed, numerous stories have emerged over recent weeks highlighting the role that connected tech can play in combating issues such as, So, while there’s plenty of evidence that excessive use of connected tech can be, , it’s worth remembering that the same technologies can also, We’ve been tracking the rise of voice search and voice command for some time in our Global Digital Reports. The figures mean that Instagram’s ad audience is currently growing at a rate of more than 1 million new users per day, resulting in global reach of 1.08 billion by early July 2020. However, voice isn’t the only technology that’s reshaping search. In fact, roughly half of social media users, The conversion rate (or percentage of visits that results in an actual sale) was about. Gotter, Ana. However, the portion of internet users over the age of 65 has increased dramatically in recent years, mostly thanks to Facebook. What can Telemedia do for Mobile Billing and Payment Companies? 51% of US Adults Say They Have Used Youtube to Learn How to Do Something, 92% of Small Businesses Use Youtube for Marketing Efforts, 93% of the Most-Watched Youtube Videos Are Music Videos, 52% of Youtube Users Visit the Site Daily, There Are More Than 50 Million Content Creators on Youtube, 37% of All Mobile Traffic Comes From Youtube, Youtube Was the Most Downloaded Mobile App in 2018 and 2019, 47% of On-Demand Music Streaming is From Youtube, 50% of Shoppers Say Online Video Has Helped Them Make a Decision, One-Third of US Parents Let Their Children Watch Youtube, The Global Gaming Market Will Be Worth More Than $90 Billion by 2020, There Are More Than 2.5 Billion Gamers Around the Globe, 60% of US Gamers Play On Their Smartphones, The Amount of Male and Female Gamers is About the Same at 54% and 46%, 80% of Video Games Sales in the US Are Digital Software, PC is The World’s Largest Gaming Platform, Steam Is the Largest PC Gaming Platform and Represent Over 75% of the Market Space, Online PC Gaming Takes up 47% of the Global Gaming Revenue, Mobile Gaming Takes Up 34% of the Global Market, 38% of Game Developers Are Creating Games for Mobile, The Average Gamer Plays for 1.2 Hours per Session, The Average Gamers Plays for 7 Hours a Week, 63.6% of Gamers Download Games from the Internet, 85% of Gamers Think Internet Speeds Are Too Slow for Downloads, Casual Single-Player Games Are the Most Popular.