You should see your external hard drive listed as a removable disk. Step 3. So you can try to disable or uninstall the driver and then enable/reinstall. In this post, we show you the most feasible solutions as well as more approaches that could help you recover data from external hard drive not appear. Please note that partitions not checked will be lost and MiniTool Partition Wizard cannot help you that time. To make things easy, use MiniTool Partition Wizard to help you. Click Apply on the top left corner to start. When the format completes, check if the external hard drive not showing up Windows 10 issue persists. How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows 10 Disk Utility? Tick the ones you need and press Save to store the selected files to a safe location. Select the scanning range such as the full disk, the unallocated space only or specify the scanning range and click Next. If the driver is outdated or problematic, your external hard drive won’t show up. However, sometimes it might not display when connected to the computer or we can say the drive is not detected by Windows OS. If hard drive is not showing up in Disk Management and Device Manager, it may be because it is not enabled in System Setup (BIOS). Before creating, you need to choose a partition style to that drive. Thus, if external hard drive not showing up in This PC, check out is all partitions on it have a drive letter and assign one to the partition that has no drive letter. To use a partition normally, the drive letter is not the only determinant. Here you can double-click a partition in the list to check the files in it. Without a drive letter, Windows won’t display it in This PC. However, this time you cannot fix this issue by simply add a drive letter to it. If you are looking for methods to improve your computer performance, manage hard drives and recover data from different devices, Rodin can provide reliable solutions for data management. Or you can contact us via [email protected]. Check if the hard drive is properly installed. ", Case 1. If you are not familiar with the process, use a professional driver tool to help you fix external hard drive not recognized Windows 10. To fix this issue, you need to recover data from the external hard drive first, and then reformat the hard drive with FAT/NTFS file system. January 9th, 2019 | If you do have, external hard drive data recovery should enjoy high priority. select disk "Disk number" You will see Disk "number" is now the selected disk. After attaching external drive to Windows 10 it shows in device manager but not in in disk management. If your external hard drive is not showing up even in Disk Management, you need to figure out the reason. Confirm the operation by hitting Apply. Take These Ways to Find It out, shows the disk as "unknown/not initialized", Quick Fix "SSD Not Showing up" in Windows 10 without Data Loss, At the disk map, select the partition that has no drive letter and choose, In the pop-up window, drop down the drive letter box and choose a drive letter you like. External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Disk Management. If the data cable is damaged or the connection is incorrect, the BIOS will not detect the SATA cables and can sometimes fall out of their connection. The easiest way to test a cable is to replace it with another cable. Leave us comments below to share your thought. And we want to hear your voice no matter if they are useful or not. Well, this is a common issue that can be resolved with the help of some technical tips. If you are using a brand new hard drive, please check out if this hard drive needs initializing.