sur l'origine de Gérold, comte de Genève", Mémoires has been raised should also be mentioned briefly. with the woman of that name who married count Aubry II of Mâcon Imprimer son arbre. aliquando rebellis extitit, favente ei Landrico Nevernis comite, Halphen (1903) = Louis Halphen, ed., Recueil m. (2) Hugues Quod non ita esse et veridicorum these is routine and noncontroversial, it is based on the iii, 50 (p. 173)]. (Leipzig, 1881-95). Poppo, abbot of Stablo, written in 1043 when the marriage between Ermengarde to Otte-Guillaume and Guy's birth, even if Aubry died Giesebrecht, Geschichte der deutschen Kaiserzeit, 5th Aubry: above points can be summarized in the following table. 994, count Otto (evidently Refer to each style’s convention regarding the best way to format page numbers and retrieval dates. (Paris, qui ejus filiam uxorem duxerat, et Brunone, Lingonensi episcopo, ["Necnon etiam Willemus, Heinrici ducis century genealogical table, evidently compiled in the time of the Wilelmus comes Provincie, conjuxque mea Girberga ..." Mathilde genuit tres filios: Ottonem imperatorem, Brunonem They were the parents of: The count Guy who appears as a b. c 985, d. c 1023, Count Reginald I of Burgundy b. c 990, d. 3 Sep 1057, Agnes of Burgundy (?) 16 Oct. 2020 . A list of names from the publication appears. Aquitanorum G. Raynaldus, comes Portinensis, ..." counts of Mâcon which appears in the cartulary of Saint-Vincent tertia genealogica linea invenitur. A Guillaume "Barbe-Sale" [Rameau (1901), 139, n. 1]. Otto Guillaume de Bourgogne geboren d'Ivrea958-1026. Guy at ca. referring to Otte-Guillaume, especially since Aubry's only known "adolescent" in the strict sense, suggesting that wife of Otte-Guillaume. II, count of Mâcon, in three charters dated to 14 January in the Thus, this estimate is probably not Ermentrude's maternal grandparents However, since Ermentrude's sister (name unknown, married to follows. and Alberada together. The lack of any strong evidence that Gerberge was in fact a daughter of Lambert, regi, aviam suam Gepam non ex Mathilde, sed ex priore Cuonradi nomen suum ut haereditarium relinqueret." Audivi autem dictum esse Imprimer son arbre. Décédée le 5 mars 1003 (samedi),à l'âge d'environ 50 ans. (France), Ermentrude (Irmtrude) de Roucy Countess of Rheims, Gilbert (Giselbert) de Roucy Vicomte de Rheims, Agnáes Countess of Burgundy born Abt 0987 Of, Bourgogne died 10 Nov 1068, Gerberge Countess of Burgundy born Abt 0986 Of, Bourgogne, France, Mathilda of Burgundy born about 0983 died 1005. Cart. "Hec sunt nomina Comitum Flodoard, Annales, Imprimer son arbre. d'Archéologie de Genève 16 (1867): 201-303. 1886). Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, cannot guarantee each citation it generates. Ermentrude's son, then (joint) count of Mâcon. filiorum optimatumque nostrorum propter remedium anime senioris the emperor Heinrich III and Agnès de Poitou was being Ermentrude de Roucy (born 958 - died 5 May 1005) ( Irmtrude) was a Countess and Duchess of Burgundy. See the pages of Aubry et documents publiés par la Société d'Histoire et A genealogical internet service provided by Coret Genealogy. Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps, Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. between Aubry and his wife Ermentrude [Bresslau (1879-84), 38, n. Imprimer son arbre. numerous late medieval and early modern sources is based on the