Zelena meets David Nolan and slips Night-root into his tea, allowing her to take his courage in the representation of David's sword. Please click here to learn how. Eye Color: Despite struggling to conform to life without magic, Zelena manages to save Regina from the Black Fairy by running the "noir-colored nit" over with her new car. Name: Anwar is billed as main during the first half of the seventh season only. With nowhere else to go, Zelena shows up at Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David’s (Josh Dallas) apartment to get help. Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis recently hinted to Entertainment Weekly that they have solid plans for Zelena to be back to her magical self in season 7B. However, summoning the cyclone weakens Zelena, allowing Regina to take control of the cyclone which takes them to the Enchanted Forest so that they can find Emma, who has become the new Dark One. However, Gothel betrays Robyn and plans to sacrifice her to revive Madame Leota, until Zelena arrives and saves her. She tells everyone about the portal and how her baby is in danger. Red Baron wrote that he heard “pure anger” in Gomez’s voice when she addressed the subject. The next day, Regina and the others return to the police station to find Zelena gone. "He is an Uber driver. When the third Dark Curse is cast by Snow White, Zelena interferes with it so that everyone who is transported by the curse loses their memories of the past year in the Enchanted Forest, before making a memory potion for herself and drinking it so that the curse doesn't tamper with her memories. It was announced that the ABC series would be ending its run after season 7. Thanks to Toto, Dorothy rescues the Scarecrow and escapes the castle. Zelena lost her magic in the final showdown with the Black Fairy (Jaime Murray), and afterwards, it was announced that Mader would not be reprising her role in the ABC series. Species: Hurt over his words, she consults the Wizard about her birth family, hoping they will want her instead. It turned out she fell in love with someone and they were about to get married. Zelena, Snow, David and Hook are briefly trapped in the Land of Untold Stories, but they all manage to escape. Wicked Witch of the West (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) He takes her on a bike ride and the two share a moment. Oh, I’m exposed to this, people are reporting my every move and this and that because of Instagram and Twitter and you can find out everything.’”. ‘Once Upon A Time’ Fans Tricked With April Fools’ Day Joke, 'Once Upon A Time' Fans React To Pregnancy Reveal, Biden Taps Longtime Aide Ron Klain As W.House Chief Of Staff, Major Floods In Manila As Typhoon Batters Philippines, Rare Russian Pink Diamond Sells For $27 Million, German Economists Raise 2020 Outlook Despite Virus Surge, Tyson Foods To Aggressively Boost Chinese And European Poultry Production, The POLITICS of EMPOWERMENT in American Business, Delta REALLY Loves Their Customers – And CEO Ed Bastian Is a Big Reason Why!