It’s hard to say for sure–I don’t think that exact question has ever been researched. To increase the reliability of the experiment, I made sure of four things: 1. Get the latest research from NIH: Still, I’ve never seen unequivocal evidence that this is the case. Our ethos is to err on the side of caution. Do you know if it spikes insulin? By the way, the podcast guest was Michael Goran, PhD, an expert in childhood obesity and diabetes. Mine on the mornings I have coffee runs about the same as the wife’s. Yes.. Sweeteners do not activate Insulin.. How to Thicken Sauce Without Flour: Low Carb, Keto, and Gluten Free Sauce Thickeners, Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Liver Appetizer Recipe. Great post! . Makes me wonder if that Now Foods Xylitol Toothpaste is jacking my insulin every morning/night. Every time I’ve tried it I get massive stomach cramps. Thank you for this post, I appreciate the scientific references. Continue reading >>, 178 Comments The notion that artificial sweeteners (and sweet tastes in general) might produce an insulin response is one of those murky memes that winds itself around the blogs, but it’s never stated one way or the other with any sort of confidence. Let me tell you, the fact that now I can drink that same kool-aid with 0 calories is an even better feeling, now I can put those extra 80-100 ‘kool-aid calories’ to better use with some barbeque sauce for my chicken next summer. Splenda packets actually contain about 2-4 calories (foods with fewer than 5 calories per serving are allowed to list their calories as “zero” in the US). For me, SPLENDA, is he best sweetner on the market! As Jimmy Moore says, “The bottom line is to check your own blood sugar response and see how it impacts YOU.” Word. The real effects of this kind of ingestion happen when this stuff runs through your intestines and gets processed in your stomach. You can buy it on the internet. I like stevia. However, these foods are not being ingested under the assumption that they are doing nothing to our bodies. I think it still rings true. Stop binging, and stop blaming splenda – your issues are psychological and much deeper than that. Artificial sweeteners are many times sweeter than sugar, so it takes a smaller amount to sweeten foods. My wife was going through menopause and wanted to try an herbal remedy to help her sleep when the hot flashes were hitting hard. I’m just sayin’, natural remedies can also have unwanted side-effects. "Our results indicate that this artificial sweetener is not inert – it does have an effect," said study lead Dr. M. Yanina Pepino, of Washington University's Center for Human Nutrition. They showed me results from studies they had done on artificial sweeteners and even though you keep reading blogs from people saying they are going to spike your insulin, give you cancer and what not their results could not confirm any of this. AUC of active GLP-1 was significantly higher in the sucralose than placebo (23.16 ± 18.86 versus 18.5 ± 22.22 pmol/L ⋅ 120 min, P < 0.001). There are two different kinds, nutritive and non-nutritive. Nonsense.