The doors began to close, but at the last moment, Deadshot's grappling hooks caught inside the door. By said superhero. TheKingOfIlluisons Hobbyist General Artist. Bullseye dodged the attacks. Which is stupid. Also, Bullseye still has a healing factor. Bullseye could still tank his shots with his adamantium skeleton. Deadshot is capable of putting a gun in a speedster's fac, Bane is a genius and has studied the human anatomy for years. Boomstick: He knocked out a guy by using just his damn shotgun, defeated Catman, destroyed a TV by flicking a frikkin' coin at it, and threw a thug into a wall with enough force to crack it! Hahahahaha! Francotirador fracasado, te salió el tiro por la culata Bullseye pulled out a sai and raised it to Deadshot, who grabbed Bullseye's arm trying to stop the blade but diverts the blade from his heart and is stabbed in the lower part of his chest The elevator stops, and Bullseye kicks Deadshot out of the elevator. Bullseye did not have to move to dodge this one, and was about to taunt when he realized he shot a pipe behind him. ¡BANG! The pipe bursts water, hitting Bullseye in the face. Deadshot looks around desperately and fires an explosive bullet at the ceiling above, hitting it and causing rubble to fall on Bullseye. You've been arguing with other people too much? Deadshot assessed his wounds. Police began to try to pursue the two. He's taken hits from a Parademon and Green Lantern, and has been able to defeat the Joker after being stabbed several times by him. Leaping into the skyscraper, Deadshot went back shooting at Bullseye with his handgun. However, the bullet soon fell out his thick bones, protecting Bullseye. Te hago un Home Run en este partido de béisbol He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. Deadshot hun from the moving car as Bullseye pointed his rifle at Deadshot's neck. Deadshot shot Bullseye with his remaining wrist gun, and made Bullseye drop his assault rifle. Bullseye lost it. Llamaré a mi Escuadrón y te querrás Suicidar (Bullseye throws knife in chamber of deadshot's gun making it explode and blowing his hand off in the process). Deadshot pulled out his handgun, shooting Bullseye in the gut. Boomstick: But if you want to stay in the profession, you've got to be the best of the best. And Bullseye would kill him by knocking his armor so hard it he can't see, then he could use his intelligence to suffocate him, or make him de-mask, both of which would result in Bullseye victory. episode of Death Battle. Deadshot, on a skyscraper 300 feet away, looked on in surprise. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Bullseye is just an easier version of that enemy. However, secretly, above Bruce on an upper floor giving way to the lower floor, the assassin Deadshot prepared his rifle and took his place aiming for his target. Deadshot: (on the verge of tears) Hey! Wiz: Floyd aimed his father's hunting rifle at his brother, intending to wound him... Boomstick: But DC characters are all unlucky as shit when they're kids, and he accidentally shot him in the head and killed him. Boomstick: But with his amazing marksmanship you do not want to mess with This Marksman! And only events after One More Day. Boomstick: He wears his body armour which allows him to take severe punishment like bullets and explosions, and still keep fighting. Wiz: Like Bullseye, Kingpin's top assassin who Killed Elektra. Wiz: His main weapons of choice are his wrist mounted guns that act like machine guns, and can fire various projectiles, like armour piercing rounds, rockets, and explosive bullets. Boomstick: Floyd's dad regularly abused his wife, and Floyd's brother decided to do something about it: but not in the best way. Deadshot vs Bullseye by BSGDROfficial published on 2020-07-09T15:20:00Z. Paralizaré tu espina dorsal como hiciste con tus padres Bullseye looked around and saw Deadshot on another building, running away. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, CyanCoat (@cyancoat) como Deadshot Boomstick: And Bullseye, the mercenary of mystery. I'm magic! Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win a Death Battle! Si pensaste que me ibas a vencer en esta batalla Apr 5, 2019. stryka93 Student General Artist. But, during an accident, Bullseye's bones were broken . Scan Battle. Boomstick: Talking about not missing with guns, Floyd has incredible accuracy and shooting skills even without his helmet. No one could stop him now. He has pulled off some insane shots in the middle of his fights that outclass anything that Bullseye has ever done. Bullseye ran to the stairs, going onto the roof, and Deadshot soon followed and caught up with Bullseye as they ran across the top of the roof. That's more that three times faster than the average human's reflexes. It issue number one, I believe. He's much more deadlier than Bullseye. Boomstick: He has thrown bullets at opponents as well as used peanuts as an effective weapon this ability to use everything as weapon makes him practically unstoppable. And when he wants to blow shit up, he has an RPG and attachable rockets able to destroy buildings. Deadshot has lost in hand two hand against people much worse at it than Bullseye. Reply. Bullseye is much better at finding weaknesses than Deadshot. Deadshot fired several times again, grabbing a machine gun. Post-Crisis Deadshot, 616 Bullseye. Boomstick: But with his amazing marksmanship and fighting skill, Bullseye is one fighter not to be annoyed. However, he kept missing the ball, and, in rage, he threw the ball at the batsman's head, killing him. Mis rimas son balas pues fluyen cuando yo las suelto a quemarropa Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Wiz: The two were extremely matched in combat making this an extremely close fight however Deadshot takes this quite handily in terms of physical strength Bullseye may have an edge but Deadshot isn't that far behind he's thrown people with the force to crack for crying out loud, Boomstick: In terms of speed, they're basically equal, though Deadshot takes the category due to his insane three-arrow feat against Green Arrow. Deadshot : Let me tell you something about me. Bullseye also prepared his rifle, unknowingly in the same area as Deadshot. Bullseye looked around to the edge of the construction site and leaped off of it, grabbing a car and driving off. Bullseye winced in anger and ran into an elevator. It's also able to protect him from electrocution, which is useful in a pinch. Deadshot: Wiz: He's an ex-soldier and is an expert with many types of weapons and is skilled with espionage and stealth and extremely adaptable to situations on the battlefield, Boomstick: He's extremely cunning and is knowledgeable in pressure points and can keep his cool in intense situations and take advantage of any weaknesses of his enemies and beat them, Wiz: Floyd is also skilled in hand to hand combat, being trained by David Cain, one of the deadliest assassins in the DC universe, and isable to stand his ground against the Joker and even Batman. Boomstick: In high school he was unable to join the baseball team due his dark personality, but still managed to join. Actually, I made this one awhile back. Well, that backstory's pretty shit. You understand? Stream Deadshot vs Bullseye by BSGDROfficial from desktop or your mobile device. He has matched Green Arrow in a game of darts and is able to have his bullets bounce off walls before hitting enemies and incapacitating them. Bullseye leaped towards Deadshot, slamming him in the gut with the beam. Bullseye flipped over, throwing three playing cards at Deadshot, who shot at them with his handgun. Joker even complimented him in his endurance, saying that he was one of the toughest foes he's faced after Batman. Deadshot lost in a competition of that with Bane once, and Bullseye beat Karnak. Con solo una bala acabó cancelada Boomstick: Looks like Bullseye just didn't have enough drive. Bullseye Vs Deashot, which of these two deadly sniper assassins will win in death battle! - Bullseye tosses a machete at Joker but it was shot by Deadshot - Bullseye aims at Deadshot and remember's the contract "Shit!" ScarletSpider. Wiz: This led him to have them replaced with the virtually unbreakable metal Adamantium. Deadshot: How did that not work?