These cookie dough balls taste awesome! These Healthy Cookie Dough Balls are a healthy snack and take minutes to make. Yield 12 balls … They’re vegan, gluten-free, high protein, and dairy-free (if dairy-free chocolate is used). Prep: 5 Total: 5. Cookie dough you can feel good about eating! These healthy cookie dough bites are a healthy snack or dessert that are just so easy to make. You can assemble these in minutes and enjoy a high protein snack with little effort! These 5 ingredient Cookie Dough Balls require no baking and are safe to eat raw as they don’t contain any eggs.High in plant-based protein, these delicious dough balls are made using oat flour and peanut butter as the main ingredients. They are so soft and gooey and taste a little similar to vegan fudge. These Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls actually taste like a delicious chocolate chip-full hunk of cookie dough, but safe to eat! They are filled with nut butter, sweetened with honey, and only five ingredients total. Made with good-for-you ingredients and packed with collagen! I use collagen daily to help with digestion, support healthy joints, and for hair and nail strength.