Overall Impression: I’ve noticed that I’m a fan of high-back chairs while doing these reviews. It’s smooth, black, and lustrous. The bottoms attach to the chair with velcro for a nice fitted slipcover look. This chair is well worth the price. The seat has lots of flexibility, so sitting on the chair feels like sitting on a cloud. Choose from different finishes to suit your room look and feel. It’s only $12.50. While I hoped that these would meet those expectations, unfortunately, they didn’t. Matching outdoor dining sets that fit your needs perfectly, and take the work out of planning family dinners or entertaining guests on balcony, terrace or patio. Click here for the Semigloss Design disclosures and  privacy policy. They all serve different purposes, and will look great in the right persons’ home. Also, the cushion does that thigh-pinch that I’m not a big fan of because it’s seated within the frame of the chair. The wood is strong and renewable, and the cushion is made of recycled cotton. It spins quickly and suddenly. This is the office chair that everyone needs to invest in. It’s cushy, so anyone can relax in the chair. It gives the chair a unique, exciting look. And if you like to coordinate your furniture, we have matching dining sets, too. INGATORP. The colors and patterns can work to pull the decorating style together, while also providing comfortable seating for long summer evenings outside. These chairs are affordable at $25. And, they’re super comfortable. Whether you want a place for quiet family dinners or large garden parties, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from in our selection. If you have a particular color palette in mind that you just can’t seem to find a chair that fits it, you can very quickly paint and refinish this as you’d like it. I guess that’s a good thing for some folks? The product is sustainable, too. It’s also a great chair for graduation parties, or even a classroom. (They took dye beautifully!). Emy is a vintage obsessed mama of 2 DIYer who loves sharing affordable solutions for common home problems. It has a wood frame, and a cushion to make it extra lush. This chair is very affordable at $49.99. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Home visit: how to pack a healthier lunchbox, Home visit: host dinner and movies in the garden, No more excuses for not bringing your lunch box, How to choose your dining table’s material. From full dining room sets to individual high chairs or even bar furniture, you can trust you’ll get the perfect look. With a spacious patio or large garden, you have the freedom to choose how much of your space you want to use for a dining area. You don’t need a giant budget to create a lovely home. Over half a decade later, it’s still a top- selling product. However, the velvet reflects light, so these colors can change according to the light of the room. They’re very sturdy, but I did feel pretty low to the ground. I look forward to seeing how you make them your own. The chairs add a certain elegance to every room they are in. That’s why I went to IKEA and tested out all the options available for dining room chairs, so I could give you a thorough and full review of what it really looks like on the floor, determine how comfortable it is, sturdiness, and potential durability. The store has so many great products that can match with these chairs. The seat is bowl-shaped with a rounded back with makes it comfortable and chic. Overall Impression: Granted, when you’re choosing a dining room chair, how comfortable it is may not be relevant to you. It looks like it belongs in a Victorian home. This is great for those who are on a budget, or who simply don’t want to spend a lot on a chair. These armed dining chairs support up to 250 pounds, and the seat is 19.8 inches high. The seat itself was narrow, but because there are no arms, I didn’t mind it as much and didn’t feel pinched. Choose a complete set of patio tables and chairs for a complete look. But using a waterproof cover outside is also an acceptable option. Dining chairs don't just need to look good, they need to be comfortable enough so you will want to linger around the table well past dessert. Overall Impression: If you’re looking for a dining room chair that you want to make all your own, this one is for you. No one can go wrong with the Teodores chair. Simply clean them occasionally, with a damp cloth and mild soap, to avoid mold and mildew from catching on. I’m hoping the fabric will dye nicely. The seatback was nice and high, and I could sit back without worrying that I would tip over or break it. However, a two seater table set with foldable chairs should fit even limited spaces. A set of wooden dining furniture, however, requires a bit more of maintenance. This chair looks expensive, but is only $25. The chairs stacked on each other so it doesn’t take much space. Even though this chair looks plain on the outside, it’s something extraordinaryd. Its striking white color will dazzle those who look at it. But I did like how sturdy they were, and they were surprisingly heavy to move! Ekedalen is comfortable and sturdy. Farmhouse-y. IKEA has some of the best chairs for every need. The slipcovers are easy to remove and throw in the washing machine. The comforter is a leather material so it is great for homes with kids that are prone to big spills and messes. To ensure a fine outside dining experience, you need to provide good seating and create an inviting environment. The Martin chair is the best, simple and modern chair for the kitchen. These chairs come … The cover is gray and grated. It’s not very wide, and I’m larger on the bottom, so I felt like I was flowing over the sides a bit. The chair is topped with a cushion to give it a homelier feel. Rattan is a thin pliable stem of palm, which can also be used as a walking stick. Each person will have a unique style, vibe, and set of circumstances that they want in a piece of furniture. They are still so comfy for playing games. It passed its strength and durability test. The Henriksdal dining chairs are inexpensive, comfortable upholstered chairs from IKEA. When not writing about design, he cycles, reads crime novels, barbecues (ribs are his specialty), entertains friends and hangs out with his beautiful wife and amazing kids. This chair is great for those on a budget. It’s 100% cotton, but they have a weird texture. She had to get cushions that tied onto the spokes in the back so that you could sit on the chair without losing feeling in your legs. This chair is worth its cost of $160. A nice garden table accompanied by a few sturdy chairs … The Buskbo Armchair is a cute, canopy like chair like will remind owners of sipping margaritas in Bali. I dyed them, shibori style and they are absolutely amazing now. IKEA’s REMSTA Chair looks like it belongs at the end of a long, wooden table where a rich, powerful man claims to have rewritten his will. It’s truly unique, and would look great in an artistic home. White is just never going to work in my home. Plus, it swivels. The chair gets this look from its black color that is covered in a clear acrylic lacquer. Cushioning is important! Unsubscribe at any time. It’s durable, comfortable, and modern. The chair can recline to the form of the back, too. While I wasn’t a fan of the color options they have available, I realized I can just cover the cushions with a bit of fabric that I liked better. This chair is special, and priced at $249. This chair is all things comfortable and chic. It sits up straight to discourage people from wanting to sit all day. The chair also has tilt tension so it can cater to anyone’s support needs. He loves penning the perfect introduction or clever description of a particular design. That being said, the white means those who own it should be careful to avoid stains. This chair is extra special because it is handmade by craftspeople. It’s elegant, suave, and classy. It was sturdy and didn’t wobble at all when I moved around. The chair is simple, so it matches most styles and homes. I did like that there are three different frame options to choose from so that you can pick one that goes with the other wood furniture in your home. Because this chair is so top-notch, it needs to be properly cared for often. I’d have no question about durability with these chairs but would definitely prefer a more cushioned option. Overall Impression: WIth a solid and classic design reminiscent of the ’50s and ’60s, these chairs actually reminded me of my old elementary school.