In contrast to them, the Chinese culture stresses interdependence between human beings. When speaking of food, taste matters a lot to westerners, and they keep eating and cooking art separate from the general approach to life. “Perigueux Cathedrale Saint Front”. In comparison to the Chinese Culture, Western culture is only 2000 years old. These relationships are sometimes referred to as the “bamboo network”. The individualistic nature of Westerners encourages them to speak up and articulate what they think of a project or a proposed solution to the problem. Every culture has its values, morals, customs and traditions and they should be respected as such and not to be ridiculed just because another culture has different values and beliefs. Chinese Culture and Movie Center Taipei3 by Peter Bronski (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, 2. Some things that you will notice immediately and some things that you will only notice after a while.- Read my blog and more about China on of the differences:- What did you think of a blocked vpn connection in China?- Queuing for food?- Use your phone for every payment you make?While in some aspects Chinese culture isn't much different from the western culture, of course there are some differences as well. This often prevents them from achieving a satisfying outcome of a deal and, at times, from finding solutions to pressing issues. Now let us move on to the Western Culture. At least this holds true for the Chinese culture. There are vast differences in cooking, eating habits, system of medicine, traditions and customs, greeting, meeting and showing love and affection in Chinese and Western cultures that reflect the values and belief systems of the two cultures. Punctuality is a virtue in Chinese business culture as well. Chinese place great importance on families and relationships whereas westerns place more importance to advancement and achievements. China’s structural reforms and liberalization have influenced Chinese people in the way that they have become more westernized. keep their thoughts to themselves. They also make it possible to benefit from transnational economic synergies in China, Hong Kong, and in the South East Asia. Water became a matter of civic debate by the 1930s in China, while the water supplies were polluted. In the Western culture, the leadership truly believes that one can find the best solution if diverse voices are heard. Between the Chinese culture and Western culture, we can identify a number of differences. In order to prevent people from infectious diseases, the Chinese government suggested people to drink boiled water, because they considered it a way to kill off microbes and bacteria. For Chinese people, it is the right way of behaving is a calm and attentive way, which shows their good interdependent self. In the Chinese hierarchical and collectivistic culture, it is extremely important to show your respect for your senior managers. People help and support each other and which is why there is greater bonding between family members. Doing business in China and being successful is inextricably related to having a strong bond with government bodies – your guanxi. While fo… Westerners equate happiness with material achievements whereas it is not so in China. When paying attention to the concept of family, it is the backbone of Chinese culture and members live together or close by. They do what is more convenient for them. The Western style that is very different from business practices in China. I write unique insights on the fast-growing and dynamic Chinese market, helping international companies expand to China. The red side is about China and, thus, the culture of China. When East meets West at the negotiation table, Chinese business cultural differences come to the forefront. Freedom of expression is fundamental to western culture whereas Chinese place many restrictions on this fundamental right. In contrast to a Chinese counterpart, an individualistic Westerner doesn’t hesitate to share their ideas with their boss and to disagree. Westerners believe in hard work and dedication to achieve personal goals and happiness. 1. Ethnic and social networks of business contacts and relationships shape the nature of business in many industries. share their thoughts. Western culture places emphasis on individual achievements and encourages entrepreneurship. But the same holds true for the people of China who goes to Western countries for the first time. But it is not unusual at all that foreigners walk into the meeting room when their Chinese partners are probably already waiting for them. That’s why if you are a foreigner and your boss is Chinese, you have to take into account this cultural difference. It is through learning that man can become better. The Chinese business culture interprets the whole idea of “speaking up” differently. Many Westerners, when they visit China for the first time are in fact shocked to see the customs and traditions in China. Chinese believe that it is through inner peace that real bliss and happiness can be achieved. Look at these images very attentively! Having a good relationship with governments in the West is not as crucial for success as it is in China. Many Chinese people indeed come to a meeting earlier than necessary. Private space f or Chinese people is in their heads; for Westerners it's in their homes (or wherever they can't be seen or heard). 1. I'm the Head of Growth at Dragon Social. Family is mostly nuclear in nature in the west and people are not generally concerned with uncles and aunts. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2010-2018 Difference Between. If you are a foreign businessman who is going to have business negotiations with Chinese partners, you should follow the same approach. A vibrant Western networking culture allows foreigners to take full advantage of special relationships with partners all over the world. This is because it allows us to engage in an interesting comparison. Young adults in the West make lots of friends that change with time and they see their family members only on festivals and holidays. So, it becomes their mission to encourage the Chinese party to speak up. Punctuality on arrival at business negotiations is very important. Among peers, those Westerners who are confident and fearless in offering their ideas are viewed as highly intelligent and impressive people. Vigorous debates, brainstorming, challenging ideas (such as “playing devil’s advocate”) are a way to refine and improve strategies and plans. Even when it comes to philosophy, Chinese and western countries are totally different in their approach. Chinese family value is influenced by western culture, but it’s obviously not the same as what in the western countries. Ask a Chinese person about what is truly Chinese about many Chinese businesses. Yet, it has not been enough to solve one of the most daunting challenges for foreigners in China. Are you aware of Top 10 Chinese business cultural differences? Chinese have a holistic approach to life and believe in healthy eating. Though education is equally important in the US, here emphasis is placed upon the liking of kids and the interest they show in particular subjects that are more important. Chinese usually don't remove bones, and just cut them and the meat into … @media (max-width: 1171px) { .sidead300 { margin-left: -20px; } } 3. Yang Liu, an artist and a visual designer, was born in China and has been living in Germany since the age of 14. It becomes even more important if the social status of the Chinese party is higher than that of a foreigner. Family values must be an important part when talking about Chinese and western culture. For many Chinese people, listening quietly and processing information while listening to discussions on negotiations is … The Differences Between Chinese and Western Culture - YouTube Westerners usually enjoy individual servings. Westerners cook food in big pieces and serve it with knives and forks for cutting it up. Western religions believe in the superiority of human beings over other animals and here too people can become better if they control their sinful actions and thoughts. It is 5000 years old. For many Chinese people, listening quietly and processing information while listening to discussions on negotiations is the way to fit in and show their good character. That’s why during negotiations with colleagues from China, foreigners might be frustrated when Chinese partners don’t ask questions and speak up. 2. In contrast to them, the Chinese culture stresses interdependence between human beings. When East meets West, a unique experience must be expected. The other of Yang’s shapes and visualizations are about doing business in China. Chinese usually eat communally and share their dishes with others. Adherence to punctuality seems to be in the blood of the Western people. Yang experienced the differences between the two cultures first-hand. Even now, you can find hot water dispensers everywhere, in schools, factories, and government departments across the country. Through this article let us examine some of the differences between the two cultures. Nowadays, it is common when the successful ethical Chinese business families control dozens and sometimes hundreds of medium-sized businesses and conglomerates in several countries. [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons, Filed Under: Culture Tagged With: china and the west, Chinese culture, Chinese Culture and Western Culture difference, Chinese philosophy, collectivism, compare Chinese Culture and Western Culture, individualism, Western culture, western philosophy, westerners. The approach of the Chinese people to problem-solving is different from that of Westerners. The Chinese system of education is rigid, and it suppresses creativity according to western analysts. As far as religion is concerned, Chinese beliefs are rooted in Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, all of which believe in equality of all creatures.