Recently had an extended internet outage from a fiber cut, and the backup worked great. The response from the Internet server is relayed to the CE, where the NAT changes the destination address on the return packet to be the desktop's private address and relays it to the desktop. Whenever an outage is detected, your wireline network will automatically fail over to your wireless backup to power your critical communications. Unlike many cellular/mobile hotspots, this unit is designed to turn your mobile phone company's data plan into a *wired* internet connection. And since most small forms of live streaming are done on handsets with a single LTE connection or at home with a stable hardwired source, live streaming has hitherto been pretty positively received in the video consumer market. Is there a SINGLE solution for: If someone cut the cable outside my house that would disable the internet connection and not send me any notifications or stream my cameras. For the cellular backup, the correct term is failover, you want 2 internet providers, in my case I have cable, and the cable is hanging from the pole so it’s very easy to cut it and leave the whole house without security, so I got a multi wan switch, it came with load balancing and failover, you choose, so I used the failover, fortunately my employer pays me a wifi hotspot that I never use, 5GB of free … I enabled both the wired and wireless LAN interfaces. When your primary internet connection goes down or is under performing, the wireless backup internet connection can automatically activate making production, processing transactions and data sharing capabilities for your business. Connect it to your Wi-Fi hotspot and plug your hub into the extender. Compared to house-provided Internet at the venue, several bonded 4G/LTE connections could potentially save thousands of dollars. It’s like setting up your whole system and then having to roll a dice - it might work or it might ruin your & your clients’ show. All rights reserved. Presumably you are not the first person to have this problem with that modem. First, I took my Samsung smartphone running Android out of my pocket and plugged in the charger. The other option is to setup fail-over on my UniFi USG but I heard that doesn’t work so well. its like $10/gig The Internet connection at your office dies. In addition, a mix of cellular carriers (U.S: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.) Globalscale Technologies, Inc. V7 64 Bit Single Board Computer Network Switch, ESPRESSOBIN+ board with $79.00 & free Shipping. For the smartphone and laptop, there may be equivalent functions on Apple products, but as I am allergic to Apples, we don't have any in the office. Or even if I have to buy several products and do some custom modding that would be fine too. To be clear, the Ethernet port on this thing is a *LAN port*. system combines several 3G/4G/LTE modems into a single, robust Internet connection for deploying live video. I also have a Guest VLAN that allows friends to connect, but they are all segmented and cannot even talk to other hosts on that same guest VLAN …, The fact that I run InfoSec for a company may be part of this madness. In large event spaces where data is congested, it’s much easier to successfully deliver HEVC video thanks to the lower bandwidth requirements. Please PM me and we can discuss the details. So far, working well, no complaints. Although people complain a lot about their Internet connections, the truth is most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) do a good job of staying up. My only problem with this setup is that I cannot access my foscams from the smartthings app at home because they are on the other network and I don’t know how to configure cascading NAT. Starting at just $4000, it can deliver broadcast-quality video just as quick and pristine as live TV programs. It will not consume the 5GB of the hotspot because it will only switch to the hotspot if the cable internet fails. Small businesses usually have a single DSL or cable modem connection to the Internet. I am using Konnected so I need to be on the same LAN for it to work. But the Bond isn’t limited to event broadcasting. The diagram above illustrates the normal network setup in our office, a typical configuration for networking at a small or medium business.