Sustainable living is also important to me and is something that has always been instilled in me through growing up in a remote community and surviving off the land. Shop New In, Beauty AwardsDiscover the winners and Masterclasses 1. Most of our meals included stews or roasted vegetables with freshly cooked meat. Shop online at David Jones. It means we are there for each other, we can guide each other & celebrate with each other along the way. From a very young age I learned to appreciate the simple things in life such as family, health, happiness and of course, nature. To wrap up, regarding your incredible self, what are you most proud of? Movies. “I started lessons at a local academy and always knew it was something I wanted to do in the future. Shop Now, New DawnThis Spring there is magic to be found in everything.Shop New In, Mr. Jones These files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. She was enrolled in a modelling course to ‘help bring her out of her shell’ and also to help her transition to life in the city, as her family moved to Perth when she was six-years-old. I've been to WA a few times & would love your tips on places I should check out? How beautiful! Although the campaign is at the forefront of the Australian fashion industry, Bille-Jean is equally excited about the growth of the Indigenous community in this sector. “Shooting for the Country Road campaign in Alice Springs was an amazing experience and one that I'll always remember. Healthy skin is paramount to achieving flawless make-up, so having bases on the market with that in mind is a step towards skin Nirvana.”, “When shopping for new foundation, let the colour dry on the skin before judging whether it’s a match.”, Want to set your dewy foundation for lasting hold? What exactly is a totem, and what is it's meaning? “Growing up in an Indigenous remote community, one of the things that I valued most was my family. Next Wednesday the winners of the inaugural National Indigenous Fashion Awards will … I tried acting and playing sports for a while after that, before returning to modelling 10 years later.”, Billie-Jean Hamlet, Aboriginal model from WA. I would love for my siblings to be able to experience the extraordinary Australian nature the way my older brother and I did as kids. Billie-Jean Hamlet, the girl from The Kimberley with intense green-blue eyes, blonde hair and statement beauty marks, has already landed a major fashion campaign despite only signing with her Sydney modelling agency mere months ago. Only joining the agency four months ago, Billie-Jean has quickly landed iconic brand, Country Road’s ‘New Horizons’ summer 2020 campaign. What struck me most about Billie & her evolving career, is her background. 3. Adorning the iconic windows and stands are over 200,000 flowers, transforming the space into a spring wonderland perfectly encapsulating the new season pieces that hang on its shelves. HAMLET William Shakespeare. “It’s so smooth it melts into skin,” the model tells us. Summer’s finest accessories that will be your forever investments. Her beauty is matched by her energetic, spirited personality and kind nature. ", “Something I'm sure most people don't know about me is that I am a very spiritual person,” she says. 2 per page. Hailing from WA, Billie-Jean grew up in the small remote community of Ngurtuwarta in Fitzroy Crossing, immersed in the culture and the natural landscape, amongst the red earth and bright blue skies of her Country. Having a family to love and support me unconditionally through the good times and the bad times made everything worthwhile.” What's one of the most memorable lessons you’ve learnt from your mum? While rosehip extract has been used in Dior Forever formulations for years, this liquid foundation takes hydration a step further, with the inclusion of pansy, known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. There are endless places to explore. 9. What a treat it is to now call you a friend! Although the barramundi fish is my totem, I am forbidden to eat it or else I will receive bad karma so as a kid I always preferred eating breams and catfish. LIFESTYLE, FASHION, BEAUTY Elyse Knowles June 5, 2020 Billie Jean, Billie Jean Hamlet, @biillliejean, Model, Australian Model, Australia, Beauty, Natural Beauty, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Beauty, Sustainability, Elyse Knowles Comment. I am most proud of how far I've come... From a tiny Aboriginal remote community in WA to chasing my childhood dreams of modelling in Sydney, NSW! I have such a love for our Australian landscape & I was so fascinated to read in an SBS article that up until you were 6years old, your family lived off the land in a remote WA town. Once I was born I became my dad's "lucky charm" and whenever he went fishing he would catch crazy amounts of barramundi which were the biggest and most delicious fish in the river but the hardest to catch. Billie Jean Hamlet, Model [middle] "I grew up in a remote community in Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia. A brush sits neatly within for the most precise finish. Speaking of family, I'd love to know more about the cooking aspect.