You get loads of power as well, with octo core processing and 6 GB of RAM, so the Note 8 is super fast. Screen Resolution (Max) :- 1440×2960. We selected this phone because of… Switch Control (iOS) or Switch Access (Android) for persons with physical disabilities that cannot use a touchscreen with their hands. For new users, it is a good option to choose a custom home screen that will greatly simplify the process. The next two points we are going to talk about are not really disability specific, and they apply to any user choosing her new smartphone: The previous experience of the user using smartphones is a very important detail to consider. There are plenty of other smaller smartphone features, that although not specifically designed for accessibility, can also help disabled persons: zoom, voice access or colour inversion… Just browse through the internet and search for the features that the user will need. Privacy and cookies, Copyright © 2020 Mouse4all SL – All rights reserved, Best smartphone for disabled people - go to homepage. If you are looking for a new accessibility feature that has just been announced, you will probably be forced to go for the newest phones in the top-end. Cell phones play a significant role in effective communication without a doubt. 4 Top Cell Phones for People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired SYNAPPTIC SMARTPHONE. While these phones may not aid blind users, it can certainly help those with visual impairment. Phone size and shape If, like many visually impaired people, you use a magnifier to aid visibility, check before you buy a phone to see if texting, menu navigating, and … In IOS the software is voice over. See also: 5 Best Amplified Cell Phone for People with Hearing Problems. RNIB Enterprises Limited (with registered number 0887094) is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of the Royal National Institute of Blind People ("RNIB"), a charity registered in England and Wales (226227), Scotland (SC039316) and Isle of Man (1109). However Android has made a big move over the last years and we can say now that for most accessibility features, the two systems offer equivalent and valid solutions. This is a good starting point to remove many models from the list but the number of options will still be very large. 5 Best Android Cell Phone to Help with Hearing Impairment (2020) Here are 6 of the best Android smartphones that are ideal or an excellent option for people who are suffering from hearing loss. Poor vision or not, the Note 8 is simply a brilliant phone. I am Blind – Which Phone Should I Choose? The iPhone SE (2020) is one of the best phones for seniors due to its mix of affordable price and accessibility features. There is no definite answer to this question and probably there is a different one for every single person. Finally, the price of the new smartphone is an important aspect of the decision process of the best smartphone for a disabled user. What is the best smartphone for a person with disabilities? It has large buttons that make it easy to… If this is the case, the best smartphones that we can recommend are “simpler” smartphones with not so many features, but that perform well on the main needs of the user (be it making or receiving voice calls, messaging through WhatsApp, or sharing experiences in Facebook). Traditionally, it was accepted that iOS was ahead of Android in terms of accessibility. So without waiting any further, let’s have a look at some of the best phones … Switch Control (iOS) or Switch Access (Android) for persons with physical disabilities that cannot use a touchscreen with their hands. Since both android and IOS have softwares to make phone accessable for a blind/visually impaired. This post is written for people with poor eyesight or impaired vision. Best For: Those who don’t want a full smartphone, or find them too difficult to use, and those who have no vision. ... VoiceOver (iOS) or TalkBack (Android), screen readers for blind persons. Screen Size :- 6.3-inch. The two dominating mobile operating systems, Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) offer off-the-shelf accessibility features for persons with different needs: VoiceOver (iOS) or TalkBack (Android), screen readers for blind persons. What is the best smartphone for a person with disabilities? A combination? Smartphones, such as the iPhone 4, are very expensive, but often boast the best quality displays. Terms of use   |   Since the SE (2020) is essentially an iPhone 8 with new guts, it's not as large and unwieldy as the hefty iPhone 11 Pro (or Max), nor as expensive. For users that are already using a smartphone, better the devil you know than the angel you don’t. Sensory, cognitive, physical? Not the cheapest cell phone for the blind on this list but it surely can impress you. And one last advice: ask around before making the final decision. Most carriers will have the iPhone 3GS for free, the iPhone 4 and 4S for around $50, and the latest and greatest for about $199 with a two year contract. As an example, we at Mouse4all implement an accessibility app for persons with physical disabilities that works flawlessly on Android phones ranging from 60€ to 900€. The reason behind this is that Google Talkback is an app that permits blind and vision-impaired people to easily interact with their Android smartphone. There are many aspects that might influence the decision. There is no definite answer to this question and probably there is a different one for every single person. In this article, we will focus on these three: First, what is the type of disability of the target user? You will find plenty of reviews, even from end users, that will help you choose a short list of candidate smartphones. ... VoiceOver (iOS) or TalkBack (Android), screen readers for blind persons. Not everybody wants or can afford the latest and most expensive smartphone. Google Pixel: Google Pixel is the best cell phone for blind people with its great talk back features. Unlike the phone we spoke about above, this isn’t a touchscreen smartphone. But if you are looking for more standard functionality, even a low-cost phone might be sufficient for your needs. The first app that I am going to introduce in my today’s list of best Android apps for blind and visually impaired people is ‘Google Talkback’. We have seen many disabled persons that have never used a smartphone before. The range of phones … What is the best smartphone for a person with disabilities? People often wonder how I use my iPhone because I’m registered as blind and have no useful vision, they are usually genuinely interested and have no idea about what features that enable blind and visually impaired people to use mobile phones, computers, tablets and other devices. In android the software is talkback which you can find in accessability. Galaxy Note 8. But if you’re shopping for someone with bad eyesight then that huge HD display is going to be a big selling point. Our listed above best Talking Mobile Phones for the Blind UK ensure that there is something for visually impaired and blind people. Odin Mobile series of Phones for Blind This is a company that providse solutions for the Blind And persons with low vision. That depends upon the user. Note also that there may be apps that can help the user to perform certain actions independently of the mobile that she is using. The philosophy behind Lucia is straightforward: it is an easy-to-use alternative to a smartphone. Note that accessibility support varies between versions of the operating system, and in Android, also between manufacturers. Guided Access (iOS), reading support or custom home screens for persons with cognitive or learning disabilities. Pixels Per Inch (PPI) :- … As people are different, therefore, different technology is needed for them. And if you can borrow the phone for a couple of minutes, have a look at the accessibility settings and play with them to see how they can fit your needs. The Synapptic solution consists of software that can be placed on most Android smartphones or... LUCIA CELL PHONE. For them, learning to use the device itself is an additional challenge. Enhanced sound processing, closed captions, support of hearing aids, real-time text for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. This, however, should not prevent a change if the user is looking for a specific feature only supported in a new model. If they are happy with their current smartphone and its accessibility is good for them, a change of the brand or the operating system will require a learning process and may bring undesired surprises. … Leo says that several of his blind listeners say that there is no better smartphone than the iPhone for accessibility. If you know someone that owns a smartphone that you are interested in, ask her about her impressions and what she likes and dislikes about it.