Well, probably not by trying to stream local radio stations. http://s1.viastreaming.net:7360/listen.pls 48 K, http://www.oasisfm.com OASIS FM 101 FM TENERIFE, CANARY ISLANDS http://www.voice.fi/nettiradio/ 128 K, http://www.yle.fi/extrem RADIO EXTREME ALL OVER FINLAND http://player.radiocontact.be/player/ 127 K, http://www.hitfm.be HIT FM ALL OVER BELGIUM http://www.topfm.pt/player.html 128 K, http://www.vagosfm.com VAGOS FM 88.8 VAGOS (Traditional Music in Overnights) shows at night) http://www.wildfm.nl/player.html 128 K, http://www.radio538.nl RADIO 538 102 FM ALL OVER HOLLAND FIRMINY 48 K AAC, http://www.radioomega.ro/ RADIO OMEGA 91.8 TARGU JIU http://www.rto.it/rto.asx 128 K, http://www.radioreporter.it/ RADIO REPORTER 103.5-103.7 LUGANO-LAKE COMO http://radiook.nlink.ru:8000/OKradio128.mp3.m3u 128 K, http://pilotfm.ru/ PILOT FM 105 YEKATERINGBURG-TYUMEN http://www.txradica.net/tune.php?c=bfbs1&.wvx 32 K, http://www.bay.com.mt 89.7 BAY RADIO ALL OVER MALTA http://streaming3.tdiradio.com:9888/listen.pls 32 K AAC, http://www.voanews.com/english/entertainment/musicmix.cfm VOA MUSIC MIX 96.2 http://www.radiosalomon.si/stream/stream_salomon.php 128 K, SPAIN 128 K, http://www.totalkiss.com KISS 105 EAST ENGLAND 105.6 CAMBRIDGE/106.1 96 K, http://www.radio-galaxy.de RADIO GALAXY ALL OVER BAVARIA http://www.sweetfm.fr/pages_site/player/infos2.php?go=sweetfm_le_mans.m3u http://www.europaplus.ua/store/public/europaplus64.m3u 128 K 107.4 FM ALL OVER ALBANIA http://www.laradioplus.com/radio/frequences FREQUENCIES http://2fm.rte.ie/now_playing/popout 128 K, http://www.todayfm.com TODAY FM 100-102 FM ALL OVER IRELAND (Eclectic in TRICASE/103.2 GALATINA (Slow Music in early mornings) http://www.litefm.se/webplayer/start.html 128 K, http://www.cityradion.se CITYRADION 102.7 GAVLE/97 FM KARLSKOGA-103.8 Internet Radio Europe .Listen to over 3000 Radio Stations. http://streamer.akaver.com/streamgen.php?stream=skyradio&format=mp3&quality=hi Winamp, http://www.totalkiss.com KISS 100 LONDON (Dance/Rhythmic) Music is the easiest way to transport yourself out of confinement. http://s4.onweb.gr:8494 64 K, http://www.myspace.com/cityfm92 CITY 92 LEVADIA shown, where available. There are zillions of local radio stations in Mexico, and a lot mix up native sounds with foreign rock and pop – but the locutores, or presenters, do tend to talk a lot between heaps of ads for cheap chicken and chainsaws. http://www.radiojeunesreims.com/playerlive.html 128 K, http://www.radioscoop.com RADIO SCOOP 92 FM LYON/91.3 ST. ETIENNE & VIENNE/88.2 Play, http://www.unserding.de UNSERDING 103.7 FM SAARBRUCKEN, TRIER, METZ, NANCY http://players.tv-radio.com//player_generique/player.php?Browser=Netscape&Os=Windows&Compatible=Oui&Player=./players/tvradio-windows&Stream=http%3A//www.tv-radio.com/station/rjfm-mp3/rjfm-mp3-128k.m3u&External=1&logo=http://www.rjfm.net/rjfmlogotvradio.jpg&web=http://www.rjfm.net http://www.frequenceplusfm.com/playerfm/playerfm.php 128 K, http://www.fmcradio.fr FMC RADIO 102.1 COMPIEGNE/89.7 BEAUVAIS/99.7 CREIL http://www.ssvc.com/bfbs/radio/cyprus/tuning.htm FREQUENCIES ALL OVER THE UKRAINE K, http://www.radiodirect.net/ RADIO DIRECT 92.8 METZ http://orangeradio.no-ip.biz:8000/listen.pls 32 K AAC, http://www.arttv.gr/ POWER FM 92.3 ARTA http://www.radio21.ro/site/radio21/live/ 32 K AAC, http://www.cityradio.fm/ CITY RADIO 107.3 PODGORICA Last modified on Fri 17 Apr 2020 15.28 BST. Happy listening! http://www.atomicfm.fr/Atomic.m3u 192 K, http://activradio.com ACTIVE RADIO 90 FM SAINT ETIENNE & MONTBRISON/98.9  http://www.radiotransilvania.ro/Asculta/rtturda.m3u WORL - The Answer 660 AM. ARDECHE/95.7 MONTELIMAR http://test.nrjnet.de/player/index2.php?play=829751913 128 K, http://www.fritz.de FRITZ BERLIN REGION (Eclectic CHR) These can be sort of atmospheric, if you speak the lingo, but Viva El Mariachi is a festive, chat-free celebration of upbeat rancheras and melodramatic boleros by sublime singers, living and dead, such as José Alfredo Jiménez, Demetrio González and Lucha Villa. http://www.los40.com/player/ 32 K AAC, http://www.vibespain.com/ VIBE FM 108/90.8-91.1 FM COSTA BLANCA, http://broker.proradiostreaming.com/?Type=mediaplayer&Stream=vibespain 128 K, http://www.hitfmradio.es/ HIT FM 93.3 GRAND CANARIES http://www.onradio.gr/LoadMedia.php?id=434 64 K, http://www.dytikos.gr/ DYTIKOS 103.7 PATRAS Top Stations. http://www.radiologio.org/dimend/maxxfm/ 160 K, BEST RADIO 101.1 KOS Not a registered user of Streema yet? http://live.profm.bg/stream.mp3.m3u 128 K, http://www.city.bg RADIO CITY ALL OVER BULGARIA http://4043.live.streamtheworld.com:80/I105AACCMP3 32 K AAC, http://www.i102104.ie I 102-104 FM GALWAY REGION http://www.play.cz/radio/evropa2-32.aac.m3u 32 K AAC, http://www.fajnradio.cz FAJN RADIO ALL OVER THE CZECH REPUBLIC   http://www.abradio.cz/asx/fajn128.asx The net is pretty chaotic, with dozens of aggregators and formats. http://www.shoutcast.com/shoutcast_popup_player?station_id=1267811&play_status=1&stn=Redroad%20FM%20102.4%20-%20Music%20Is%20Life http://www.ssvc.com/bfbs/streaming/bfbs4.asx 32 K, http://www.blast106.com BLAST 106 BELFAST 128 K, http://www.pfmradio.net PFM 105.9 BELLIGNAT http://www.delfi.ee/news/koos/skyplus/article.php?id=4878173 FREQUENCIES http://www.e-radio.gr/player/player.asp?sID=817 64 K, http://www.heatradio.gr HEAT FM 88.3 ALEXANDROUPOLIS (Ballads in Overnights) At Mixcloud, choose from well curated playlists of South African house, stompin’ Algerian raï and groovy Ghanian high life. 128 K, http://www.energy.de/berlin ENERGY RADIO 103.4 FM BERLIN/91.6 FM CASEKOW/96.6 http://live.gra.pl:9025/listen.pls 48 K AAC, http://www.radiosud.pl/ RADIO SUD 101.7 KEPNO 67 K, http://www.voltage.fr VOLTAGE 96.9 FM PARIS-BEAUVAIS-FONTAINEBLEA/102.9 MEUX Just select a city on the map, review the full frequency list and click on the station name to listen online. Friendly) 65 K OGG, http://radio-impuls.ro/ RADIO IMPULS 101.5 CLUJ NAPOCA ANENII NOI/107.1 SARATA GALBENA BAC BARCELONA REGION http://www.oneradio.sk/player.html 192 K Blog. From bossa nova and bluegrass to Bollywood, we tune in for a virtual world tour, Fri 17 Apr 2020 15.08 BST http://www.nrj.se/webbradio/frameset.php 97 K, http://www.thevoice.se/ THE VOICE ALL OVER SWEDEN (Rhythmic/Dance Lean) http://www.welle1.com/fileadmin/userdaten/flash/player/player.html 128 K, http://baku.europaplus.ru/ EUROPA PLUS 107.7 BAKU Nashville’s WSM AM radio station is a great place for a fix of Dolly, Kenny and Merle, as well as good gospel, classic bluegrass, Americana and soothing crossover country/MOR. http://edge.download.newmedia.nacamar.net/freestream/download/radiogalaxy/frameset.html CARLISLE/103.4 WHITEHAVEN/102.5 PENRITH/102.2 WORKINGTON http://media-ice.musicradio.com:80/Mercury966 48 K AAC Copy & Paste into mms://stream.radio.com.pt/roli-enc-458 64 K, http://www.radiocaminha.pt RADIO CAMINHA RJC 106.2 FM CAMINHA ALL OVER PORTUGAL (Rhythmic Lean) PONTCHARRA/98.1 BELLEY/99.5 YENNE http://engberg.com/engelsk/engnrk.htm FREQUENCIES SZIGETVAR/94.8 LETENYE 96 K, http://www.coolfmnet.gr/ COOL FM 90.7 ARGOLIDA (Adult Friendly) ALL OVER ROMANIA http://www.vivafm.it/vedit/pagina.asp?pagina=1880 FREQUENCIES http://www.spits.fm/live.pls 128 K, http://www.stubru.be STUDIO BRUSSELS ALL OVER BELGIUM (Alternative Lean) http://s1.onweb.gr:8068/listen.pls 32 K, http://www.youradio.eu/ YOU RADIO 89 FM CRETE http://sc.welle1.at:7128 128 K, http://energy940.at ENERGY RADIO 94 FM SALZBURG LARNACA-FAMAGUSTA-AIYA NAPA You are not listening any radio station Best European Radio Stations. Founded in 1925, the station is famous as the home of the Grand Ole Opry (a weekly concert thought to be the world’s longest running radio programme) and the website has links to an Opry stream foregrounding contemporary country music as well as podcasts. http://www.europa2.sk/sk/o-nas/vysielace.shtml FREQUENCIES Europe Radio Stations on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, and other app-enabled mobile phones. http://www.vanessa.com.pl/listen.pls 32 K AAC, http://www.radiofama.com.pl/ RADIO FAMA 92.9 TOMASZOW http://fm.radiokfor.com:8080/ 128 K, http://www.europeanhitradio.com EUROPEAN HIT RADIO ALL OVER LATVIA http://netradio.live24.gr/heart939 96 K, http://www.nrg95.gr NRG 95 CHALKIDA (Adult Friendly) http://www.slamfm.nl/slamplayer/radio.php 128 K, http://www.3fm.nl 3 FM ALL OVER HOLLAND (Rock Friendly) 96 K, http://radiook.ru RADIO OK 107.2 RYAZAN http://www.energy.at/webradios/new_webplayer/player/index.php?play=1 64 K, http://www.europa2.sk 104.8 VIENNA Banners & Widgets. Rest of World lists. 48 K AAC, http://www.radiosudest.ro/ RADIO SUD EST 88.9 FM SLOBOZIA FREQUENCIES http://live.onestreaming.com/justradio 49 K, http://www.venusfm.gr/ VENUS FM 105.1 AMALIADA http://www.fantastica.it/radio.shtml FREQUENCIES Sign up to leave a comment and share your thoughts with other listeners. http://www.hitfm.be/radio/stream/HITfm.asx 128 K, http://www.funradio.be FUN RADIO ALL OVER BELGIUM (Rhythmic/Dance) http://www.studio96.it/radio.asp 33 K, http://www.radioplus.fm/ RADIO PLUS FM 102.2 PRISHTINA 180 K, SWEDEN VALLEE D'AZERGUES (Rhythmic/Dance Lean) 48 K AAC, http://www.plusradio.ro/ PLUS FM 94.5 HUSI (Dance Leaning during nights) http://baku.europaplus.ru/online/player.php?q=128 128 K, http://www.hitfm.ru HIT FM 100.4 MINSK http://www.radio.comcor-tv.ru/playlist/radio.m3u?station=europaplus&stream=128 http://shared016.nextfactory.nl/frequenties/ether.html FREQUENCIES 128 K, http://www.energy.de/muenchen/ ENERGY RADIO 93.3 FM MUNICH http://www.radiostudiodelta.it/ascolta%20rsd.asp 128 K, http://www.radioglobo.it RADIO GLOBO 99.6 FM ROME/97.3 VITERBO/96.4 RIETI/100 http://www.lamegaradio.es/reproductor/mediaplayer.asx 48 K, http://www.planetradio.es PLANET RADIO 99, 88.5 & 99.3 FM SANTA CRUZ Launched on 1 April by the people behind Oslo World – the Norwegian capital’s annual music bash (scheduled for 27 October - 1 November) – this simple map is a virtual guide to festivals around the planet, with a playlist of 20 songs for each provided by the local programmers. http://media-ice.musicradio.com:80/GalaxyYorkshire 48 K AAC Copy & Paste http://www.txradica.net/tune.php?c=bfbs1&.wvx 32 K, http://www.radio1.hu RADIO 1 ALL OVER HUNGARY http://external.iptv.bg/play/radio/vitosha?UX=d603890f005c9b447338ea39c36fa20cd3d17adedvKc8kIyzxZxhLSr&t=m http://www.24radio.gr/code/station.php?station_id=183 64 K, http://www.heart939.gr HEART 93.9 CHALKIDA http://media-ice.musicradio.com:80/GalaxyScotland 48 K AAC Copy & Paste into http://media-ice.musicradio.com:80/Wyvern.M3U 128 K, http://www.vikingfm.co.uk VIKING FM 96.9 KINGSTON UPON HULL-YORK (Adult Get in touch via the Contact Us below if you're interested in these apps.