While searching for some of the best colognes that are available on the market, you will find colognes for all kinds of men. 25 Best Cologne Fragerances for Men. The companies who are in to cologne or perfume make perfumes for all ages because the customer base doesn’t remain the same. Sixty-year-old men are not mistaken and sometimes they prefer to remember the beauty of the great cologne for older man than to limit themselves only to novelties. What follows are 25 best cologne fragerances for men. Remember, I used scientific means to gather this data through meta-analysis that takes into account customer reviews, combined with sales. FYI: rankings can change over the course of time. Floris Limes. There are colognes which are appropriate for the young men, teenagers, middle aged men and even older men. Here are the two I use, though rarely because these days many people object to scents or are allergic to them. Thus, Vetiver, Habit Rouge or even Eau Sauvage, although born many years ago, remain in the hearts of those who appreciated its incredible composition.