After you win, a series of cutscenes will play. Download or Stream | Ubisoft Music - Ubiloud ↓TRACKLIST↓ 1. It's incredibly powerful if it does hit, dealing half or more of a ships health in one blast. After Cleopatra's ascension to the throne of Egypt, Aya and Bayek were furious to learn that Flavius and Septimius were also members of the Order of the Ancients and thus, directly responsible for murdering their son. [17], Having learned of the Lizard's identity from Panchrates, Aya and Bayek rode to the Palace of Apries, where Cleopatra was giving a speech to the residents of Memphis. The characters feel much more alive, and so does the world. Aya was known to only have one romantic relationship, that with her husband Bayek. Now swim towards the surface until you spot a square opening in the wall and swim through. Cleopatra's faction (49 BCE – 47 BCE)Hidden OnesEgyptian BrotherhoodRoman Brotherhood (47 BCE until death) A day before the assassination, Aya and Brutus tracked down Magnus, an orator who was attempting to manipulate the Roman Senate. The first battle is against 2 boats. After Bayek hunted and killed the people he suspected guilty for their son's death, Aya helped cement an alliance between Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, assisting Bayek with smuggling the Queen into Alexandria. Assassin's Creed 2 laid the groundwork for its sequels, while still being an enjoyable game in and of itself.Cities were bigger and better-looking than in the original Assassin's Creed, but most significant was the diversification of an assassin's weaponry. [27] The Hidden Ones emerged victorious. Aya may refer to: Amunet: the co-founder of the Hidden Ones. Once you're up on the wall, look for a rope or board that you can walk across to the central building, while avoiding any troops. [1] Aya became a close friend of hers, as well as one of her agents. contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. [25], After Caesar's assassination, Marc Antony used his political power and influence to turn the Roman citizens against Aya, Brutus, and Cassius. In the Assassin's Creed: Origins comic Aya was shown to be the killer of Cleopatra. Add new page. Political information Wie jede Woche wird auch heute „Xur“ in Destiny 2 erscheinen. Countryside towns, big and beautiful cities, action, different types of missions, customizable weapons and more. There, Aya educated herself at the Library of Alexandria, learning about ancient history, philosophy, mathematics and mastering various languages. She could easily hold her own against a few Roman legions and even defeat Lucius Septimius in a one-on-one battle, with Septimius having the advantage of utilizing an unknown Piece of Eden in the battle. Only one path leads forward, and if you follow it you'll spot a crack in the wall you can slide through. Simultaneously, she sought to avenge the death of her son Khemu at the hands of the Order of the Ancients, and in 48 BCE, she killed two of their members, Actaeon and Ktesos, in Alexandria while Bayek hunted the rest. Bayek's father, Sabu, did not approve of their relationship as he knew that Aya's dream was to settle in Alexandria, and he feared that her mixed heritage would corrupt his teachings. "When I was younger I went to Venice, and I can remember thinking 'Man. After the cutscene you are asked to save Caesar's men. Aya stayed with the twin priestesses in their home to ensure their safety while Bayek rescued Panchrates from the Temple of Hathor. They arrived to find Pompey decapitated, and his army slain around him. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. It has a pretty long travel time, so make sure that you lead your shots, firing the catapult ahead of the enemy so that it won't miss. Eventually, Bion tracked them down again and killed Sabu but they later successfully killed the psychopath in Siwa. $56.19. It's rated for level 31. I he roof-running escapades of Ezio take place in a remarkable recreation of the famed water-logged city, and former visitors will find their minds summarily boggled at the level of detail. As such, she sneaked into his quarters and assassinated him when he returned, taking a royal papyrus from him. They both agreed it was for the best and that the Hidden Ones were their family now. So, what is it about? Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Cleopatra introduced them to Pasherenptah, the High Priest of Ptah in Memphis, revealing that the Order of the Ancients was responsible for her exile. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. After the cutscene, you will need to carry this injured person to safety. Don't get close to it, as that's usually a death sentence. [20], Aya arriving in the palace with Apollodorus, Bayek and Cleopatra, Desperate to reclaim her throne, Cleopatra resorted to making an alliance with Julius Caesar, who had arrived in Alexandria. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Aya silenced the orator with a bow before leaving with Brutus, regrouping in a bathouse. If you are safe, you can also try calling your horse, or stealing one from the fort. After she joined the Hidden Ones and founded a new bureau in Rome, Aya cast away her former identity and took a new name: Amunet. Throw the injured man on the back, then ride quickly to freedom! Phanos provided Bayek with information and direction to Aya's whereabouts, thus reuniting them after a year apart. Aya returned home, only to find that Ktesos, Actaeon's accomplice, had followed her and attempted to kill her in revenge, though she was able to eliminate him. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. While doing this, make sure to duck and cover anytime the large ship fires arrows at you, and of course do the same if you're able when the smaller ships fire at you. Born She and Amun symbolize the hidden depths and incomprehensibility of the primeval world. Things get more and more tangled as the search for the Apples of Eden continues. The three escape. Assassin's Creed II is the best example of how to make a sequel right. • The body of Ktestos can be found in Aya’s home in Alexandria for a time near the start of the main story. This is not only a story about revenge, but also a mystery to solve and a huge adventure to go explore. Aya: the memory of Bayek of Siwa. Spotting him near the river, Aya had a clear shot at Ptolemy XIII who was fleeing from the battle, but ultimately chose to spare his life. If the Octareme starts charging towards you, Duck until after it hits you, then continue ducking while you try and sail away so you avoid as much damage as possible. In cutscenes as well as renders for promotional art, Aya is shown wielding the Storm Blades, a legendary set of dual swords that are obtainable in Assassin's Creed Origins, though while playing as her she is permanently equipped with the far more common Twin Blades. Where Altair was distant and mysterious, Ezio is familiar and close. Jump down and you'll find some water at the bottom. Ezio's now pretty much the new starting flame of the Assassins in his search for revenge. She would communicate with Phanos, who worked in the library and kept her updated. Amunet (born c. 85 BCE), born Aya of Alexandria, was the Greco-Egyptian co-founder of the Hidden Ones and by extension, the Assassin Brotherhood alongside her husband, the Medjay Bayek. Upon their arrival at the palace, Aya and Bayek posed as servants while Apollodorus posed as a Phylakitai of Heliopolis, who carried Cleopatra in a carpet disguise to infiltrate the palace. Since he doesn't use a shield, the best option for combat is to simply dodge, then aggressively attack until he backs off. When you get to the castle, another cutscene will play. This will eventually lead you to a tunnel. Once you reach the top, climb out the window here and climb straight up. November – Standort und Inventar. [24], On 15 March 44 BCE, they travelled to the Theatre of Pompey, where they confronted Caesar, who was to speak at the Senate with Septimius by his side. In terms of engine tweaks from former Holy Land adventures, to aid in the beautification of Venice Assassin's Creed II uses the lighting system from Far Cry 2 (strategically timed sunsets were some of this game's highlights) while the chases across Venice's rooftops will be made a little more dynamic by guards who now not only understand the concept of free-running, but are parkour adepts themselves. When you regain control of Aya, all you need to do is walk forward with your allies. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sound: The soundtrack in Assassin's Creed II remains excellent to this day. [9] However, after Khemu's death their relationship became strained when Aya moved back to Alexandria while Bayek begun his quest for vengeance. Species Climb up the North wall of the tower until you find a window to climb in, it's near the wooden platform. Don't forget you can also ram an enemy boat. [23] It's so powerful that just one attack will take down 50% of your health. Speak to Aya and agree to go to Alexandria. They interrupted the meeting between Ptolemy XIII and Julius Caesar, with Cleopatra revealing herself to her brother and the Roman general, proposing a marriage with the latter. You'll come across another window near the top, so climb inside it. Born in Alexandria, where she was one of the most respected members of her community, Aya was a half-Greek, half-Egyptian descendant of the Spartan misthios Kassandra. [18], While Bayek hunted down the Crocodile in the Faiyum, Aya was sent with Phoxidas to the Mediterranean Sea to defend the seas, crossing paths with the Gabiniani, Roman legionaries that had been left behind in Egypt and sided with Ptolemy. Aya of Alexandria was a Greco-Egyptian agent to Cleopatra VII, the last pharaoh of Egypt, and the wife of Bayek, and the deuteragonist of Assassin's Creed Origins. Eventually, the two lovers discovered that Sabu was secretly one of the fabled Medjay and that he was investigating a lethal killer trying to crush the last remnants of the order. She had a clear shot at Ptolemy XIII but chose not to kill him, leaving him to be eaten by the crocodiles in the river. Ezio befriends Leonardo da Vinci, takes on Florence’s most powerful families and ventures throughout the canals of Venice where he learns to become a master assassin. (Parries work well here also, but are very risky since a missed parry can result in a lot of damage!). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [19], Briefly reuniting with Bayek, they were attacked as Venator, a Gabiniani sent by Lucius Septimius to assassinate the pharaoh, led a charge against the palace. She later moved to Siwa at an early age to live with her aunt Herit, while her scholar parents stayed in the capital. Aya - Assassin's Creed Wiki. The great thing about Assassin's Creed II is that it takes everything that made the first one great and made it much better.