We organize meetings/ presentation in VN so we can bring ASU closer and more familiar to students in VN. Email: paul.salazar@asu.edu. The MSA also endeavors to further the understanding of Islam and enhance interfaith exchange at ASU. The purpose of this fraternity is to promote, encourage, and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management, and actuarial science as professions; to encourage the high moral and scholastic attainments of its members; and to facilitate interaction of educational institutions and industry … The Sustainability Review especially focuses on the video format to best capture and share the images, concepts and ideas of sustainability research for the modern world. History and traditions are at the root of our foundation of our ideas; however, following the school’s idea in innovation, we plan on creating new ways to not only have the community spread cultural awareness and interact together through our club, but also promote fun events that bring everyone together. The Japanese Student Association at ASU provides Japanese International students, Japanese exchange students, and other related parties with social support, information pertaining to career opportunities and pursuing further higher education, as well as opportunities to network with fellow ASU students. Working with the national organization, students work to foster fair and accurate coverage of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. El Concilio seeks to unite Latin@/Chican@/Hispanic student organizations at ASU to represent our interests, needs and promote awareness of our culture within the ASU community. As the largest college with the most academic diversity at ASU, we have a variety of unique clubs and organizations spanning the humanities, social science and natural sciences. Additional information can be found at School of Sustainability Undergraduate Academy. The ASU America Reads Program matches children from low-income communities with an ASU student as their tutor/mentor. Furthermore, we seek to fill the needs of our emerging leaders and hope to offer the social, cultural, academic, and political service events and programs to fully represent and have a bigger impact on all campuses. In addition to clubs and organizations, students can also get involved with student media. Kuwait Club is also seeking to educate all the students around ASU about kuwait and introduce the Kuwaiti Culture and traditions. The African Students' Association aims to be a social forum for all students of African descent as well as all students who are interested in sharing the African experience at Arizona State University. Email: maden2@asu.edu. Public Service and Since 1999, ONA has been at the forefront of a truly revolutionary age in digital media. Our primary mission includes encouraging every Indonesian students to develop and strengthen friendly relationships to one another through events and activities, such as cultural and sport events. Find organizations, attend events and track your involvement. President: Clark BoudrieEmail: cboudrie@asu.eduFollow us on Facebook. The African Student Association (AFSA) is an organization that was created out of the need for unity, camaraderie, fellowship and the desire to work together. Faculty adviser: Christina Leonard at christina.leonard@asu.edu. We support all new coming and recent Vietnamese students in ASU. President: Rahul VermaEmail: rahulverma.asu@gmail.com Follow us on Facebook. Email: aaalbalu@asu.edu. President: Jagadish ParajuliEmail: jagadish.parajuli@asu.edu. Email: imohd@asu.edu Welcome to Oman. Visit us on Facebook. The School of Sustainability Academy is a community of high-achieving, socially embedded sustainability students. If you want to keep up with the newest event from CSSA, please follow us on Wechat. To learn more about these opportunities, please visit the Student Media page. The Honor Society for Sustainability is a network of sustainability scholars that have demonstrated academic excellence and are committed to solving global sustainability challenges. Co-President: Raphael Romero Ruiz at rjromer8@asu.edu It represents the history, culture, and traditions of Saudi Arabia to both American and international students at ASU. It is the friends and mentors you'll find in the local club that can enrich the hobby for you, no matter what level you choose to participate. This organization has neither religious nor political activities and it is open for any ASU student regardless of his/ her race, gender, religion, or age. We aim to promote friendship, cooperation and understanding between the Turkish students and various other student groups and organizations of the university, facilitate and encourage cultural, educational and social activities of Turkish students, deal with issues related to students in general, present the Turkish culture to the residents of Arizona, promote cultural interchange between the Turkish students and other students at ASU through social and cultural activities, facilitate communication between various communities and student associations nationwide.