But does the ZenBook 14 offer anything else that makes it competitive against a hoard of excellent notebooks? One area where the new Whiskey Lake CPUs didn’t make any meaningful changes is in the integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics. The family dynamic has changed because we have changed. If you’re someone who needs to input a lot of numbers, then you’ll find the NumberPad to be a real value. Either of these are likely better options than the ZenBook 14. For the book's illustrations, Moeller collaborated with fellow ASU alumna Sabine Deviche. August 31, 2020. In the US, an option for an MX150 hasn’t been included, which is unfortunate. The ZenBook 14’s 3DMark synthetic benchmark results were only slightly higher than our comparison group of similarly-equipped notebooks. Unlike in her last book, Moeller utilized rhyming language, which posed a new challenge for her. The ZenBook 14 is the first model in the new line that we were able to test out. He also guest lectures at Arizona State University. Finally, Windows 10 Hello password-less login support is provided by an infrared camera and facial recognition. Outreach and Recruitment, Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, FIRST Robotics Competition State Championship, Read the article about The Challenge 2020, Science Lab: The Safe Live Learning Place, COVID Challenging the Classrooms: Engineering Safer Environments for Special Ed Students, Engineering education in Vietnam transformed by hands-on projects, Summer camps engineered for a virtual world, Summer experience gets a virtual upgrade during global pandemic, Polytechnic lab inspires youth to discover the future of energy. The XPS offers offer equally good performance, a nice design, and similar overall battery life. Arizona's Children and the State of the StateDeborah Mabignani. That exceeds the 10-hour minimum we like to see and it beats the 4K XPS 13, but it couldn’t keep up with the strong Yoga C930 that lasted over 13 hours and the Full HD XPS 13 that went for 13.5 hours. Asus built in some intelligence that allows the system to guess when you want to enter numbers and when you want to control the cursor, and it worked well in our experience. After enjoying the process of creating her first book, Moeller brainstormed ideas for another. As usual, the system worked well once we calibrated it for different lighting conditions, and it was a nice convenience. Regarding children’s health, the report concluded that nationally, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), combined with the expansion of Medicaid in many states, reduced the number of children without health insurance from 8 percent to 5 percent. Asus once again deserves kudos for fitting the webcam and infrared components above the display despite incorporating such a tiny bezel. Get In Touch . He has been rock climbing for almost a decade and recently has been enjoying acro yoga over the past year and a half after taking a year of ballroom and west coast swing dance classes. Asus managed to squeeze in 50 watt-hours of battery capacity into the ZenBook 14’s little chassis, which is at the low-end for this class of notebook. As State Superintendent, she oversees all of Arizona’s public schools and manages a department of approximately 600 education professionals that work across the state. The report states that nationwide, 47 percent of American Indian and 45 percent of African American children are likely to not have at least one parent who has full-time, year-round work, compared to 23 percent of white and 21 percent of Asian/Pacific Islander children. Typical productivity tasks were handled well, and video was great thanks to a perfect gamma of 2.2 that accurately depicted a scene’s brightness. The only physical connection that’s lacking is Thunderbolt 3. She began her career in the Vail School District in Southern Arizona before joining the Peoria Unified School District. “If they have a type of family that is less common, it doesn't mean that they are any less special. These disparities are also reflected in the child welfare system where both African American and Native American children are overrepresented. The ZenBook 14 is one of the first notebooks to employ Intel’s latest Whiskey Lake 8th-generation CPUs. The ZenBook 14 has a robust build that earns confidence that it can take beating, and it’s equipped with the most up-to-date CPU available. Finally, when looping a local Avengers trailer, the ZenBook 14 managed over 10 and a half hours. The Kids Count Data Book ranks Arizona 43rd in the nation for economic well-being with one in four children living in poverty (1 per cent increase between 2010 and 2015). Both display versions of the XPS 13 beat the Asus this time around, while the Inspiron 13 fell behind and the Yoga C930 was particularly strong at over 10 and a half hours. Native American children represent 2.1 percent of children in the child welfare system although they represent only .9 percent of the child population. Statistics are important for this reason; they inform us about what is happening in the world around us and lead to a more fulsome understanding. The Campus Children's Center opened in August 1992 and enrolls children, aged one to five years old, of ASU students, faculty and staff. Brent also co-directs the Fulton Generator Labs, which is a 6,500 square foot workspace for student enterprisers. For now, this laptop looks good and is built well, but other notebooks offer additional values like better performance, longer battery life, and better displays that make the ZenBook 14 hard to recommend. Jaime helped launch the Phoenix Coding Academy, a public high school in Phoenix, AZ, focused on computer science as part of an inquiry-based learning model. June 18-23, 2020, Participants attended online seminars, consulted with experts and worked in groups to come up with engineering solutions for social distancing in school settings. The ZenBook 14 is an odd little beast. Asus doesn’t offer many configurations of the ZenBook 14, which is a bummer. However, when we ran our Handbrake test that encodes a 420MB video to H.265, the ZenBook 14 was very quick at 237 seconds. We hope that you and the children you share this story with will join us on this adventure and will also become A Protector one day! Our focus has shifted, and we’ve homed in on our children’s emotional and psychological well-being. And it’s $1,400, or $200 more, with a Core i7-8565U, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. The angle not only helps with air flow, but it also makes for an improved typing position and enhances the audio performance on a solid surface. To get on the wait list, contact ASU Family Resources to schedule a tour of the facility. The XPS 13, for example, is just 0.46 inches thick at the rear and it weighs 2.67 pounds, while the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is 0.62 inches thick and weighs 2.49 pounds. Dr. Hempel also completed the Certificate of College teaching and the Fundamentals of Engineering exam while in graduate school. To accomplish this, it is important to know how kids are currently doing, where things are improving and where more work is needed. “That's part of why I try to combine my science background with writing.”. CCC is NAC (National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs) and state licensed. In other words, put these two side-by-side, and you’ll be hard-pressed to justify giving up the ZenBook’s larger display. Its PCIe SSD wasn’t the fastest we’ve tested, but it was fast enough that we never noticed any kind of storage-related slowdown. The keyboard deck is unusually flexible for a ZenBook, though, and it’s noticeable while typing. She is also an Aeronautical engineer, and has analyzed aerospace structures from aircraft to rockets and everything in between. It’s more expensive at $2,008 ($1,406 on sale for the holidays) for a similar configuration, and it’s not as small. Note that the bottom bezel also looks smaller because of the angled hinge, which improves the illusion of a near-bezel less display. As she embarks on an epic healing adventure in Tilly’s world, Agnes finds a connection with her sister that she never had before. Dr. Aaron Krasnow is the Associate Vice President, ASU Health Services & ASU Counseling Services and ASU HIPAA Privacy Officer. Looking at the various domains and specific indicators in the report, Arizona has improved in many areas; yet challenges remain. Similarly, in Arizona, teen births decreased from 42 per 1,000 in 2010 to 26 per 1,000 in 2015, only slightly higher than the national average of 22 per 1,000. After discovering Tilly’s Dungeons & Dragons notebook, Agnes trades in her pom-poms for swords and shields. The ZenBook 14 would be a very small 13-inch notebook in today’s market, and so the fact that it’s so small and yet squeezes in a 14-inch display is a real achievement.