Thanks for sharing! Our EZ Build log cabin packages range in size from around 190 square feet to about 900 square feet and are simple, efficient and affordable. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All rights reserved. I will let you know what I think after project is finished. Dog hair optional. ( Log Out /  I love that it looks like jumbo sized ric-rac. Begin in the space that is three spaces to the right of the top left corner. 6 talking about this. Loft – 299. First Floor – 624 Thanks in advance from NZ. Learn how your comment data is processed. To help prevent the tedious weaving in of all of those ends all at once, I weave them in every 3 colors. Continue all the way around the third corner and work an extra two spaces after the corner. So i LOVE this pattern. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Thanks again for sharing, your blankets are gorgeous¡! . Kozy Log Cabins | Easy Build Cabins - Kozy Log Cabins. Thank you so very much for sharing your patterns. The project begins with a two round granny square worked in Color A. These log home packages are easily built on site and the log cabin kits contain everything you need to dry the cabins in; perfect log home kits for the do it yourselfer or a great project for the whole family! Join Color B in any corner. Work the corner as normal: (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc). Create a free website or blog at Where is that info located. I make sure the center square is right side up each time I attach a new color. ( Log Out /  I’ve pinned this thanks for sharing. What is it that is different about doing a slpst in a space instead of in a stitch that you don’t like? Think I might try making these! First Floor – 320 This gives a total new, fresh look for granny’s. When those classics are the crochet granny square and the log cabin quilt block, the answer is a resounding yes. It works well in … In 1930, the world's largest log cabin was constructed at a private resort in Montebello, Quebec, Canada. End with a ch3, tighten the loop, slpst into the top of the first ch3. Now that you understand the pattern, you’ll just keep working it. I will definitely try this at some stage! Your instructions seem very easy to follow. 708 Total Sq Ft Round 2: Ch 3, 2 dc in same spot, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in next corner, repeat ( ) in next two corners, then in final corner 3 dc, ch 2, sl st to top of ch 3 to close round. Click on each photo below to explore a chinked square log cabin from the Honest Abe Livingston Plan. I like your standing stitch and will have to try it as I have a heck of a time starting a new color with a slip stitch in a space (like is done with a granny square) – slip stitch in a stitch isn’t a problem. Change ). Loft – 266, Total Sq Ft – 923 Work 3 dc into the space after the third corner. How cool. Round 5 is almost exactly the same as Rounds 3 and 4 except that you’ll start the round one space earlier and end it one space later. I love this Log Cabin Granny Square Afghan but can not locate how much yarn to buy. Perfect log home kits for the do-it-yourselfer or a great project for the whole family! 2dc in the same sp. End off Color C three spaces after the third corner. Ch 3 and work 2 dc in this space. Learn new craft techniques and tips from the experts. ( Log Out /  Pro Tip: You can vary the design by only rotating the work 90 degrees instead; play with different combinations of turns to build different styles of “logs.”. Log cabins. For this square I am keeping the darker colors along 2 sides, and lighter colors along the other 2 sides (other squares I am making in just random colors). We have a hearing transmitter - bring your receivers. I think I will have 5 rows of 4 each for the blanket. Wow !! Continue the rest of the granny square using Color C. When you get to the end of the round, slip stitch to the top of the first chain 3 of the round and finish off. Log Cabin Granny Square January 7, 2014 March 4, 2017 by Sue , posted in Granny Squares , Patterns , Tutorials Here is a quick tutorial on how I am going about my Log Cabin squares, it is just a variation of a typical granny square (please let me know if you see any mistakes in the directions)… Did that need proving? I’m working on my second log cabin granny afghan for a loved one. However, you’ll use two colors in each round, changing them in specific places. October 2, 2020 By Kathryn Vercillo & filed under Crocheting Blog. Loft – 276, Total Sq Ft – 746 First Floor – 624 Special offers; Log cabins square logs. I am a crochet novice but I don’t want my blankets to look like a novice made them. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I’ve always loved the Log Cabin quilt pattern and love this version. Bathroom – 228, Total Sq Ft – 900 The new color always starts in the corner of the color I just finished. Round 10 is the same as Round 9; Round 1 is the same except that you’ll begin one space before and one space after where you did before. This is awesome and thanks for sharing. Loft – 160, Total Sq Ft – 708 It feels good to only have a few ends left to weave at the end! Thank you for sharing this. The modern version of a log cabin is the log home, which is a house built usually from milled logs. I like things with a twist. Like this a lot, and the colors are great also. There is no need to weave in any ends…. Garden Log cabins; One Bedroom; Two Bedroom; Three Bedroom; Four Bedroom; Two story log house; Sunrooms; Garden sunrooms; Log cabins round logs; Garden rooms; Timber frame homes 3dc in the next ch3 sp, ch3 and turn. Dc in the top of the first stitch (or top of your ch3) and end off. Attach a new color with a standing stitch (or slpst and ch3) into any ch3 space. Switch to Color B. I didn’t know there was a question! Work all the way around to four spaces past the third corner. Can combining two classics give you something modern and fresh? That gives you 2 granny stitch rows on one side of the beginning square. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Our kits range in size from around 190 square feet to 900 square feet. Often described as a "log château", it serves as the Château Montebello hotel. These log home packages are easily built on site and the log cabin kits contain everything you need to dry the cabins in; perfect log home kits for the do it yourselfer or a great project for the whole family! I love the colors and love the log cabin with the gray¡! Join Color A in the space that is two spaces to the right of the top left corner. Thanks for sharing and bravo I have a self striping baby alpaga yarn .. please what is the method to follow to crochet this Log Cabin Granny Square ??? Almost done, I am doing 3 two row stripes on each side. Join Color B in the corner, complete the first corner and work all the way through the third corner using Color B. Enter your email address to follow Crochet Again and receive notifications of new posts by email. I like granny squares. October 2, 2020 By Kathryn Vercillo & filed under Crocheting Blog. Often I prefer a sc instead of a slip stitch. Start with a sliding ring, and make a 1 round granny square. Yes, you could do this with the revisited, mitered square version. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Here is a photo with each color numbered, in case being able to see what order I did it in makes it clearer…. The finished square measures about 7 1/4 inches across. très très sympa j’ aime beaucoup l’ idée une belle façon de faire bravo pour le tuto a bientôt. Zook Cabins is a leading manufacturer and retailer of log cabins and prefab log homes. Log Cabin Square & Round Dance, We welcome couples and singles. This is really cool and a great spin on the traditional granny square. This pattern and step by step solved all my problems I had with the one I tried to do before mine worked out fine but the one I invented on my own is a lot harder will not do that one again love yours and I got the same results just a lot easier to do and the three color weave in the ends excellent idea again thank you so much keep the patterns coming in the same fashion with the step by step even for someone who has been crocheting for 49 years like myself.