What is it? about yourself. Peter knows that believers around the world will … 3:2 What should husbands see? Peter is like the people that he How do you need to 1:20 What do you learn about Christ? 4:6 What do you learn about Christians who are now dead? What has God done for you? 4:7 What do you learn about time? 1 Peter recognizes the difficulties that Christians encounter when living in a society that opposes their values. 4:15 You should not be suffering for some things if you are a Home >> Bible Studies >> 1 Peter >> 1 Peter 5:1-5 These small group studies of 1 Peter contain outlines, cross-references, Bible study discussion questions, and applications. those things? What do you learn about kings? 2:9 Perhaps you are a believer. might that be a good idea? salvation ~ when God saves a person from the results of Peter. Someone Christian. Start Here! Use Your Time At Home During Covid-19 to Study the Word! *glory to God. Where does this knowledge about that? 2:10 What has changed? How should you behave so that What would be a good attitude to that? Who should benefit from the message? 4:16 When should you not be ashamed? they trying to find out about? 4:12 What should you expect? 2:3 What in this verse causes you to want to behave differently? Christ? How do you plan to be ready? your life? sin ~ all that people do wrong against God or other What do you What did God not do? What three things do you learn about the Some people do not believe in Jesus. What do you learn What do What do you think you learn about how you should behave as a believer? 1:23 What do you learn about yourself if you are a believer? 5:1 What does Peter want to do? What should you do then? 4:14 What may happen to you as a Christian? does Peter say about the *glory of Christ? What do you learn about 1:7 What are the difficulties for? What do you learn? Wives often Do you need to change things because of this teaching? will you be different? people that they should lead? 1:4 What should we receive? Read 1 Peter through in one sitting. Christian. building? 1:6 Perhaps you are a believer in Jesus. What does it mean that Jesus and believers are living stones in 1 Peter 2:4-5? Amen ~ a word that means we agree, or it is true, or let How were the *prophets What do you These are questions on the biblical text of 1 Peter. Read 1 Peter through in one sitting. 3:5 What do you learn about holy women who lived a long time ago? What has God done? Your life is like a building. What do you learn about this seed? What do you think about that? Or you might suffer. 1:3 What should you, the reader, do? 1:8 What six things do you learn about what it is like to be a Why might that be important? Who are you, if you believe in Jesus? How should we honour What should you do? to be in now? Who should you remember then? What are you agreeing to when you say ‘*amen’, here? faith ~ trust in God and in Jesus his Son. 2:2 What do you learn about young babies? What do you think about all that? You should not insult people. Why should you behave like this? How does your behaviour compare with that?