I might go into more depth in another video in which I ACTUALLY animate, but for now that's a no.~======================~Try out Sweatcoin to support my channel: http://sweatco.in/hi/kurimuWorks with iOS and Most androids!Patreon: http://Patreon.com/CreamTheRabbitGamewisp: http://gamewisp.com/CreamBRabbit And I agree, I don't understand how one can find Marzia's voice fine but complain about lily's. Whether it comes through death or your body betraying you in infirmity, depression, anxiety and pain (my own demons), there is no set date. I would really like to see h using his super intelligence in other games to be even more impressed. ive suspected that the people who hate on lilys voice are children [middle schoolers/ high schoolers]. /u/lilypichu has helped pay for 20.53 hours of reddit server time.. gifts on behalf of /u/lilypichu have helped pay for 7.83 hours of reddit server time. Its so enjoyable to watch you have fun just playing with friends, so I hope you dont stress out about it too much, for some reason you gave of the vibe like you felt much more comfortable in this stream! This is understandable since she's a big YouTuber, but at the same time they throw other people like LilyPichu under the bus which makes me think that these vocal minorities are the type of people who target those who have cute voices and believe that they are faking them with some being better fakes than others. Anxiety, panic, depression, constant pain and health problems make for a hard hand to play. As soon as I got the notification for the video, I immedietly went to the comments cause I already watched the gameplay on streams, Then I saw the ammount of people getting annoyed at Lily's voice. That's the most a streamer can do. Or am I hallucinating, No it says “bad read” I literally thought the same for a second but then I paused the video and read it. Many hugs and I hope you find your peaceful routine and place. LILY ... - YouTube HELL YEAH! Finding Lily's voice to be annoying isn't a problem, but basing one's entire opinion from her around it is stupid. I had to watch his recorded live streams, because people in the comments always say how nice he is, and I could not get it from the summarised videos. I can't wait for you to see it!!! 1:08:51 Corpse is petting Sykkuno with the mouse cursor 1:21:10 Blue Sykkuno is sus 5:44:24 Corpse got killed by DumbDog on his “last game” 5:46:59 Corpse love this group like Rae, Sykkuno and Toast 5:49:39 “Look at that sad dog” 5:50:02 The storage is cursed 5:53:23 LOOK AT PINK SYKKUNO!! PLEASE!!!!!! she tried to be funny but came off as rude every single time, *i'll play 1 more game* *Me: wait there is still 50 mins left ... CORPSE hella sus*, I don’t know if you know him or if you read your comments but please blow this up I want him to see it you should play with Joey graceffa he’s really nice and unproblematic I think you and him would really have fun with each other, what a fun stream! Can we have you and Markiplier play ANYTHING together? @xx_Itz_Skylar_xx you were still being rude, @sukkipara it's not that I hate her she just kind of blew my mood, At 3:49:17 did the card swipe thing say “bro read”???? The pink sykkuno game and last game was really fucking amazing to watch. As you already know, I have dealt with hate in the past where people accused my voice of being fake which is simply not true. @makayla omg thanks. Lily voice is quite unique, some people find it irritating, others (like myself) find it beautiful and soothing. because, and here is a fact, it never is. It could be in fifty years or the next five minutes. 33.5k Likes, 162 Comments - lily (@lilypichu) on Instagram: “ jenny (toast's sister) was so nice! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. post cool stuff (no repeats/spam), Press J to jump to the feed. one of belle’s copycats ranted about us LMAOOO she literally tries so hard to be belle but she just ends up looking like a skinwalker. That's so awesome :), 5:52:16 ok but that was so pure and inspiring, There's an add that wont load and it broke my YT send help, I live for sykunno and corpses friendship, could not stand that Princess F person at times, jesus christ. I'm sorry, Corpse, I really like you now that I know you a bit. I am so ready to keep supporting his stuff after this. I used to find her voice completely obnoxious until I got used to it but the fact that it didn't take me away from her content says a lot about what she produces. heres to 6+ hours of enjoyment. LILY PICHU LEAKED HER REAL VOICE??!?!?!!? So I was looking through a friend's YouTube account because I help upload videos for them and came across a peculiar video. , 40:49 the exact moment corpse got really into the game and got "energized" lmaooo :'), 1:03:58 anxiety 2:12:35 q&a 2:29:30 sykkuno stream. For the entire day I would check from time to time on the newest comments of: Lily's Video/Pewd's Video, And there was so much hate comments that Im pretty sure its over a hundred. Ok i was trying to give Faye a chance but damn my ears are bleeding. I used to love Pewdiepie's videos too although not anymore, and i do see that Felix himself is a very nice person. "Hope everybody is doing lovely" istg he's the cutest, Honestly I kind a want to see him play flee the facility on roblox with some of his friends…, Can you play more with gloom/kassie And can you do another stream of phansphobia are whatever it’s called with the group Dan,tiff, gloom and you again, 4:37:36 corpse reassuring his crewmates that they're appreciated , Aw yay I’ve been watching this stream in like 30 minutes increments and at about 40 minutes yesterday I searched for a link to merch and I couldn’t find anything official and I was bummed but I just got to 1:44:00 and he’s talking about coming out with some what a pleasant answer to my question. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the people being rude about her (super cute) voice are literal 9 year olds. i had joined that stream when he had only just started. omg- it’s 2 am now uhhhh, As a now extreme corpse simp, all I would like to say is: TeNgO pRoBlEmAs MeNtAlEs, NeCeSiTo DoRmIr MaS :/ love ya corpse, Corpse is like such a sweet dude and I just , No one: Me clicking play again after the end of every round, Can I just say Rungrado 1st of May Stadium, the largest stadium in the world, can hold 110,000 people And more are watching Corpse playing Amoung us live, When he whispered “you guys are cute” I think I passed away and I’m not upset about it I’m at ✨PEACE✨ Edit: Peter said it but still same, 5:06:30 is anyone gonna talk about how Corpse wanted to tell cheery about the doors yet he didn't want to come off as rude- honestly made my heart go soft haha.